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  1. Another super hornet down

    Always sad to read. Thoughts and prayers to those affected by this. .
  2. Aussie Hornet purchase

    Sadly, like virtually every Canadian military procurement stretching back decades, it is a political issue. Thus its difficult and almost impossible to separate the F-35 from politics. The PM made it a particularly heated political issue when he ran in the last election with the actual promise to not buy the F-35. Period. Rather then leave himself an out by promising to review the F-35 he flat out said he'd not buy it. Not a very strategic move by him. Couple that with his (and his fellow Liberal Party members) continual slamming of the F-35 and what options did he leave himself and the Canadian tax payers once the SH deal went sour? He painted himself in a corner with very little recourse. Keep in mind that while he and his Party members were criticizing the F-35 other nations were selecting it, buying it, and training on it. As far as the Aussie Hornets go good on Australia for ditching them on Canada. They are the clear winners in this deal in my opinion. The Canadian tax payers are the losers. Sort of. I really feel bad for RCAF personnel who deserve better. Oh well, by 2025 the RCAF can buy secondhand F-35's...maybe. Regards. P. S. Despite not liking the leader of Canada at the moment I still enjoy traveling and buying things in Canada.
  3. USS Lexington found in Coral Sea

    Flight 19...
  4. Pre-shading

    It's a tool to keep in the modelers toolbox in my opinion. Like a lot of tools I have hanging in my garage it may only get used once every so often but I am glad that I have it when I need it. Whatever works for the individual modeler . Happy modeling all. Regards.
  5. Hello all, Are there any good reference books or websites for the French AMX 13/ series of tanks? I just picked up a Takom AMX 13/75 and I am looking for references but coming up short. Thanks! Regards
  6. USS Lexington found in Coral Sea

    Looking at the pictures for the umpteenth time I think it would be neat to build a diorama of the Wildcat as she looks now sitting on the bottom of the sea. I have a 1/72 one in the stash that may fit the bill. Such a great find and treasure trove of information to be gleaned from studying the pictures. I truly hope more photos will be released. Good walkarounds (...floatarounds?) of the aircraft would be awesome considering their excellent state of preservation.
  7. F-35 news roundup

    I love reading the comments in articles like the one in 11Bee's post. They are highly entertaining. https://www.sevendaysvt.com/OffMessage/archives/2018/03/06/burlington-voters-approve-anti-f-35-ballot-initiative "If you should ever wonder why the streets are always in such bad shape, or the schools are in constant need of repair and property taxes keep going up and up, if why the wealthy few always have enough but more and more people fall into poverty, or the lake is STILL dying or why we still don't have universal healthcare, just look up and watch as an F-16 flies overhead, and when the F-35's start that will be even more of an answer. Military spending is hollowing out the country as is the ridiculous amount spent on the Police/Surveillance State and the billions wasted on contractors cashing in on the Corporate Gold Rush ever since 9/11....[etc etc etc]".
  8. Duke Cunningham has a website

    Yeah, the real ShowTime 100...this one if I am not mistaken... ... is at the bottom of the ocean sadly. It's this one ^^^ that I want to do. Regards.
  9. Duke Cunningham has a website

    Kind of related, but who makes the most accurate markings for ShowTime 100 in 1/48? All this talk about Cunningham (and Driscoll by association) has me thinking about dusting off my 1/48 Hasegawa F-4J kit. Regards
  10. Duke Cunningham has a website

    I ordered the colored autographed photo of Cunningham and Driscoll sitting in the cockpit of the F-4 with all the kill markings. I have a similar sized print of ShowTime 100 signed by Driscoll. I figure I will have the two photos framed together along with the VF-96 squadron patch I have and perhaps a few other Vietnam related USN F-4 patches I have collected over the years (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club...Yankee Air Pirate). It will look cool with my other autographed memorabilia. Thanks for the link again! Regards
  11. USS Lexington found in Coral Sea

    Haunting images. Glad she's been found.
  12. Nice ! I quite like the RCAF Spook. Thanks for sharing. Regards.