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  1. I recently got a batch - they have a nice range of colors with several rare ones. I've only done some test work, but to my eye (and what Brian from Fightertown has posted) the colors are close but not-quite accurate. They are similar to MR Paint, but not quite as friendly as they are a bit thick and need thinning for airbrushing. They also don't have the fast drying time as MRP. I hope to get more use out of them soon, as I'm looking for replacements for Model Master.
  2. Cool! It seems the articles I have read have neglected some of you. You would then have a better perspective on this than anyone- perhaps the movie isn't so much of a stretch.
  3. Didn't Doug Master die in the first five minutes of Iron Eagle II? (although I did see him fly at at the Sioux Falls airshow a few years back).
  4. Well, any time since Super Hornet were introduced anyway. But, the trailer has a scene where the length of his career is discussed, and presumably they have some answer for this. Cruise is 57, the oldest actual Navy pilot was 54 as far as I know. It's a stretch , but only by a little and I wonder if that might change in the future- Reince Priebus just joined the Navy at age 46.
  5. Here's one I made out of an AIm-9, just took a few minutes.
  6. Darren, I just read your F-14 article where you drew on the panel lines, that is a pretty impressive result (it also is inspiring me to finish a Monogram F-14). It is an interesting conundrum. Building an F-16 aggressor this summer, I stared at the real thing to gauge the ratio of color scheme to lines, and while I could see the panel lines they never really broke through the color scheme either. I suppose one possibility to be the most accurate is to draw them on, and spray really thin color coat over them
  7. Interesting, I haven't seen that before, for a second I thought I was looking at the XL #2
  8. Here's a thread over at Z5 that shows Viperbite's process for doing it: https://www.zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=10619
  9. Camus272

    F-16 pylon

    Apparently several ADF units still held the dual role, such as the 182nd and the 156th Fighter Wings.
  10. Good question. In my personal estimation, I would guess that many of them are simply grey paint. Some, like Tamiya's fine or Mr Surfacer probably have finer quality and maybe better adhesion. I don't prime as I don't see a need for it, and it's just extra layers of paint build-up. In areas that have had major modification work, I'll cover it with a few good coats, but I'll usually use the specific color it is anyway. I do like to have an enamel or lacquer base before I use acrylics, but I don't always do this either. If I'm low on top color (as I probably will be in the future with my Testors supply) I'll use a primer so I can finish will a thin top coat.
  11. With some fictional test plane, and no Top Gun.
  12. I think there's only about 7 block 30 squadrons left. But I know that the 149th in Texas has got the repaint this month, so it looks like all F-16s are eventually getting it.
  13. That probably is it. Nice, thanks. You're probably right. I've seen 52 mentioned as a Ferris scheme in other threads, so I was expecting a straight-line scheme. Looks like I'll just go with 56. Thanks everyone
  14. Thanks, I do have that sheet, but it appears to have 52 in the same scheme as 56. I know I've seen a completed build of the Ferris scheme, but its driving me nuts that I can't find it again.
  15. I'm still in need of the forward windscreen canopy part for the 1/48 Hasegawa F-15, if anyone has one in the box. Thanks.
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