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  1. Some new photos and better i hope... Merry Christmas and Happy 2019 to all!! John
  2. Thanks guys!! John
  3. Good evening gents. I finally managed to finish this ''girl'' and I give you some pics of her(taking photos is not my strong point!!) I would like to thank you for your company and especially Christian for the info he provided to me!!! Mery holly days and health and happiness to all!! John
  4. Fare and clear enough Chuck!!! John
  5. Chuck, i will express only my way of thinking on this... I don't model for others, i pick a model, i pick a subject that i like but i also have photos to work with (i mean war time ones like the one you posted) and i try to replicate it as close as possible. You have the photos to prove that there was an exception from the rule and you try to depict the exact aircraft, so....where are you wrong about that?? The fault would be of the guys they did it back on those difficult times, not yours!! What i want to say with my poor English is that if you have the evidence, just leave it as it is!!! Again this is my humble opinion!! John
  6. That is why i love this kind of ''arguments'' haha, you always learn something!!!! Keep well Chuck, John
  7. Really amazing job Chuck!!! And yes i love those wet transfers!!! I haven't try them yet but i trust your opinion!!! One note though, i think that the black walkway line should not pass over the insignia on the wings!! Please check it out!! Regards, John
  8. Thanks John, unfortunately i wont be able to be there!!! Still at dispatch!!! John
  9. Thanks a lot guys for The Kind words!! John
  10. Good morning gents, a little update for miss ''PIGGY III''. I am almost at the end of the project! After the gloss i started with the wash....i tried to use different wash shades...in order not to get a uniform one... After this stage i sprayed a semi matt varnish, to seal everything and i started the weathering process using only oils, (dry brush, dot filters...etc.) I placed the exhausts and dealt with the exhaust stains, only oils here too.. As you can see i unmasked the windscreenand i put the landing gear...dont know for you but for me to place the landing on a P-51 correctly is a bit tricky!! Things to do...glue the propeller (is placed only for photos), place the antenna and the pitot tube (i ordered an aftermarket one from master barrels, as the one the kit provides i dont like it) and glue the vac canopy parts...this is doing to be tricky too!!!! That's all for now, next update will be the last one, hope you like it!! John
  11. Always a pleasure to read your in progress Chuck... Agreat deal to learn everytime!!! John