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  1. Looks like an even depth across the whole tire. Almost like half of a racing slick...do they need extra grip?
  2. I understand that! My dad is on his third MG. First a TD, then an A and currently his '66 B that he's had since 1975. He recently just got done restoring it. My brother bought a '71 B in high school and when it came time to get me a car my dad was adamant that I wasn't getting a project car. Although we came close to getting a BGT. Maybe someday!
  3. Woohoo! Glad to be back. I spent most my time over at RPF, learning about how to do mods and getting inspiration on my Hasbro Millennium Falcon. I almost started building a ding a model while ARC was down, but finding an estate sale full of models cured me of that. Thanks Steve for all your hard work!
  4. RIP. I was fortunate earlier this year to get his autograph on a couple photographs.
  5. One I forgot about; Two Sides of the Moon written by Dave Scott and Alexei Leonov. Same goal chronicling both sides of the US/Soviet race for the moon
  6. Any of the books written by the Apollo guys are good reads. I especially enjoyed Guenter Wendts The Unbroken Chain
  7. I should be able to dig mine up tonight and scan tomorrow if you haven't gotten any help yet David
  8. Pretty amazing the diversity of planes. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around being able to walk right up to the couple of x-planes there that I saw in a quick glance. Thanks for sharing
  9. R2-D2 himself passed away after battling an illness at age 83. RIP sir https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/film/2016/aug/13/kenny-baker-r2-d2-dies-star-wars?client=safari
  10. Thanks for adding another name to my list Pete! It appears Mr. Floyd is still alive at 101!
  11. Thought I'd share this in this thread as it's somewhat relevant, and would get more appreciative views than elsewhere. I posted in the other hobbies thread that I collect autographs. The most recent one I got is from Peter Armitage. He was Senior Flight Test Engineer on the Avro Arrow and one of the guys snatched up by NASA when Avro Canada shuttered. One of the many hats he wore during his NASA career (1959-1986) was program manager for the LLTV to get it back on track. His interview is posted on NASA oral history page if anyone wants to read it. It's pretty amazing!
  12. Pete, I suppose I could've set that up a little better...it did cross my mind as I typed it that it might have been read that way. He looked in great health and was in great spirits.
  13. Fantastic! I've been a member there for 6 years now but have been visiting it for at least 20 years. I first remember going there in Boy Scouts in 1995 when the lobby was being built around the Blackbird. I've had great experiences with Jim and Shannon getting access to collections for research and Chris Orwall before. No matter where I might be living, the Cosmosphere will always have be a special place for me
  14. Last night I was able to attend a very special event at the Kansas Cosmosphere. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Gemini X mission, astronaut Michael Collins made his first trip to the museum. The Cosmosphere has really cracked down on recent events about no autographs and no pictures...which is a whole other story. They did have an event photograph and will have the pictures available on their website to download starting tomorrow, so that's at least something. Everyone filed through a line to meet Michael, who was flanked by both his daughters. All three were very nice and polite,
  15. That one is one I do not have in my collection. I missed seeing him at the Kansas Cosmosphere in April 2010; sadly he passed less than a month after that event.
  16. Congratulations to Bertrand Piccard for flying the final leg and to the whole team involved for their incredible around the world in their solar powered plane!
  17. That was amazing! I wish I still lived in Wichita to be able to drive only 5-10 minutes to have seen that
  18. I've got hundreds of books, but I don't consider it a hobby...it's a given to read as much as I can. The smell of books might be a hobby though. What I think of hobbies for me are scale models, photography, and collecting autographs. It's been a long road to come to terms with it, but within the last six months I've been able to open up about my chronic depression. There are no ifs ands or buts with it...it just sucks. I haven't built anything on a model in 5 years; plenty of ideas but no drive. Same problem with photography; I've got lots of awesome ideas, even building my own camera. Coll
  19. July 17 folks! http://www.b-29doc.com/2016/07/08/first-flight-scheduled-for-b-29-doc/
  20. I knew the boat tail was significantly shorter. Cleaner look to the backside IMO. I guess your photo looks deceptively short to me; that sure looks like more than half an inch for scale 2'! I'm hoping I can get mine out of storage at my parents to give it a go. My modelling has been on the back burner the last 5 years since adulting got in the way. Plus I've never done a conversion before, so felt a bit daunted by the task.
  21. I'd never lined up my resin next to the kit parts before. The SR is 6' longer than the A-12...is it me or does the conversion piece make it too short?
  22. I'll be watching this with interest! I've got one in the stash to do. David
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