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  1. Let me get this straight, you call someone an a-hole and then claim to be the "victim"....really?
  2. You're full of crap Cupcake. I was banned for pointing out during the KH Fitter hubbub that no one was forcing anyone to purchase the "unbuildable" kit. That was it, no personal attacks on you Doog, Will or the other "ban hammer" crew....I shared a dissenting point of view and out I went. Not to mention the folks that didn't post anything but got banned for merely being friends with folks that didn't stroke you or Doog properly....so yeah. Your backpedaling is hilarious...oh and let us know what the attorney says when you tell him this revolves around tiny plastic airplanes...
  3. It depends....what do the masters look like? If the end result has the soft/incorrect detail similar to the SB NACA vent set I wouldn't pull the trigger on it.
  4. Wow pot meet kettle. I'm not Pats fan by any stretch but your a raging hypocrite!!! Didn't you post on here bitching about getting a speeding ticket for doing like 80 or so?? Speed limits are the "rules" news flash....so that would make you an entitled litte douche and a jack wagon that can't knuckle up and admit they are wrong? I'll say YES yes you are....
  5. Cool images!! 82 in a 65...that's reckless period. I'm quite certain you're not a professionally trained driver (in your delusions maybe) and thus you have no clue how a vehicle that is not optimized for those speeds will react. Not to mention the entitled attitude that how dare you such a fine driver get ticketed by the dousche cop so you can fund his doughnut habit. Let's just hope you're careless attitude about the lives of others (because that's what will happen at that speed you'll kill yourselves or someone else) doesn't get you a vehicular homicide conviction on of these days....don
  6. The logic "well there's already photos out there what the harm" is thin at best. I've spent time with Superhornet units and a B-2 unit both asked me not to photograph certain things. Now whether or not I photographed those elements no one knows, and I'll never divuldge. They asked me not to, so if I had any none would ever be shared out of respect for their requset. It's not that you caught elements of the IP in your detail shots, or didn't make all sorts of effort to exclude the IP. What was rude/disrespectful was posting on a public internet fora was A) stating you were asked to refrain
  7. If the unit asked you not to take shots of the IP's, then why would you post something like that? To me that seems disrespectful to the access you were given (and if they found out about this a good way to kill any future access). I'm pretty sure if the unit PAO saw this they'd kill your request.
  8. You can still find the kit version of those aircraft on eBay, you could then replace the broken/missing parts. I got a 1/32 Corsair for about $20 a few years ago........
  9. Predominate 1/72 builder here. While I’ve got no interest in more JR markings, it is interesting how decal manufacturers (or shall I say designers as I believe most do the design work and have them made somewhere else) shy away from 1/72. I know Two Bobs had/has a pretty good variety of 1/72 Navy stuff. With that said, I always here there “is no money” in 1/72, but really all the design work is done, it doesn’t have to be recreated out of thin air, it’s scale it down for tinier jets. So that’s always been a head scratcher for me, you’re already getting stuff printed by Cartograph or whoe
  10. Nice!!! I'm not familiar with the 1/72 HB kit.......how does it compare to the Hase and Acad kits??
  11. I'll be following this one for sure. My father in law was with RVAH-14 in the early '70's and for a long time I've wanted to build him a Vigi in -14 markings for him. I've been on and off looking at the Hase kit, but if the Trumpy kit is better........
  12. Well the Hornets have "traps" on them and a vertical or short landing doesn't put near the stress on the airframe that a trap does.
  13. I think it's a great idea.......but I really like Harriers. I found it interesting the USMC wants to replace some Delta Hornets with Harriers, with the implication being the Deltas are nearing the end of their lives. I've yet to see any Delta squadrons deploy on a carrier which would lead to "trapping out" the airframe, so that seems odd to me. It will be very interesting to see how the USMC mods or doesn't mod the RAF birds for their usage.....
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