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Post your Finished Builds Here!

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i think we should. it seems like everbody likes building the f-14. so every body has at lest 1 tomcat they have built in there life. so show it off :thumbsup:

that would be awesome. an "already built tomcat group build"

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Throwing this one in here as well. Revell 1/144th scale F-14A with FTD decals.

The model was completed a few days after the official deadline, but the GB forum is still open so... :whistle:



More pics are here.



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1/144 Revell F-14D Super Tomcat 'Grim Reaper' of VF-101 . This was built by my 6 year old daughter-Amelia who insisted on getting her own models. She liked this scheme because the inner tail decals are her initials-AD. After gluing the thing together she insisted in using my air brush to paint it, and me. She then got most of the bigger decals on before handing it over and getting me to fix and finish the rest. She has been working on a simple 1/48 Bearcat which is decalled, but shes now lost interest so I might have to finish it off for her. Anyway, she hopes you like her 'cat'.





Amelia and Andrew

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Hi Amelia! I think you did a bang up job on your Tomcat. It looks fantastic. Dad says you have a Bearcat you're working on. When are you going to finish that one and post pictures for us to see? You're quite the modeller!

Keep it up.


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Gidday Mike,

Getting either Chris or Amelia going after they have started something is the problem. Chris isn't quite as bad as he is an 'aeroplane head' so when I get my kits out he does his. Amelia, only does it when she feels left out. Saying this I'm going to get her to finish the Bearcat soon as it's driving me nuts just sitting on the shelf with no wheels, U/C doors or canopy. The Bearcat was a really easy kit for her to do (20 pieces from memory) and fitted well. The dark sea blue was an easy colour for her to spray too.


Andrew :cop:

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