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1/48 Hellenic Army AH-64DHA 'Longbow Apache'

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My entry for the GB will be Hasegawa's 1/48 AH-64D, built as a Hellenic Army Aviation DHA version.


Extras include Heritage Models HIDAS and Aires Cockpit, decals are from LM Decals in Greece.  


This is is the helicopter I'll be modelling





Started the the build two weeks ago, but due to a misplaced SIM card was unable to take any photos, however SIM card has now reappeared so will get some pics up over the next couples of days. 

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Main differences are the lumps and bumps that make up the HIDAS system(same system as used on the British) and the third MFD in the gunners cockpit. there may be more differences but I'm not aware of any from a modelling perspective.

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As promised here's some pic of the progress so far.......












Will hopefully get the cockpit installed into the fuselage tonight, and I'll reduce the size of the pictures as well.

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This is where the build is currently at. 


All the seams on the main fuselage have been filled, sanded and checked. Glad to have that part behind me as it's always the part of any build that I hate.  Exhausts have been built up and painted along with the engine cowlings and the next stage will be to attach those onto the main body.






















I'm using a new laptop and I'm having trouble uploading pictures to Flickr on Win10 using Google Chrome with McAfee running in the background, any suggestions?


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1 hour ago, lifeline said:


I see you have made all the Kit's blemishes dissapear


Only looks like that because the whole model has been given a coat of Light Matt Grey. If you saw it before the paint you would say otherwise, there was a lot of Green putty to be seen on the underneath and along the fuselage seams. A lot of the rivet detail on the underside has been lost, but I'm not too bothered as when it's all finished you and I won't see it.

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Thanks Ioannis and Andrew,


some progress on the build, with the exhaust and engine cowlings fitted, weapon pylons fitted and the TADS built up. Have also started fitting the Hellenic specific lumps and bumps(HIDAS) found all over the a/c and for the moment the 'fit, fill, sand repeat' process continues.
















Next up will be to fit the remaining components of the HIDAS system before making a start on the main rotor assembly and undercarriage.



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Unable to acquire the extra sprues that I need, I've had to bite the bullet and purchase the AH-64E kit as well in order to build an accurate Hellenic 'DHA'.


Turning into an expensive build, but once I've robbed the sprues that I need I'll be selling the kit on as a complete AH-64D to recoup some of the money. So if any one is in the market for a 'Longbow' give me a shout. 

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Latest progress on the build


All the HIDAS sensors have been fitted and any gaps and blemishes have been sorted out, also started fitting all the various antennas and grab rails around the fuselage.











Cockpit side rails tidied up





Tail rotor assembled, but not yet fixed







Started building up the main rotor assembly and one of the first jobs was to sort out the straight blades






and the result




Any comments welcome


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What a cool looking beast. Sag could maybe use a bit more bowing about 3/4 of the way out from the rotor head. You can do that with just bit of hand bending. 


I really like your dramatic close-up photos. I hope you do the same for the finished model. 


Also, do any of you know what the tube shaped instrument on top of the pilot's panel is? 

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Sorry for not having any recent updates, however nothing has been missed. Build on a go 'very' slow due to flu and work. Hopefully get back into it this coming week.

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I hope you are well and recovered again. Any news on your AH? 

My wessex also got a break due to holiday and now I am to finish the Revell / Mono AH-1 from red bull team. In 2 weeks will be model show!

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Despite failing to make any further progress during the GB and indeed for the whole of last year, this build still exists. It was brought back to life in January and is currently nearing the decaling stage. I’ll post some pictures up soon in the “in progress” section.

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