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F 14A Tomcat 1/18

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Now the camera is inside the pod. Then I filed up the "trenches" with the puty I made myself.




The putys makeing idea belongs to my friend Wojtek Walkowiak, who is allso a great modeler.

First you take this:


Then put a bit of it in a glass jar and ad a skrap of plastic to it. After a fiew days you have a great puty. It is plastic so it rescribes well. To remember is to do the puty quite thick.




That is it for now. Greatings my friends.

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Well! That question has come to my mind a long time ago, too. So I thout and spoke with my wife and we decided that I´ll build a box from a plexiglas an hang it in our leeving room abave the flower bench. It will be goot place to see the model an it will not bother anyone. :thumbsup::whistle::cheers:

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