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    Modeling interests are WWII to early 1980's aircraft, Vietnam era helicopters and NATO helicopters, WWII to present armor, WWII to present ships...occasional car model.
    Sports interests are baseball, hockey, and auto racing.

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  1. Related, HMS Queen Elizabeth is operating on the Canadian/U.S side of the pond. Those living close to U.S Naval bases can keep an eye out for her as she's left CFB Halifax. Happy modeling!
  2. Many cite the burning towers or the towers collapsing as images that they'll never forget from 9/11. Shocking images indeed. But I'll never forget the haunting images of the ruined and vacant first responders vehicles that were shown throughout the day: You just knew that the crews who left those vehicles to rush in and help folks were most likely not coming back. It sounds strange, but the vehicles themselves seem to look sad. . Don
  3. Not sure if this is an aircraft only GB, but perhaps if you opened it up to all subject areas you might get the last few votes. For example, a car builder has many options open to them to compare kits: -Monogram/Revell Porsche 911 vs. Tamiya Porsche 911 vs. Fujimi/Italeri Porsche 911. -Revell Ford GT (see signature) vs. Tamiya Ford GT vs. Revell's Snap Ford GT. There are MANY other direct car comparisons in the same scale from different manufacturers. Sci-Fi: -Revell XWing vs. Band Ai XWing vs. Finemolds vs... -Revell Millennium Falcon vs. Band Ai Millennium Falcon vs. Finemolds vs... There are many other examples. Armor: -Italeri Sherman vs. Tamiya Sherman vs. Monogram Sherman. -Old Tamiya Tiger (either I or II) vs. New Tamiya Tiger (either I or II) vs. Zvezda vs. Revell vs... -New Revell Leopard I vs. Old Tamiya Leopard I. There are many other examples. Ships I am sure could be compared, especially if different scales are used. Anyways, just throwing out ideas if it helps you guys out. But if you want to keep it aircraft only that's totally cool. Good luck and happy modeling!
  4. GW8345 has more experience then pretty much anyone on this thread when it comes to the real Tomcat. If he says something is off then I'm going to lean towards his real life expertise. Honestly answering...
  5. Thank you. The above ^^^ post from someone with years of experience turning wrenches on the real F-14. Happy modeling!
  6. Please continue to share your thoughts and opinions with us. Personally I very much appreciate hearing what folks who have actual hands on experience with the real aircraft have to say. Odds are good if folks like you see something missing or off...then it probably is. Thanks for sharing and happy modeling!
  7. Yep I knew that. Its called The Queens Head and it looks better then some land based Pubs too! Now I'll take those five full 1:1 beers in the pic above to go with my 1/350 Queen Elizabeth
  8. Interesting short documentary on HMS Queen Elizabeth: My Lusty is lonely Airfix (or whomever)...it wants a 1/350 Lizzy for company. Get on it .
  9. LOL! Could be worse... Sad thing is, I remember when Pong came out! I thought it was magic.
  10. Its the strangest thing...whenever I read the comments lately I'm reminded of a tennis match... ...back and forth...back and forth...back and forth........................................
  11. There's a Federal election in Canada in October. This could potentially be huge for Canada's future fighter selection based on who wins... or...nothing will change at all even if there is a change in power. Feet dragging for military procurement crosses party lines in Canada. Time will tell but I see this drama playing out for a few more years.
  12. I'd take a signed copy of this box art from Mr. Tamiya... ...my Son would love it framed on his wall (its his favorite car...hence my current build). Never happen though.... That or anything from Shigeo Koike! The master (in my opinion of course) of box art.
  13. Personally I love box art. Oh and yes, box art has influenced my purchasing or not purchasing a model kit. To each their own as the saying goes. Happy modeling!
  14. Like Bill wrote above, it reminds me of "Pearl Harbor" without Ben Affleck (but at least it had Kate Beckinsale...). Very Star Wars like too... I'll wait and see but I'm not particularly fond of what I saw in that trailer. Don
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