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  1. They dropped the project a few years ago. ZM has announced a new 1/32 P-51B a while back but no real news since.
  2. No 1/32 P-51B? I'm starting to doubt they'll really make one. 😶
  3. I agree with Joe. Of the three new kits (Airfix, Meng & Eduard) Airfix is the most affordable and the best suited for an in flight build (flaps up, pilot etc...) The Tamiya kit also remains a good option.
  4. - Gently wash all the kit's parts with dish soap before starting. - Cutting corners never pays.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if they produced a F-82B after this one. I'm even starting to think Modelsvit might be the perfect company for a nice Mustang Mk.I.
  6. I really like what I see. Their P-51H is terrific, the f-82 will be an instant buy for me.
  7. Indeed! I just got mine and forgot to thank you. Loved your build BTW.
  8. Somehow I had missed the finished model. Beautiful, you nailed it! 👍
  9. I don't have detail pictures of the napalm installation on F-51's handy, maybe somewhere in my files, I'm not sure. Here are some pix of the installation using 165 gal. tanks on P-47s (from the old RetroMechanix site): Here's an improvised 55 gal. napalm bomb:
  10. More than one type of tank was used with napalm. That being said most pictures seem to show the 110 gal. tanks on F-51's in Korea (for napalm).
  11. I saw that this thread was mentioned on another forum. It seems like a good time to update some of my previous comments: - The DFF was not added during production on P-51D-5-NA 44-13902 but appeared with the P-51D-10-NA block and was retrofitted to some D-5s. The straight DFF did not first start with the D-20 block but very late during the D-15 (and K-15) blocks, possibly the last 5 or 10 aircraft for each. - The armor plate was indeed mounted 2 1/4 inches lower before the P-51D-20 but the headrest cushion was not placed higher as I mentioned in 2011, the whole thing moved higher
  12. A bit late in the game but like many others here I'm looking forward to these decals. I'm also voting for the Illinois bird to be added. Maryland's 44-64573 was already on the old Talon decal sheet (so were a few others mentioned here): They did a good job but something's off with the nose art, zooming on the picture seems to show Elmer Fudd with the words "Bright Eyes"(?). This is the Talon version: Not quite right, I hope Caracal does better.
  13. I got mine on Wednesday, it's a terrific looking and well thought out kit. It immediately takes the top spot as best P-51H in any scale. It's still a short run kit and special attention will probably be needed when assembling the parts but it's got pretty much everything you'd want in a P-51H kit and the details look great. The only nit pick I have has to do with the LP-31 loop antenna (ARN-7 radio compass) being mounted on top of the battery but it's a detail (not the first time I've seen this). Check out your photos to see what kind of antennas were on the plane you want to b
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