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1/72 Hasegawa F-4C with lots of extras and scratch

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Hi there! After lot of time without contributing in this forum, I am going to open a new topic. This time is a project that was started some years ago and was latter abandoned and put on waiting. Recently I reopened the box and decided that it was the time to resume it. The basis is the well know 1/72 Hasegawa F-4C  and it will be finished in spanish markings:





And here is how the kit was when I resumed the work on it:







Instigated for some post that I found on the forums I decided to add as much as detail as I were able, so I opened the some panels on the upper spine,





the RAT hollow,




some panels on the wings,






and on the front fuselage...




As you can see I have put a lot of scratchwork on it aside of some aftermarket items, as the aires cockpit for the Revell F-4F that I slightly modified to resemble the F-4C cockpit, and some items from the venerable Verlinden detail set for the Phantom, such as some parts to depict the radar (no pics by the moment).


Some pics of the cockpit:














In the time that has passed since all this has been done I have discovered some mistakes on the details, mainly on the fuel sistems of the spine, and I have improved my skills, so I have been rebuilding that area as well as the RAT hole...

I will be posting some more images on the nexts days of the work done.


And now I have a request for you the Phantom experts. I will be opening the underside of the fuselage to show at least the left engine bay and the J79 itself. Could anybody please help me with photos of the area? Any help will be welcome.


That´s all for now. Any comments or suggestipons are welcome.









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On 5/1/2018 at 10:37 AM, kurnass77 said:

I follow your build for sure mate!





I knew that a fellow 1/72 Phantom fan like yourself would be here.  😊  I'll have to alert Giorgio over at Britmodeller to also drop  in.


Gene K


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Hi again! Many thanks Captain, Jackman, kurnass, jmel and Gene for your interest.


On 5/1/2018 at 5:37 PM, kurnass77 said:

That's great!

Great scratch parts,great subject and great ,uncommon,markings choice,and in my same scale!

I follow your build for sure mate!





 Gianni, being spanish, build it on I must spanish markings.


Well, here we have some more progress. As I said I rebuilt the fuel lines on the top of the fuselage. 






I went pregresively adding painted tubes of diferent calibers and shapes:














More and more:











This is how is this part by now. I still have to add some more details and lines...


That,s all for now. Thanks for your attention.




















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Hi again! Many thanks Janne, Giorgio, crackerjazz and philippe for your comments! 


On 5/4/2018 at 8:55 PM, Aigore said:

Outstanding work, mate 😄


good to see you are still around doing crazy detaling in miniscule scale! 😄

 Janne, yes, I am still around working with minuscule detail in the real manscale! 😁 I have been following your excelent work with the Intruder too.


Let,s go with some update.

I have added a couple of tubes to my fuel lines installation and created an aditional part that will de installed after painting it:




Also I have glued those little stripes of bare metal foil, instead of paint them. I still have to complete this part.


A few pics to give some sense to all this work:






As I said I am going to depict the aircraft with the left engine bay opened. I have been able to find a second hand copy of The Modern Phantom Guide from a bookshop from Australia. It,s on it,s way to my home now, but while I wait for it to arrive I have been working on the opened doors of the said area:




From left to rigjht you can see the access panels from rear to front of the aircraft by its outer side. And here the same parts by interior face:




The little red door is that of the auxiliary intakes on the lower fuselage that can be seen a lot of times opened while on ground. I still have to cut  and detail another door. 

As soon as I ended the detail on this part, the second from the rear, I realized that I have inverted the details! 




Top should be on bottom! So I repeated the work on it and took the chance to take some step by step on it.

Here is the bare plastic part:




The channel that you can see on it is part of the rear Sparrow bay. Then I glued stripes of stirene by its edges, and give them shape by carefully sanding:




Here is the interior face of the part. I partially filled the hollow with stirene sheet (painted in red) to give it some consistency.


Then I cutted a piece of thin stirene sheet to cover the inner face, and added some rivets embosed in  two diferent sizes with the Trumpeter riveter tool:








The thin stirene part is now attached to the kit part, waiting for the glue to dry. Then I will add al the detail by the interior...

That, all for now. I have been able to do some work on another couple of areas, but I don,t have pics of it, sorry.


As always, coments and sugestions are welcome.











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Lost link to a pic
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Very impressed with your work, especially in this scale. It looks like you're leaving no stone unturned with this one as there is great detail everywhere.




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your build is a joy to see!

Gene,my friend,I already foolowed as visitor Giorgio's build at the time,a great model from him,and I'm happy that joined us here on ARC!

Welcome Giorgio!:cheers:




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  I'm just speechless at the level of detailing both in the cockpit that you added to the modified Aries cockpit. but the upper spine fueling section that you redid, is beyond description!! And in 1/72 scale. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

hi there! Thanks everybody again for your interest!


Pillippe, your beautiful diorama remembers me those of an iranian guy that had built almost an entirely IRIAF in scale. Great work there!


And Giorgio, I followed your thread on Britmodeller and I was inspired to reasume this project again...


Well, I finished that door that was pending in the last update and created three new doors:




The two door on the rigjht side, which  are symmetrical, are the auxiliar intake doors that I have shoiwn previously painted in red. I rebuilt them and added extra detail. And the door on the left is the door that is adjacent to the previous doors and that will be shown open in the kit to show the entire engine.


And here we have all the doors that I have built until now. As you can see I have added some details for the interior side:




Enought on the doors by the moment. As you can see on previous pics that I have posted, I am using a pair of white engine intakes. Those are the seamless intakes from XMM:




They are only dry fitted on the photos. They need some carefully sanding and cutting but finally they work nicely. I took the chance and decided to add some detail to the side of the fuselage, so I carefully carved an acces panel on the resin on the left intake to create a cavity that houses some electric wire and control rods in the real aircraft:




Then i added the interior frames, and painted it:






And that,s all for now. More to follow this evening, if I am able...


Stay tunned!








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On 5/25/2018 at 1:27 PM, JFVicente said:

And Giorgio, I followed your thread on Britmodeller and I was inspired to reasume this project again..

Glad to be of inspiration - I reckon you're taking this to another level, though :clap2:



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Hi again! Many thanks for your interest and sorry for this days without an update.


Here we go with new pics. I needed a little break from scratch, so I decided to assemble and paint the underwing tanks. I added that thin strip on the side of them and modified the scribbed panels by adding stretched sprue to better resembance of the real ones...

Here you can see both drop thanks primed:




Some time ago, I found a paint technique on the Facebook page of a guy named Bera Karoly, and decided to give it a try. Process is as follows. First we apply a thin coat of the required colours.



Then, using a brush and/or little portions of sponge we add a kind of preshading and efects of "ilumination" and fading as desired:








I have used for this process is artist acrilyc paints.

Then we apply the corresponding colours until we are happy with the result:




And here we have one of the drop tanks finished and flat coated:






I added some mere dirt and grime to it using pastels, oils and a bit of tamiya smoke airbrushed by the belly of them, as this parts used to be very dirty on Spanish Phantoms. 

I am treally happy with how this technique has worked to me, so I will be probably using it when painting the entire kit.


In this days I continued the work on the ventral doors. Theay are primed and two of them painted in red:




And the rest of the doors were painted on flat aluminium and received a little treatment with Tamiya weathering pastels to achieve this result:








That,s all for now. I will be adding some more progress on the next days.


Thanks for your interest!








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