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  1. Right, any thing that is just "Testors" is still around, both enamel and acrylic. Hopefully, as has been suggested, they will expand those lines - even a dozen colors matching the most common FS colors would be helpful.
  2. I am moving towars the lacquers, Mr Paint and AK, although color accuracy is an issue. Hopefully by the time my hedge stock is gone I will have fine tuned some mixes to be close to Model Master.
  3. Everything Model Master is gone. Metalizers were some of the first to go.
  4. If I recall, isn't it kind of a small operation? Being a holiday week, he might be out of the office for a bit. I doubt they will be there over the weekend.
  5. I don't see how selection has gone down since they were bought in 1984 (by RPM). Model Master was new, then we got Model Master II and the vast Acryl line with hundreds of new colors. I don' think quality was affected either, I have plenty of Model Master bottles that I've been using for 20 years. I think they just don't want to deal in the small stuff. In all my time working at a hobby shop I don't think I sold more than a few bottles, and I see the same supply sitting on the shelf year after year. How many people are really in the market for that exact bottle of 35102? (especially now th
  6. For lacquers, Mr Paint or Hataka. Getting 36170 right is a tough one as it's kind of two-colors-in-one. 36076 is a close start but only for the darker appearance, not the shiny metallic one. Hataka's just looks silver metallic to me. I haven't tried MRP yet, they have both the color and the Have Glass overcoat.
  7. I was testing this just this week, looking for a future Model Master replacement. AK is not as accurate as MM, it's pale - a bit light and less tinted. MRP *may* be closer but still seems a little off. I may ultimately end up mixing to enhance one of these .
  8. This certainly seems to be the case. There are plenty of paint lines out there, but MM really had color accuracy going for it. The best replacements seem to me to be the new lacquers lines, Mr Paint, AK and Hataka. But, of course there are the least available. On the otherside are the commonly stocked ones like Tamiya which don't have precise military colors. For me, it means staying well stocked in advance.
  9. Some people are reporting that Testors shut down completely today. I wonder if the whole brand just couldn't be sold to someone else at this point. Model Master was introduced just as a got my first aircraft kit, so it feels like a whole shift in the hobby to me.
  10. Yeah, what people don't understand is that they are already funded and they need flying hours. This seems to have started with Blend'r's idea to get the T-birds over Vegas, and then the Blues joined in, so it really doesn't have anything to do with the federal government.
  11. You mean, have I only ever built 2-3 at once? There's 6 currently on my desk.
  12. Tamiya won't have exact matches. Testors Acryl does have those FS numbers, as will Lifecolor. (The only acrylic for 36251 is Lifecolor.)
  13. My preferred clearcoat (really the only one I use) is Testors acryl, which is thinned with water. It does have a "paint" odor, but not more than Tamiya.
  14. I've had the same problem with Two Bobs and Afterburner. Now, I test first. But, decals I've used Decal film on don't seem to work all that well either.
  15. Everything through May is canceled - no DoD support. Summer show are still planning, but we'll see if anything happens this year.
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