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F 14A Tomcat 1/18

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O.k Dryguy! May be that Top Gun is a great movie, but I´ll not sey it is best ever. Sertenly the best movie about Tomcat. Sorry, but that´s my opinion.

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O.K Gentelman! Small update for what I´m doing with the second exhoust.

I started with the same starting point then before:


Then I modifade it to the starting point of my building:


Ten of course I started to make detaled plates for the exhoust:




I have to make 18 of each of the deferend small plate:


That is allfor now. Thanks for looking. More soon. Greatings. Marek

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Small update on the exhoust. Half way done.





Vizeble parts are fore inside of the exhoust. After that I stil have to make 36 parts for outside of the exhoust.

That is all for now. More soon. Greatings. Marek :deadhorse1:

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The small dezaster striked. My camera is out of order. Can´t recharge the baterys. The batery charger has desapierd. I remember seeing it on the table and then my gorgeus wife has clined it. She loves clining everything. The resalt is that noone can find the charger any more. I had to buy another one on the Ebay. So while I´m waiting for my new charger to come there will be no pictures of what I´v done.

All I can say is that almoust all pieces are puted together and the exhoust is allmost ready. Pictures soon. Sorry :crying2:

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Aren't wives wonderful?! They clean up our mess so that we can never find anything. My wife does put up with a lot though, like me stealing kitchen utensils for modelling purposes. Can't wait to see more pics Mareku.

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That's why every time my wife goes near my modelling space I get nervous :o All she had to do is walk by my stuff and something turns out MIA <_< Unfortunately if I lock up my modelling area she can't do the laundry then :whistle:

Don't be making any progress until you get your new camera, please.....

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No freakin way!!! Those look like pictures from a grumman assembly line! Your scratch building skills are amazing. Have you considered making moulds of your stuff and selling them as resin parts? I'm sure there would be a few pwople interested

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Thank you Marcel. You know, I allmoust do not belive it myself. 109 pieces inthe closed one and 180 pieces in the open exhoust.

One more picture to comper the size:


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Thanks Patric :woot.gif:

Now I´m doing the TCS pod. Started from there:




And modifications:



Then some parts for the camera:





And that is it for now. More soon.

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