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New Tool A-10 1:48 from Academy

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17 minutes ago, Solo said:

Brengu seized all of that resins from Attack Squadron and now issues it as their own.

No idea what Brengun "seized" from attack Squadron, they bought some of their moulds but certainly not all as confirmed by direct communication with the owner of Brengun Jan Sobotka.

And you come up with the exact same product as 2 people did before you.

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9 hours ago, okthree said:

I’ve wondered the same. It’s hard to tell from the sprue diagram posted above. Attack Squadron made LAU-131 pods but Attack Squadron has stopped producing resin products.  Supposedly the molds were sold to Brengun and they were going to start producing the Attack Squadron products under their line. I have not seen the Brengun items yet, others may know more. 

Maybe Dave Roof can come through with his Flying Leathernecks line. A new LAU-131 pod would be a great addition. 

*I was also beat out responding. 


9 hours ago, okthree said:

Phase Hangar resin does have pods loaded with APKWS.


I've got LAU-68D/A's planned for a January release. The LAU-68D/A and LAU-131 are physically the same launcher, the difference being the -68D/A is thermally protected. The thermal coating is so subtle that in 48th scale, it isn't even going to be noticeable.


The launchers used for APKWS are longer. The USN/USMC pod is the LAU-68F/A (which I have available). Not sure what the USAF designates theirs. 

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