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  1. Camus272

    Blue Angels History Question

    No, I don't know of one, and I assume from my own research that there isn't one. I've been thinking about it though. I have some schedules from the late 80s/ early 90s, and years from this century should be on the internet. I'd be happy to put a page together, if anyone has any Thunderbirds / Blue Angels schedules (most likely in print), I could work on adding them together.
  2. Camus272

    B-2 / Airshow questions

    B-2 flyovers are a bit different- its very quiet, It just kind of appears and then its gone. With the B-1 flyovers Ive seen they come by fast and loud and then quickly disappear.
  3. Back in the 80s I built 1/48, 1/72, and 1/32 equally (and so my displays were a bit mismatched). When I returned to the hobby around 2000, I put some thought into scale. I wanted to keep everything the same If I could, to make everything comparable. 1/32 was clearly out because of space and availability. Between the other two, I don't really like the look of 1/72 - shape is usually a bit off, especially with things like missiles- and given the wider range of available kits and decals in 1/48, as well as the better detail I went with that. So far there is only one subject that hasn't been easily available in 1/48 is the B-2 (and maybe the Su-47 now that I think about it), everything else I've wanted I've been able to get.
  4. Camus272

    B-2 / Airshow questions

    For the B-2, I've seen flyovers at a few shows. I've only seen it as a static at Nellis, and I imagine Whiteman would always have one. ACC usually has a page with the flyover schedule, but it doesn't seem to be working right now (or there is nothing scheduled other than demo teams). 2019 is definitely not scheduled yet, they usually announce around March, but the flyovers can change - so shows probably only know a few months beforehand. For the teams together, I've heard of it happening two or three times in recent decades (one being the Columbus show mentioned above), so it's exceedingly rare (requiring DOD approval). Next year's Thunderbird's show in Fargo the same weekend as the Blues in Duluth might be about as close as they can get.
  5. Camus272

    No Talk Of Solo?

    Exactly, the Star Wars story films are obviously done much better than this whole sequel trilogy. I think it was a really good film, and I never had any thought that I wasn't watching Han Solo. I couldn't find much to criticize, there are two or three small things, but not necessarily worth nitpicking. Regarding Lando, one critique I've heard was that it was a little too close, - the actor was playing Billy Dee Williams playing Lando. In any case, I think it worked. Well, I don't think the story is over yet. The actors are signed on for three films. Who knows after the initial box office returns, but it's clear that there will be a continuing story with Qi'Ra and Darth *****, either in other anthology films or more Solo ones. We still need to find out who that crime lord is on Tatooine.
  6. Camus272

    F-35I Adir Paint Scheme???

    Spray can? There isn't likely to be a close match. Being the newest official color, three or four minor paint companies have begun making 36170 , but it isn't widely available.
  7. Camus272

    Top Gun 2 Production begins

    Well, it had been about 11 years - when the F-14 started its career by flying over Vietnam. The last twenty years of combat has had no real expectation of air to air combat (although DACT and the aggressor community are going strong). I suppose North Korea could once again be posed as the threat, but really a war movie would be a a massive fiction, whereas during the Cold War the possibility of a CBG getting into air combat was more of a likely event (and the film was meant to show the real possibilities that naval aviators faced everyday). Any kind of rogue enemy as a threat could easily make this film fall into an Iron Eagle sort of fantasy. At the very least, they should have made this film around 2005, having the retirement of the F-14 and an aging pilot be the center of the story. I just really don't see where they can realistically go with this film.
  8. Camus272

    1/48 F-16 BDU sprinter and 2B decals

    IIn that case then the photo is really overexposed, which could be why I've seen the green referenced as 34258. I wish we could get some more photos.
  9. Camus272

    1/48 F-16 BDU sprinter and 2B decals

    Disappointing. But I'm not convinced 30140 is the right color anyway. It's too dark and a brown not tan. Looks like I'll put this one off for a while, I still have to do the other three splinters anyway.
  10. Camus272

    1/48 F-16 BDU sprinter and 2B decals

    They definitely aren't straight gray. It's a gray-green drab color, but it doesn't seem as tan as the photo. It will be interesting to see how they come out when applied.
  11. Camus272

    1/48 JASSM availability?

    Yes, they are being launched by B-1s.
  12. Camus272

    B-2 Retirement

    Right. It seems crazy that the B-52 would be survivable at 100 years old while the B-2 won't be at that time. Since the B-1's role has been changed, and is no longer a strategic bomber restricted to START treaties, rather becoming an extremely useful heavily loaded tactical platform, I would think it wouldn't even be considered in strategic bomber plans. Furthermore, given how bomber programs get off to a painful start, I was expecting the B-21 to supplement the B-2 as the front-line platform for a significant amount of time.
  13. Camus272

    B-2 Retirement

    So, it seems the B-2 is slated to be retired by 2032. This seems a bit premature to me, given the low number of heavy bombers we will have by then and the fact it is still one of the most advanced planes in the world (as well as our massive investment in them). I wonder if, like the F-117, its unique technology is becoming compromised and countered, rendering it becoming more vulnerable. Any thoughts?
  14. Camus272

    What weapon or store is this?

    Glad to see that the Air Force's F/A-18E/F Super Hornets will get new capabilities.
  15. Camus272

    New Aggressor

    Sorry, I mean Eielson now has one painted in a blue splinter scheme. I'm sure TB will have a sheet for that too if its not on the BDU sheet.