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  1. I don't have detail pictures of the napalm installation on F-51's handy, maybe somewhere in my files, I'm not sure. Here are some pix of the installation using 165 gal. tanks on P-47s (from the old RetroMechanix site): Here's an improvised 55 gal. napalm bomb:
  2. More than one type of tank was used with napalm. That being said most pictures seem to show the 110 gal. tanks on F-51's in Korea (for napalm).
  3. tourist

    Tamiya's 1/32 P-51D

    I saw that this thread was mentioned on another forum. It seems like a good time to update some of my previous comments: - The DFF was not added during production on P-51D-5-NA 44-13902 but appeared with the P-51D-10-NA block and was retrofitted to some D-5s. The straight DFF did not first start with the D-20 block but very late during the D-15 (and K-15) blocks, possibly the last 5 or 10 aircraft for each. - The armor plate was indeed mounted 2 1/4 inches lower before the P-51D-20 but the headrest cushion was not placed higher as I mentioned in 2011, the whole thing moved higher not allowing for the canopy to be fully opened. No decals on the front of the armor plate (on each sides of the seat) for the early, lower armor plate. On the early P-51D-5-NAs (possibly the first 250 ships) the top part of the armor plate was shorter allowing the cushion mounting plates to protrude on top, this gave the whole thing a rounder look. - While both seats were interchangeable and randomly installed, the Shick-Johnson seat seems to have first appeared during the P-51D-15-NA production and was probably the most common seat on the last blocks (D-25 and 30s). For those specifically interested in the P-51D-5 check the following thread out, it should give you pretty much all the info you need: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/eduards-p-51d-5-with-fin-filet-what-differences-ar-t506831.html
  4. A bit late in the game but like many others here I'm looking forward to these decals. I'm also voting for the Illinois bird to be added. Maryland's 44-64573 was already on the old Talon decal sheet (so were a few others mentioned here): They did a good job but something's off with the nose art, zooming on the picture seems to show Elmer Fudd with the words "Bright Eyes"(?). This is the Talon version: Not quite right, I hope Caracal does better.
  5. I got mine on Wednesday, it's a terrific looking and well thought out kit. It immediately takes the top spot as best P-51H in any scale. It's still a short run kit and special attention will probably be needed when assembling the parts but it's got pretty much everything you'd want in a P-51H kit and the details look great. The only nit pick I have has to do with the LP-31 loop antenna (ARN-7 radio compass) being mounted on top of the battery but it's a detail (not the first time I've seen this). Check out your photos to see what kind of antennas were on the plane you want to build. I cannot wait to see the first builds pop up! Here are a few pictures:
  6. The little I know comes from the Warren Thompson book. The picture shows Capt. Daniel "Chappie" James who later became the first African American USAF four star general. Interesting dude: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_James_Jr. I cannot tell much about the plane based on this single picture.
  7. Painting Mustangs is a post war thing seen on some ANG and USAF F-51's, most likely a way to fight corrosion on aging planes. Some planes remained NMF others were painted, you really need to look at pictures to figure out which is which (it's not always obvious). To complicate matters I think that some Mustangs might have only been partially painted, it's a bit of a mess 🤨. Two clear (enough) examples: NMF Painted
  8. What's the serial number of the plane you are building? It is quite possible that the early anti glare panel is correct for your build. It's not a WWII vs post war thing, it has to do with the production block. The stiffeners appeared on the panel during the D-25-NA production which is quite late in the game. Earlier blocks were still flown during the Korean war. Edited to add: After re-reading your first post I see you are building 44-84602 (a P-51D-25-NT) which means you were right to use the later anti glare panel with the stiffeners. Please note that this aircraft, like many others in Korea, is not NMF but fully painted with a metallic grey.
  9. I would say get the one you can get the better deal on first. Let's say it's the Spitfire, buy it, fall in love with it, then... buy the Mustang, fall in love with it, then... get the Corsair etc...
  10. Very nice build with a great attention to details! 👍
  11. Wow, I like everything about this build! 😀
  12. Yes, Tamiya's big P-51D is still the best Mustang in any scale.
  13. Here's an update that may help understand the way NAA finished Mustang wings. It was put together by John Terrell. One could reproduce the exact same thing on their models for more accuracy. Let's just keep in mind the obvious fact that a real wing and a model kit wing are very different starting points.
  14. The cockpit floor on Allison Mustangs was Interior Green. The wheel bays were a mix of unfinished aluminum parts (the "roof", ribs) and primed ones like the main spar, stringers, brackets etc... (yellow ZC and green ZC on some smaller parts). These finishes could vary.
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