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  1. Hi Bar Side, That would be a great idea. I think IRIAF would have a collection of his photos. They use to used them :) I hope we can open a thread of his works.
  2. Its sad that photobucket is preventing his photos from being shared here. The late Mr Shammas has one of the most stunning diorama works.
  3. My entry would be the RMAF Hawk 108. Base model will be the Hobby Boss 1/48 Hawk 100, with some mods made on the countermeasure dispenser from a spare Airfix kit. Decals from VFA production.
  4. Amazing work. Looking forward to your next update.
  5. Any idea what's the smoke squadron internal gear bay colours? White? I assume the landing gears are white.
  6. Kursada, I have received the decal, found green and blue from tamiya and yellow from gunze
  7. Kursada, What's the ETA on the smoke decal?
  8. I m picking up my kit on Friday. Cant wait.
  9. Any recommended Gunze Sangyo colours for the smoke squadron?
  10. Mine will reach me end of the week
  11. Mark! You are still alive and active. Long time no see. I took it from a Taiwanese FB group. I must have overlook the all the photos. The initial photo i saw were WIP photos. I wonder why these were inside the photo folders too. My mistake. Anyway, the Tucanos will reach me next week. As confirm today from the vendor. I overheard some guys reserved 15 pieces! I only reserved 2.
  12. I find it very strange, this kit is suppose to be out in the market by now. I have no news from the pre-order store. Then again my Academy SU-30Mk2 is not even here too.. and its already displayed on some Facebook groups as a completed model.
  13. Alex, Are the FS codes or paint matches to the one used on the SU-30MK2? Cos i m also ordering the Academy sukhoi and it comes with the TNI AU decals. I was thinking the 2 would match on the disply
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