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Low level action in the UK

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Just come back from two days on top of a hill photographing the RAF and USAF flying some low level sorties. A very productive two days with a huge variety of aircraft flying through the valley. Highlights have got to be the Saudi Tornado and the F-15E in full afterburner.











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Thats awesome! Are they actually that close to you or does everyone that goes there just happen to have a really long lense? I'd think that would be more of a security concern than a pilot talking about his plane's flaps on an online forum :rofl:

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Brilliant shots Jonesy. 2nd one is my fave - don't often see the F-15s down and dirty like the RAF due to the extra flying restrictions they're under.

Where were you btw? Wales or the lakes?

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Low level in a King Air? :huh: Never seen that before.



Guys most likely training to fly the Herc. Students here stateside fly at least a couple low-levels in the T-44/TC-12s before moving on to the C-130.



p.s. Awesome photos of what looks like one of the better low-level routes out there.

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so does the USAF have higher low level restrictions than the RAF then?

I forget the exact numbers, but for the RAF its something like 250ft/1000ft for rural/urban, USAF are restricted to 500 or 1000ft for rural. I'm sure someone will know the exact numbers.

Routinely ignored by A-10s in the 1980s though :D

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Nev Mar 24 2008, 03:02 PM

Routinely ignored by A-10s in the 1980s though

SShhhhhhh, STILL ignored by Eagle drivers, thank heaven.

With 25 Sqn. having shut up shop things would be very boring

if it wasn't for 'the boys from da 'heath' :thumbsup:

No Navy drivers about? GO airforce.

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