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Meng F-4G Phantom II Wild Weasel, 52 TFW

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This is my first Meng kit and it was an enjoyable build.  It certainly looks like a Phantom.  I have built quite a few Phantoms and I will rate this one high on the scale of true phantomness.  I do have a few nits:  All F-4G's had the belly strap, Meng does not supply it; The ejection seats look like an afterthought, no seat belts and no pilots to cover the lack of seat belts; The G models have the characteristic 3 antennas on the spine and Meng has the spots to place the antennas but only supply 2 of the antennas omitting the middle one.  The wing tips look more like the wings on C, D, B models lacking the small extension for the ECM warts.  The gun gas vent is engraved on the nose (easily remedied with a little putty).  Lack of the stationary intake braces.  On the plus side; the horizontal tails (though they aren't horizontal) are an ingenious design, moveable, and very sturdy.  Parts fit is excellent, and detail is too.  Many parts snap into place and glue is unnecessary in many cases.  It is especially nice that the canopies fit so well that they can be attached without glue and removed later to mount open if desired.  The rear lower fuselage can be done in your favorite bare metal finish and be attached after painting the rest of the plane eliminating the need for masking.  A full complement of weapons (Mavericks, Standard ARM, Sparrows, 2 different ECM pods) dating from the early days of F-4G operations up to the current AGM-88 HARM with full appropriate markings supplied.  


The Speed Hunter Graphics decals were excellent as usual with a bunch of offerings from each of the operational users.  I will be using them again on my Z-M F-4G. 


Here are some photos:




Here is the current effort along with a Hasegawa F-4G I did late last year. 


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There are 4 of them on each side of the fuselage, attaching the external section of the intake (stationary intake) to the fuselage.  Easy to miss but once you know what to look for you can't not miss them.  HTH.


Here is my effort to replicate them:





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3 minutes ago, jmel said:

Wow, great job!  This is the first kit i've seen completed. 


I'm so happy to hear the decals fit the Meng kit.  I designed them for the ZM kit.




thanks for the decals



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Very nice Phantom, I'am working on ZM F-4g, still waiting for decals.

I have also f-4e from Meng in the stash - nice to hear that fit is good.. 

What paints did You use for SEA camo ?, colours looks good for me.


Cheers Mirek

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