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  1. Really nice work!!! Keep it up!!! John
  2. Really awesome work!! John
  3. Very nice Carlos!! πŸ˜€
  4. Awesome Carlos!!! John
  5. Thank you very much Joe, for your help too!! John
  6. I am not going to laugh... Very nice trick Carlos😊
  7. Main gear legs Main Landing gear legs also needed a lot of work to make them resemble the real ones! I use the two metal ones for the main legs and the plastic one as i have to glue it on the resin and i need to put a pin inside to strengthen this point. Below you can see all the details added, some of them from Eduard exterior set! Wheel wells I placed the rest of the resin and i improved the rear section as it was wrong and to add some but not a lot detail inside!! Also the decals on the wheel well doors are custom
  8. Good evening lads, Time to resurrect this topic once again!! It will be a long post with sections, please excuse me for that, hope all the work and photoes to make you forget it!! Closing the fuselage Before that I had to install the M-61A Vulcan gun and add some detail on the rear area of the gun. I also painted all the details not accessible after closing the fuselage. And i finally i closed the fuselage. Not an easy thing to do as i had to align everything, from the cockpit tub to the rear fuselage details to the intake and all the zacto det
  9. Awesome work Carlos!!!! John
  10. Thank you very much for the kind words!! Thanks John, you should, it is a very nice kit !! Few mistakes but nothing you cannot do!!! John
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