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  1. I just use the dollar store stuff, all CA glue is the same to me. The ones I get at the dollar store comes in 4 tiny tubes per package, so I usually use them up before they go bad. I use quite a bit of CA glue since I use it as filler with talcum powder. The key is application, and I use a pin. Just apply a small dab on the tip of the pin, you can apply tiny amounts of CA glue this way. A tiny amount of CA glue goes a long way.
  2. those would be very easy to mold and cast, you can even do a one piece mold. As you're aware, the fins would be tricky because of their thinness and the hole between them.
  3. I think what you're looking for is a semi gloss coat and not a flat coat. If you want a flat coat, just thin the tamiya flat. But ~10:1 ratio of Future:Tamiya Flat will give you a nice semi gloss finishing coat. This is what I use to finish my models. As for spraying future, I've always added 2-3 drops of windex to thin it a bit before spraying. Never had problems with spraying future.
  4. Stand and pilot! I'm sold :D
  5. I use a sprue cutter, but I leave about 1mm of the sprue bit on the piece. When I get the piece off the sprue, I use a hobby knife to trim the excess 1mm sprue bit off, then sand if needed.
  6. priming is not necessary but it's good to spray a coat of light grey to see any imperfections.
  7. I attached a metal tamiya paint stirring stick to a $1 battery powered drink mixer, added a cardboard paint splash guard, works great
  8. J-10

    dust masks

    you can apply a very thin layer dish detergent to your lens to prevent them from fogging
  9. a tank has so many advantages, look in the classified ads, find a cheap shop compressor with a tank who's compressor motor has died. Throw away the dead motor and hook your compressor to the tank...:)
  10. easier to clean, requires less air pressure, and you can work with even 1 drop of paint.
  11. From my understanding, Sparmax is the housebrand of the Taiwan factory that builds compressors for other brands including Iwata compressors. So they should be high quality. I bought the Sparmax TC2000 3 months ago and I have no complaints, it works as it should :), it's quiet but not silent, but it won't wake the kids up. TC2000 doesn't come with an airtank but it was simple enough to connect it to my old Campbell Hausfeld 1.6gal airtank. The TC620 is the same but it comes with a tank.
  12. Are there alternatives to thinning Mr Surfacer? My bottle of Mr Color thinner is almost empty and it's expensive anyways, so I'm looking for cheaper alternatives. Is it safe to thin it with regular hardware store lacquer thinner(this stuff is strong)?
  13. never had problems with my clear coat lifting off, but first trying buffing it with a piece of cloth and see if you can blend the errors to the rest of the gloss coat. If it works you can reapply the gloss coat.
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