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  1. This thread just keeps rolling down the street, like a turd in the wind.
  2. I think I saw a few folks throw up some quick photos on FB. Not seen much else.
  3. *shrug* I'll take either variation. Point is, it ain't happening.
  4. M551 Sheridan "Arizona," and Frank Luke Jr's Spad XIII.
  5. And if you don't believe the article, you recognize it as click-bait.
  6. Why would they move it to, “What if?” It’s a real aircraft, with a paint scheme that was at least proposed, and documented in TOs. Why move it to What If? I thought paint schemes weren’t supposed to matter for judging. Heck, I should be able to paint something in purple and pink splinter, and as long as it’s a well applied paint job, that should have no bearing on judging.
  7. “Are they proven better?” Yes. “Can they walk the walk or just talk the talk?” Proven more effective, survivable, lethal, many times over.
  8. These new build F-15s have been been proven to cost as much as or more than late lot F-22s and current production F-35s for significantly less capability.
  9. In the doldrums of summer, the CoV look forward to a fall Moai hunting season.....what’s out budget for new RealTree Camoflauge garb look like this year? I’m ready to hit up Cabela’s*** ***Bass Pro Shops....whatever
  10. Highly unlikely. Given current acquisition timelines, costs, and associated sustainment cost, the air superiority Eagles days are numbered. Given the current math, the discussion works out something like this: F-15C, A-10, and F-16 — pick 2, cuz one’s gotta go. We cannot afford all these 4th Gen platforms while continuing to modernize. Of those three, one is politically untouchable, and one is in such huge numbers with a massive spares supply line, it’s almost unthinkable to remove it from the inventory. Oh, and it’s multirole... That leaves...
  11. There's nothing to be ashamed about. Just because the official CoV uniform is Toughskins instead of Levis, they're just as functional, and they're far more durable. Other kids make fun of you because they're jealous.
  12. Yeah, with all due respect, the original CoV name was, in fact, Coalition of the Violent. These days, I think it might be better described as the Coalition of the Mildly Disinterested...but given Fish has already imprinted all that swag, and we've gotta offload it... Speaking of which, I'm confused. Are my Singapore Summit challenge coins worth more now, or less? It's hard to tell with all this on again, off again. I really don't care about the politics, but William Devane called and convinced me after taking a flight in his private aircraft and demonstrating his catheters that I shou
  13. Pretty please on the cash payments for membership fees. We’re a little low on funds at the moment.
  14. It's the aliens. After the jet flies through the aliens' provided chemtrails used to mind control the population (and convince them to ignore the lizard people colony under New York City), it tends to discolor the outer surface of the exposed metal panels near the exhausts. Fortunately, a quick scrub off through the wash rack clears up the whole problem. Just don't tell anybody this.....OPSEC and all.
  15. Careful. Questions like this usually get the big blockhead to say something like, "WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE, WE WILL ALWAYS BE HERE." And hooked on a feeling is fine, but is been co-opted by Guardians of the Galaxy since this thread started. The thread tune of the week is Mister John Denver, the Destroyer of World's, "Country Roads." Country Roads
  16. This, right here. I've never understood this complaint about forums. "Unread posts," just brings up all the new stuff, and I read what interests me.
  17. Small Diameter Bomb, more formally, a GBU-39 (SDB-I) or a GBU-53 (SDB-II). SDB Fact Sheet
  18. Wait....there’s blackjack? And hookers?
  19. They’re not going to be posted. It was unlikely before, but the recently released DoD policy on OPSEC makes it even more unlikely.
  20. Seriously, WTF is "SJW?" I have no idea what you guys are talking about.
  21. There's plenty of reasons to dislike the film. The opening space battle was a huge disappointment to me. I don't know why the latest round of movie makers can't seem to put together an interesting space battle, but one X-Wing against a fleet of Star Destroyers (and a.....Dreadnought? I dunno, it's hard to be intimidated by something that didn't make it past the first scene) is NOT what I'd like to see. Battle of Yavin, Battle of Endor, heck, even the Battle of Scarrif's space component were far better examples. This was like something out of the Iliad....single man epic combat? I didn't
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