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F-4E 66-0371 "Arizona Chicken"

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Dear all,

An old project ressurected and I would like to ask if you could help me with some research.

I need to know the name of the Backseater of an Vietnam era Phantom:

The particular aircraft was a F-4E Phantom II, 66-0371, tailcode was JJ.

It served in Korat with the 388th TFW, 34th TFS from May 1969 to Feb. 1972.

In May 1970 the aircraft was named Arizona Chicken with the appropriate artwork on the intake.

The crew names were painted on the canopy rails.

The pilot's name was Maj. Roger Long.

I already contacted the USAF museum and the USAF archive, I got a lot of help and good information but unfortunately I was unable to find out the correct name.

BTW: The Zotz decal sheet as some mistakes and is no appropiate refference.

I hope that anyone has further information about the backseaters name.

I'm gratefull for any help!

Many thanks in advance and best regards



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Hi Sven,


this may help or not, but it will add to the mystery. To be honest, if the front seater's name is all you have, I wouldn't let not knowing the GIB's name stop you from building it.



10-02-72: F-4E 66-0371(388th TFW, 34th TFS)shot down by ground fire near Muang Fangdeng, southern Laos. Crew eject. Capt John S.Murphy and 1st Lt Thomas W. Dobson rescued by HH-53C helicopter.


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If you really want this info, only thing I'd suggest is social media.  I'm guessing there might be a FB page for vets of that unit.   Someone might have a pic or recall the info.


Heck, maybe even a chance the pilot you listed above has his own page.    


Good luck, I hope you find the info you are looking for. 

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Dear All,


thanks a lot for your much appreciated help!

It is correct that 66-0371 was shot down with Dobson and Murphy in 1972. This was the Arizona Chicken.

But it is quite unlikely that the aircraft had that artwork at that time, as aircrews preferred their own artwork and regularly overpainted the old ones.

A good example was the F-4E, Arkansas Traveler, which was overpainted after the crew changed.

The USAF museum gave me the information that 67-0371 was never serving in SEA.

It is sure that around May 1970 the aircraft wore the crew names and the Arizona Chicken art work. I found two pictures to confirm that fact.

I also checked several hundred pages of the 388TFW from that period, which I received from the USAF archive.

I found a report regarding a battle damage but to my disappointment at that day another crew was assigned that aircraft.

Unfortunately I don't have a FB account so that option is ruled out.

I think that the backseaters name will be a mystery for the future.

Because of that, I think I will use the backseaters name from that above called battle damage incident. If the true name enters the light of knowledge it would be quite easy to change the name on the canopy rail.


Best regards



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Funnily enough tonight I have had a wee squint through the Squadron Signal F-4E Phantom ll Walk Around No. 45 by Larry Davis. Lo and behold page 5 bottom picture (in colour) is "Arizona Chicken" and "Here Come The Judge". Guess what? "Arizona Chicken" is captioned as 68-371. You wonder how I get confused! All that I know is it's somewhere between 66, 67, and 68.




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Dear all,


after a long time, I was able to complete my Arizona Chicken Phantom finally.


Before I resume with some explanations I want thank some people for their much appreciated  help. These people are:


Archangelo D., AFHRA/RSR

Chandler W., USAF, Lt Colonel, Ret.

Richard W.

And especially

Brett S. , National Museum of the U.S. Air Force


The project started about 2005 with some research after I saw a picture of that aircraft in a magazine.

Since then I carried out a lot of research.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find out the GIB’s name. But name name I finally decided to use is appropriate for the time.

Unfortunately Gordon C. Hill crashed shortly after the incident with 371  and is MIA since.


Construction started several years ago and had to be postponed due to issues with the decals.

The basic kit is a F-4E from Hasegawa.

The following aftermarket products have been used:


Master:               Pitot and AOA

XMM:                   Seamless intakes

Aires:                    Nozzles


IsraDecals:          Stencils

Eduard:                AGM-12


Arctic Decals:     Custom made decals

NorthStar:          Wheels


For the camouflage I used Mr. Hobby Aqueous Hobby Color. The camo scheme has been painted without masks. The metal finish has been painted with Alclad II colors.


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Excellent rendition of your "Arizona Chicken" Phantom. Outstanding work on the research

and your perseverance in finally completing the model. Phabulous job on the paint colors

and application, looks very believable for the time-period. Agree with the others, would be

nice if you could post additional photos for our sake and enjoyment... very well done!

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Thanks for the additional photos of the, "Arizona Chicken" F-4 Phantom. It's amazing

what a great job you did with the paint application, once again. Wonderful looking F-4

Phantom from the Vietnam War.


"My goodness, excellent looking model and photos!"


Photos by Wiggi:




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Dear all,


thanks a lot for your compliments!

As promised some more pictures.








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On 5/4/2020 at 2:19 AM, Wiggi said:

Dear all,


thanks a lot for your compliments!

As promised some more pictures.










Thanks for these additional photos. Its amazing what a wonderful job you did on

painting the Phantom. It looks just like it would've in Southeast Asia, your results

are Phabulous... and I'm a huge PHAN!!!

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Dear Sven,


I love your Arizona Chicken. 

For your viewing pleasure, I would like to present to you your pilot, and my grandfather— 

Lt. Col. Roger M. Long, USAF (Retired).

He was, also, the artist who painted the roadrunner on the side. A bird that he called an Arizona Chicken.


He would have been absolutely delighted with your perfect replica! My father and grandmother have enjoyed this thread tremendously.

As a reward for your troubles, my grandmother says that the gentleman that was his WSO/GIB was Lt.Tom Folse. 

Thank you so much. 



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