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CD72064 - F-104C in Vietnam

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1 hour ago, Flyboyf18 said:

Eggcellent :thumbsup: Now I am going to take a WAG that there will be a couple more schemes on the 72nd sheet? Are you willing to give us some hints?



I don't know yet - I already covered many of the Vietnam F-104s that were well documented enough to make decals. I also would like to keep the instruction sheet at its current size (4 pages), so I might just add one more set of national markings and stencilling, and keep the number of options the same.

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These are great,  but it is a whole another sheet to design. My first goal is to scale down the Vietnam F-104 artwork I already have.


Colorful early USAF Starfighters is something I have in mind for the future. 

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Rocketeer Decals in Japan did a full sheet for 1/72 479th birds including at least a couple variations of the commander's birds. I don't know how much penetration of the U.S. market they got, but I did get the sheet and it is excellent. But I welcome Kursad's sheet especially for camo Zippers and PRANG too!

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