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  1. I haven't come up with any makers of it, so it would have to be mixed
  2. I haven't really, other than next time being sure to use a decent primer or an enamel/ lacquer base coat, as I would for using Testor's Acryl.
  3. I agree, I try to stock up supplies at least 20 models ahead to give me time to find alternatives that work. I have started to use Tamiya panel line accent. It seems to work, but not as easy. I tend to use quite a bit in each wash. I have heard that airbrushing it on achieves more while using less, so I might have to try that.
  4. I haven't come across anything similar. Flory washes are amazing, very easy to use. They don't leave pooling marks and are easy to clean off (as long as the surface is gloss). Since Spruebrothers doesn't seem to carry them anymore I will have to restock directly from Flory.
  5. I use them when the color dictates it - they have a vast range of selections. They are easy to use, I use distilled water to thin which I'm fairly sure that it what their thinner is. They can be a bit thick and act a lot like Vallejo - which I mix them with. I have had mixed results however. Sometimes they go on great and dry hard. But, I have had some that like to peel off in large strips just through light touching. I think the underlying surface has to be carefully prepped for best results.
  6. Brushing lacquer over it, would in my estimation, be dangerous. You can spray lacquer over in light coats, but touching it to the surface may be difficult, try it carefully.
  7. Right, this is public knowledge - the Post Office is required by law to pre-fund retirement up to 2056 at $5 billion per year. No other agency, or anyone else, has to do this - it's insane. And, yeah, with no one sending actual mail, packages are all that's left. But, I don't understand why there's no one with competitive pricing.
  8. It seems to be working. I get what people are saying, I keep checking it but no one is posting about modeling. I looked last night and there really hasn't been any posts this year. There are areas there that I won't venture into, but I would guess they are the only areas still active.
  9. There's also a Topgun one on that Fightertown sheet.
  10. If you go to view page info (it's under tools in Firefox) the info box shows all the links on the page. You can just copy and paste them back into your browser to see each photo. It looks like his albums are set to private, so I couldn't find a link that shows the whole album.
  11. ^ these, it's called the Asia Minor scheme.
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