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  1. How is your progress? I m going down the same path as you, I have completed 1/72 Intruder, Prowler, 2 x Seahawks, S-3 Viking. Currently working on an E-2C Hawkeye 2000. All that i mentioned are in "folded" configuration, either scratched build or wolfpack resin
  2. The Hasegawa kit which I have in the stash is a 1988 kit. It has the sundowner boxart and the decals sheet has turned yellow. I ve been bleaching it under the sun for the pass 2 months. Decals seem to be normal now. I m planning to turn the Academy kit to a D model. And will use this old kit as a Top Gun Tomcat once I receive Maverick VF-1 decal sheet.
  3. Thank you for the very detailed field report in the kit. I have decided to put everything back into the box and back on the stash shelf. Will go ahead with the new academy kit instead.
  4. Dude, how is your build coming? I m about to start on mine and it will be a low-vis scheme in 1991 colours. i m planning to merge the foldable wings from the Italeri 1/72 Intruder kit onto the hasegawa fuselage. Fingers crossed 🤞. I just completed the Italeri 1/72 intruder kit. It was quite easy to work with, though there was some fit problems. It was manageable
  5. Hi Bar Side, That would be a great idea. I think IRIAF would have a collection of his photos. They use to used them :) I hope we can open a thread of his works.
  6. Its sad that photobucket is preventing his photos from being shared here. The late Mr Shammas has one of the most stunning diorama works.
  7. My entry would be the RMAF Hawk 108. Base model will be the Hobby Boss 1/48 Hawk 100, with some mods made on the countermeasure dispenser from a spare Airfix kit. Decals from VFA production.
  8. Amazing work. Looking forward to your next update.
  9. I m currently building this kit. I have done pre-shading and still masking the canopy. it s been 2 months, i have yet to complete anything since then. The canopy is a big paint. It between the 2 months, i have completed 2 models. On seeing your work, i am pressing on with my canopy mask ans hope to have something by the end of next month. Good work with the kits.!
  10. He survived 3 wars and see an independent country. 102 is a long long time.
  11. Saw on Facebook this morning, that General died on the 3rd
  12. I spend my time in final years of school, enlistment and right up to leaving the army reading his books. Rainbow Six was the first of his books that i read. I had to go back into Ryan universe time to find out who everybody was. RIP Tom Clancy
  13. I ve always wanted to try this method of putting the diorama on top of his car when taking photos with the aerodrome as the background. I will always remember his amazing work, a benchmark which i ll never reach. Prayers to his family. RIP Fred
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