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  1. Thanks a lot guys for The Kind words!! John
  2. Good morning gents, a little update for miss ''PIGGY III''. I am almost at the end of the project! After the gloss i started with the wash....i tried to use different wash shades...in order not to get a uniform one... After this stage i sprayed a semi matt varnish, to seal everything and i started the weathering process using only oils, (dry brush, dot filters...etc.) I placed the exhausts and dealt with the exhaust stains, only oils here too.. As you can see i unmasked the windscreenand i put the landing gear...dont know for you but for me to place the landing on a P-51 correctly is a bit tricky!! Things to do...glue the propeller (is placed only for photos), place the antenna and the pitot tube (i ordered an aftermarket one from master barrels, as the one the kit provides i dont like it) and glue the vac canopy parts...this is doing to be tricky too!!!! That's all for now, next update will be the last one, hope you like it!! John
  3. Always a pleasure to read your in progress Chuck... Agreat deal to learn everytime!!! John
  4. Good morning gents, a little progress with ''Piggy III''... I painted the white line on the vertical stabilizer as well as the ''P'' on both sides trying to replicate the brush leftovers. In this image you can notice some small maps i added in the cockpit and in the map case and a small family picture on the instruments panel... Gloss varnish, my trusty Tamiya X-22, decals, and gloss varnish again to seal everything. The detail decals are from montex, absolutely beautiful and extremely thin ones, and the insignia from fundekals, also top notch quality from cartograph!! I also assembled the spinner with the propeller, it isn't glued yet, only there for the photoes... Nest step, wash, seal everything with semi gloss varnish, color modulation with oils and general weathering... Thanks for watching, John
  5. Good evening John, I think that sometime they changed the flap of the port wing and put one from another aircraft, that is why the yellow band on the flap is offset!! John
  6. zaxos345

    Tamiya 1/48 F-14A

    When i grew up i want to build models like you!!!!! Awesome work there Harry!!!! John
  7. Good evening lads, A little progress on ''Piggy III'' and is was time to put some paint on her. Mr. surfacer 1500 black.... First i dealt with the propeller random.... After that it was time for the underside mrpaint Neutral grey 43.... ...AK extreme metal aluminium first on the upper side, for chipping purposes, followed by AK work effects fluid... And after that, different shades of mrpaint olive drab 41 followed by chipping with a toothpick and/or a small stiff brush...I am going to lower the contrast of the aluminium...i think now, that it is not the best color for this job...any suggestions?? After that it was time for the yellow wing bands and the code munbers. A lot and patient masking to achive that...As you can see i photocopied the insignia in order to place the montex masks accurately...and yes i am very happy with the result!! The yellow is the chrome yellow paint from my favorite enamel paints, white ensign! I have a lot of work ahead with the weathering mostly, but so far so good i think!!! Hope you like it, John
  8. zaxos345

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    John you keep amazing us!!!!!
  9. zaxos345

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    John...you must be kidding us John
  10. zaxos345

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    I am with Joe on this John!!! Amazing attention to detail and work!!!!!!! John
  11. zaxos345

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    I follow the same way John!!! Great job my friend!!! John