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  1. Sorry...I have another question if it's o.k...how do you ensure that all of the main landing gear will make even contact with the ground? If I get the wing set in a relaxed on the ground flex angle, how will I know if all the main wheels will touch the ground? Or will I have to trim and shim those as necessary as well? Again, many thanks! Regards, Don.
  2. Wow yours is looking very good! You seem to have gotten a good seam line and join on yours and a good relaxed/on the ground wing angle. Well done! I may punt on this one and do an in flight model (but still not fully decided until I sit down to really study my options... including your shim suggestion). I have two more 1/144 747-400's in the stash (Iron Maiden's Ed Force One and a United Airlines with the wrong engines...Rolls Royce...that I will need to get aftermarket decals for). So if I do my British Airways -400 in flight I can apply what I have learned for the other two. Honestly, such an iconic aircraft like the 747 deserves a better kit. This -400 is really challenging! I understand Revell's 747-8 is a new tool and much better? If so I will be grabbing one or more of those as the 747 is my favorite airliner. Thanks for the info! I really do appreciate it. Regards, Don.
  3. F-35 news roundup

    These SAM's? https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/defense/2017-09-15/turkey-defies-nato-and-buys-russian-s-400-sams Video here with irritating computer voice but interesting nonetheless (1:54 quote was eye opening):
  4. Hello all, So, I have the fuselage assembled on my Revell 1/144 British Airways Boeing 747-400. It went together without any major fuss. Just some minor sanding to smooth things out. The wings were not as easy going. Absolutely terrible seam running right down the leading edge from wing root to wing tip. It was almost like the upper and lower wings were different sizes. Anyways, this needed repeated filling and sanding but we endured it and ended up with a pretty decent looking leading edge. But now I need to attach the wings to fuselage and I am stymied! The connection is loose with little positive contact between wing and fuselage and unless you want your wings in flying attitude (i.e. up-lift) there is a massive gap where the upper wing meets the fuselage. So for those who have built this kit how did you get a good solid attachment for the wing-to-fuselage AND get the wing to sit in the normal relaxed or on the ground angle without 2 to 3mm gaps? Any help, thoughts, opinions, advice GREATLY appreciated! Regards, Don
  5. 1/32 Revell (Matchbox) DH 82a

    Now that's nice ! Elegant aircraft for a simpler time. You did a great job on her! This kit has been on my want list for a while but I just haven't pulled the trigger on one yet. Well done! Don
  6. Kinetic Su-33 on-line manual

    A-10 gets my vote as well .
  7. Horrifying Landing!

    I know this is an older thread, but I came across this A380 landing that looks quite similar to the one the OP posted. Unfortunately the camera view is from the rear and not the not front, but you get the idea:
  8. ^^^ And I thought the Boy Scouts got a tad carried away... Yikes!
  9. F-35 news roundup

    Interesting article. If...and its obviously a BIG "if" right now...India does opt for and get approval for the F-35 and drop its ties with the Russian T-50 it could bring about a significant order increase for the F-35. As the article mentions, the Indian Air Force would want them and the Indian Navy would also want them for both its ski jump equipped carriers and catapult carriers. That would be a huge boon to LM! One wonders where this would leave Pakistan? I thought there were rumors of Pakistan actively seeking the F-35 but the U.S was reluctant to sell to them over concerns with their relationship with China? If India does jump into the F-35 program would Pakistan push for it as well or would they do something like approach Russia for the T-50 or continue pressing China for the FC-31/J-31? Interesting times. Regards, Don.
  10. Best Airbrush Ready Paint

    Good info Joel . I use Tamiya for most of my models and I am going to try your yellow cap thinner idea.
  11. Airfix Mustang

    I can see where Ken is coming from. I just think the angle Airfix chose for the Mustang wasn't the greatest. This brought about that needless tiny piece of starboard rocket tube protruding right where the spinner, prop and upper cowl all meet. Add the spinner and prop blur and it messes with your senses (well...messes with my senses at least LOL). But hey, kudos to Airfx for stepping up their box art the last few years. I have really enjoyed the new red box look and the new kits that have been inside. Remember these oldies: Not my favorite era for Airfix box art wise. But like DonSS3 points out, its what's in the box that really counts. Airfix has been hitting some homeruns with me lately so I am really excited for this kit. Regards, Don
  12. F-35 news roundup

    Indeed time will tell but right now the signs point to the Qu├ębec and Canadian tax payers on the hook for the $6 billion debt (plus interest) Bombardier has incurred in all this. That's a lot of money! Somebody has to pay it and Airbus not Bombardier now owns the lions share of the aircraft, including sales and Airbus isn't paying that huge figure back that Bombardier incurred. I guess its just me but that sounds like a big lose for the tax payer. Don't forget Bombardier's other venture in rail is yet another money suck for the tax payer too (so, money comes in...money goes out). What happens production and job wise down the road? Anyone's guess. But there's no doubt the U.S. has gained jobs in the Airbus C-Series that it didn't have last week and stands in a better position to gain more thanks to cheaper work force costs and no unions rather then lose in that department as time goes on. Besides we all know a company (Airbus) can say whatever they want to look like the good guys to get the deal done but over time do the complete opposite. Airbus is looking out for Airbus no different then any other company. A year or two from now they may find it more profitable to relocate the Airbus C-Series elsewhere. Again, who knows?
  13. Airfix Mustang

    I think it looks fine to me. Although had they not banked the aircraft so steeply to port it would have improved the overall look. That little bit of the starboard rocket tube sticking out by the propeller/spinner throws things off a bit and could have been avoided with a slightly less banked attitude. They also could have left out the black flak cloud behind and under the port wing and lower fuselage. But hey, I am looking forward to this kit and the second markings option . Regards, Don.
  14. F-35 news roundup

    No doubt Airbus is the real winner in this fiasco. The C-Series is theirs to do with as they please and they gave up nothing to get it. Heck they may take it, alter it slightly (...or not at all) and call it/rename it an "Airbus [ENTER # HERE]" thus dropping the Bombardier name altogether. Use the more recognized Airbus name to help sell the aircraft. Boeing will survive just fine regardless and as "Dmanton300" postulated this may light a fire under them to design an entirely new aircraft to replace their 737 line that will eventually make the Airbus C-Series aircraft yesterdays news. Who knows? But the losers in this are the Canadian tax payers and perhaps even portions of the Canadian workforce as jobs will no doubt be gained in the U.S. and lost to some extent in Canada. Regards, Don
  15. Our Name

    <<<<<<On it . Regards, Don P.S. I like the idea too.