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Internet Hobbies No response from emails.

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Internet hobbies is a fraudulent business. I ordered (3) models from them on 3/26/21, with a 2-3 day shipping per the information on their website. After a couple of weeks went by with no update on my order, I emailed them for status. They replied that my order was complete and would ship on 4/13/21. I never received the tracking number promised by them when the order left their warehouse, so I emailed them several times with no response. They finally responded on 5/4/21 stating that my order would ship the next day and I would receive a tracking number. Once again, no tracking number or confirmation was received. I emailed them back demanding a full refund, to which they replied "I have forwarded this email to my lawyer". I repeated my demand for a refund via email and the company replied "F%CK OFF". I called my bank and reported the company as a fraud. My bank refunded my money, but I am inclined to warn others about this horrible company.

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Lousy service with a side order of personal attacks/insults is what you will get!    My emails were ignored until I filed a dispute with my CC company, and then things got really colorful!  This "business" is run like a Ponzi scheme.  

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On 8/25/2020 at 10:38 AM, oldthudman5 said:

Well, just got a call from Dale Bruner (owner Internet Hobbies/Model Hobbies)......He of course made it my fault, "I couldn't wait".......Since I contacted the FCC (and they got in touch with him apparently) I am now a "bad guy" and they are refunding my money  (YEA!) , BUT SADLY I will no longer be able to buy from internet hobbies (etc).......boohoo!1f622.svg.........

So I called the FCC (who govern/oversee the internet) and agent told me they had never heard of the 30 limit on credit cards payments......(He seems to think he can therefore keep the money rather than refunding it.......) 

I ad a bad experience with his sister Diane at military model depot ( same group ) I wouldnt order ANYthing rom them. I wouldnt trust them with my info !


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I got burned by them last year. Took many emails and phone messages to finally get my money back after months of waiting for an order that was only partially filled. I don't know how they continue to stay in business.

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