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  1. Yep that's a great site ^^^ for German KV-1's and KV-2's. I like this one for Western Front captured Sherman's: https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/27-images-captured-sherman-tanks-german-hands.html Interesting topic. A whole group build could be done where the theme is captured materials being used against their original owners.
  2. ^^^Agreed. Beutepanzers have always interested me, especially for modeling subjects. I have a 1/35 Trumpeter KV-1 that is earmarked for these German markings: An eye popping overall white with black balkenkreuz and black stripe around the turret. Sherman's, Matilda's, Churchill's, French tanks, Czech tanks...so many trophy tanks in German hands. Add to that German tanks pressed into Allied service and a modeler has a lot of subjects to choose from. Another oddity on my "to do list" someday is the Japanese Tiger I tank bought by Japan, along with technical plans, but never delivered: Someday... Happy modeling!
  3. Kind of related, when the Canadian army was deployed to Afghanistan in 2001 it did so without any heavy armor, namely its Leopard C2 tanks. The Leopards were deemed irrelevant and obsolete on the modern battlefield by top brass in the Canadian army and were slowly being mothballed, sold, turned into memorials, sent to museums etc. However, by late 2005 early 2006 Canadian army commanders in theatre began asking for heavy armor to support the infantry on sweeps/patrols and guard bases. Luckily, there was a sufficient number of C2's and trained crews still in service that could be sent and upgraded: À They had an immediate positive impact on the ground. So great were they received that the Canadian government sought to procure any available newer model Leopards. They ended up leasing/buying Leopard 2A6M's from Germany (surplus tanks): Again, well received by crews and those on the ground. As of June 2019 the Canadian army is looking to upgrade its current Leopards and possibly move into the Leopard 2A7/8 in the distant future and maintain them into 2050ish. Relevance...I only mention this because had the Canadian army not had even that small cadre of Leopards and crews back in 2005/2006, obviously there would have been nothing to send the infantry back then, but odds are they wouldn't have any heavy armor at all right now. As others have pointed out, once you lose something its hard to get it back. Nice discussion all. Happy modeling! EDIT: no idea why my last paragraph suddenly turned blue and underlined itself. Oh well...
  4. Cool! I'm off to check that site out now. Always good to have more resources. Thanks!
  5. Oh I wish there were some! There may be first hand accounts of T-54/55 crews as well as T-62, T-64, T-72, T-80 but nothing in the English language that I've found. There are many excellent design/tech references out there on these types, but nothing memoir like. I do recommend this book written by a fellow modeler if you ever choose to learn more about the T-55 (there is a companion book for the T-54 also recommended): Great book, not overly technical, great photos. You will walk away knowing a great deal about the most produced tank type in history (90,000-100,000 produced and still used). Sorry I couldn't be more help. Happy reading and modeling!
  6. I know armor isn't huge around here, but I jut finished this book: I thought it was a good read and a nice companion book to Tigers in the mud and others from the German perspective. Happy modeling all!
  7. So I've been working on a 1/35 T-34/85 and watching documentaries on the type while at the bench. I came cross this YouTube video and was fascinated! I've read so much on the Normandy campaign and yet never heard of this before. Oh it was well known that German units used captured Soviet tanks on the eastern front (and vice versa), and captured western allied tanks in the west (and vice versa in the Panther Cuckoo). But I had never heard of captured T-34's being used in Normandy. Interesting to say the least! Enjoy and happy modeling!
  8. Heck I had no idea that sea planes were still being used for military service! Brilliant! I may have to break out my ancient Hasegawa 1/72 PS-1 now.
  9. New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees and his wife donated $5 million to the State of Louisiana to help those in need: https://www.today.com/news/drew-brees-talks-decision-donate-5-million-help-louisiana-t176971 Not sure if other sports stars or celebrities have stepped up like this, but Drew Brees and family just threw down the gauntlet for others in professional sport or Hollywood to follow. Brees just earned himself a new fan. Happy modeling all! EDIT: the link.
  10. I liked reading this! Its easy to be critical, angry, and upset during times like this. But its important to remember that there are a lot of people from all walks of life pitching in and helping out as best they can. I think the feel good stories are important to highlight. Too much doom and gloom isn't healthy in my opinion. Keep them coming folks!
  11. Well done ! Nice technique using the streaks of light grey. I think I'll give that a go on my Russian boomer when the time comes. Thanks for sharing. Happy modeling!
  12. The NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins, Giant Eagle Grocery Stores, and a local Pittsburgh landmark restaurant chain called Primanti-Bros have teamed up to help displaced employees find temporary work in the grocery stores until this all gets sorted out: https://www.nhl.com/penguins/news/giant-eagle-penguins-and-primanti-bros-partner-to-support-workers/c-316235372 I live in the country about 45-50 minutes from the 'Burgh' so these are local businesses here. Not big companies compared to some, but at least they are doing what they can to help those in need of work. As an aside, if you haven't had a Primanti-Bros "Pittsburgher" sandwich and a draft Yuengling then do so if you ever visit Pittsburgh. The original location in the strip district is recommended.
  13. Thanks Habu2 for the info . I may actually model your car, or at least a similar version without the firebird logo on the hood. It would look good beside the Bandits ride. Happy modeling!
  14. ^^^sweet ! I may have to break out my MPC Firebird kit now. Keep smiling folks.
  15. If you have enough TP you'll be fine Steve.... Sorry, couldn't resist. Try and smile and find a laugh every now and again people. Too much doom and gloom isn't healthy either. Happy modeling!
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