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  1. I haven't seen the sheet, but since they are arctic I assume its for the 18th Aggressor squadron in Alaska - in which case they are block 30 (big mouth ) version.
  2. Very low, considering the crash happened below the parking lot. Does anyone know if these flights are part of a mandatory training syllabus, or just free flight time that the pilots electively get to fly?
  3. I know Bullseye has talked about doing another F-16 Aggressor sheet. I think they are just waiting for a few more new schemes.
  4. I imagine it would look something like this:
  5. I guess we'll find out when the 65th Aggressor Squadron gets theirs. If anyone will do something different, it will be them.
  6. Those were the markings for the temporary 18th AS F-16, not the new Nellis one that will have full markings. Of course, I just finished 86-295, but the Nellis one looks even better, so now I have to that one too as soon as someone does the markings.
  7. It was the commander of the 57th Fighter Wing - "Blend'r" - who opened up the submissions to the public. He didn't choose the winner though, we voted for it on Facebook. There were a few pretty awful schemes that luckily didn't make it too far. I'm looking forward to doing a walk-around of the Digital Ghost scheme in a few weeks.
  8. I've been wondering this for 20 years. It's not the Vietnam scheme. Although, I think I've seen one diagram (without paint numbers) that's different than the rest of that standard schemes, so I'm not sure if there is possibly another one. MM had already come out for the colors for the Strategic scheme, so I'm sure they knew what the B-52 colors actually were. Since these paints have now been discontinued, I guess it doesn't really matter, but I've wondered - who's been buying them for the last two decades?
  9. I haven't received my order yet. I was starting to wonder about the shipping status (not that I'm in a hurry, I just like to know there aren't any problems). Raymond - is it possible to give us an update since there is no tracking information? Thanks.
  10. Looking at my current in-progress table, my problem is usually: 1. Something doesn't fit (go to put a canopy on closed and it won't fit) 2. Something went wrong (removing masking tape to find the canopy cracked -which is going to take some in-depth surgery) 3. I've either lost a part/ decal or 4.I made a significant mistake in accuracy (forgetting a part or something wrong for the block, etc - more surgery) The biggest problem is life. In March I started a group build, but as the semester came to end I spent six weeks just thinking about class. Now, I'm just trying to recover and then catch up on life. IF I don't go back to class next week, I should get back to the kits by the end of the month - of course, that means Air Show season is just starting. If I just built one at a time it wouldn't happen so much, but usually as I just get to the finish point I try to get the major steps of the next build going, and then I just don't get back to those 2 or 3 small things.
  11. The F-35 gets another mission with a new (old )squadron, as the 65th is being reactivated for aggressor duty. It will be interesting to see if they can get away with anything different for the paint scheme.
  12. I'm still waiting on my two-seaters, but it seems then that they went a little cheaper on the new kit as far as decal and weapons, even with the increased price. I wouldn't have minded NASA decals for the white version, but I'll have to piece that scheme together myself.
  13. They are on the sprue with the Mk 82's - part #5s.
  14. The Revell kit also has the outboard pylon with the original ALQ pod. I believe the Hasegawa F-15E has outboard pylons too - they ended up on my build anyway. It was originally tested with the AIM-120 and the AGM-88. But, the new pylon may be different. It has been depicted with AIM-120s or AIM-9s.
  15. Yeah, I'm not excited about future Blue Angels shows. From what I've read about the new routines so far, nothing is going to be better. It will be a shorter show, with less inverted flying. I don't think the larger airframes are going to help either. The legacy Hornets just look more like a high performance sports car.
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