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    Modeling interests are WWII to early 1980's aircraft, Vietnam era helicopters and NATO helicopters, WWII to present armor, WWII to present ships...occasional car model.
    Sports interests are baseball, hockey, and auto racing.

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  1. Don

    1/48 B-17 series from Hk

    I am no expert whatsoever, but it looks like Monogram is pretty close to the real thing based on the pic above ^^^ and this pic below: Which makes that HK outer engine look quite a ways off.
  2. British F-35's operating off HMS Queen Elizabeth off the coast of Florida: Looking good ! Happy modeling all!
  3. Not SEA nor USAF but I've always thought this pic also helped illustrate the effectiveness camouflage can have in breaking up an aircrafts silhouette: And for something a little older: Good stuff folks. Happy modeling all!
  4. I find that Blue Steel missile slung underneath the Vulcan just ruins the whole look of the aircraft. If Airfix does release a Blue Steel only version 1st then I'll pass on that release. I can do up my old Airfix in that configuration if I choose. It would be nice if the 1st release had the option to do either the Blue Steel or conventional bomber version and then on the anniversary of the Falklands war do a boxing with all the bits and bobs to do a Black Buck 1 or later Black Buck Vulcan. If they do that I'll get both boxings. Still excited for this release though! Such a futuristic looking machine even to this day. Happy modeling all! As an aside, it would be nice if Airfix re-released their Victor on the anniversary with markings for one of the Victor tankers that took part in Black Buck ops. For anyone interested, this is a great documentary on Black Buck 1:
  5. One year till release eh... ...heck I may build my other Airfix Vulcan in the meantime. I know I won't build it once I get the new kit. I need decals though as mine came without any. When it is released we should do a V bombers group build or a bombers of the 50's, 60's, and 70's group build. Happy modeling all!
  6. KC-135's and other refueling tankers were kept away from the combat area, orbiting out of the range of enemy fighters or at least in areas where any enemy aircraft could be intercepted before they reached the unarmed tankers areas of operation. So there was no reason to camouflage them. BUFF's originally kept their aluminum over anti-flash white scheme. But this proved to be pretty visible. Initially the white was removed and replaced with black (on 'F's') so they were harder to see from below, especially at night. The B-52D, which was the most numerous variant of the B-52 used in Vietnam was given the complete underside black (for night ops) under the SEA greens and brown for daytime ops. As you can see the SEA camouflage was still effective on the 52's when viewed from above. Happy modeling!
  7. SOLD ! Now this is cool. A full bomb bay...finally! Cockpit detail looks really nice but unless you do not permanently attach the canopy most of that detail won't be seen. Boxed in wheel wells. Intakes look much better then the original but I still shuddered looking at them. In all a great choice by Airfix and by no means a waste of resources for those who build 1/72 or Vulcan fans. Happy modeling!
  8. I always found photos like this interesting: You can see how easy the ADC grey F-4's standout compared to the SEA camouflaged Phantom. Happy modeling all!
  9. Why wouldn't Airfix tool up a new 1/72 Vulcan? Big bombers have been popular this year with the new 1/72 BUFF kits. Hey, a new 1/48 Vulcan is great for 1/48 fans and builders but not so for 1/72 fans and builders right? A new tool Vulcan in 1/72 would be welcome news. I've built the MPC version of the Airfix Vulcan and the intakes nearly drove me bonkers. I spent at least a week filling and sanding those bloody things! The rest of the kit went together fairly well but oh those intakes. No bomb bay, lackluster landing gear, less then stellar wheels, zero detail in the wells, terrible burner cans, lacking cockpit details (but to be fair you can't see anything in the cockpit when its all buttoned up), no Black Buck options, lousy decals, raised/wall-like panel lines...ummm yeah, I'd take a new tool 1/72 Vulcan! But I'll keep my second old Airfix Vulcan that I have in the stash for nostalgic reasons. If it happens then great! If not...oh well...life goes on... and I have a few kits in the stash to keep me busy anyways. I could always build the old Airfix Vulcan in my stash.......... Happy Modeling all!
  10. Nice books. I have a soft spot for StuG's. I may need to check those out. Based on your username I suspect you're a fellow Tiger fan? Or just the Hunting Tiger? I love the entire Tiger line (as my avatar hints at). My preference is the Royal/King Tiger but oddly enough I've built more Tiger I variants then Tiger II's. Anyways, I think I mentioned this book in this thread a long time ago but its a great book for Tiger I fans (lots of photos): For more reading and less pictures this is an outstanding read: I have his Tiger 217 as a planned built for a later date. I'd also like to do his Jagdtiger 201 when he was commander of Schwere Panzerjäger-Abteilung 512. Anyways, thanks for the book recommendations. Happy modeling all!
  11. Couldn't agree more on the models. I've built some of the older F1 kits out there but they are hard to find, quite expensive, and not up to todays standard. I'd love some new kits. My son collects 1/43 scale diecast F1 cars and they are really difficult to obtain (here in North America at least) and can be very pricey. I loved the sound of those 80's and 90's F1 cars! Like you wrote, no electronics (no paddle shifters... oh the horror LOL) it was man taming machine or machine biting man. Good stuff fellas. Happy modeling and have a great weekend all!
  12. Whoa how did I miss this thread for the last five years?? Honestly! Thanks to habu2 for sending me the link via PM. Awesome photos and a true trip down memory lane. This is gold stuff. As a fan of F1 it never ceases to amaze me just how small those 80's cars were compared to todays. The colors and paint schemes back then were pretty eye catching too (love the Marlboro and black/gold John Players Special cars). And I completely forgot about the Skoal Bandit car in F1 (I always think of NASCAR and Harry Gant when I think of Skoal). Speaking of F1 cars, not sure if anyone here has seen them yet or even follows F1, but this is what the 2021 F1 cars are supposed to look like: Compare that ^^^ with habu2's photos above. Wow! Oh... and as a fan... Congrats on SIX CHAMPIONSHIPS for Lewis Hamilton!!! Good stuff thanks habu2! Happy modeling all!
  13. Thanks Mstor! Worked like a charm. I was going bankers trying to figure out the issue. Happy modeling!
  14. I think after reading what some of you guys have posted I may catch an afternoon showing with my Son. He loves watching old war movies with me so I think he would probably enjoy it. Good stuff fellas . Happy modeling!
  15. Awesome info thank you! Looks like I'll be paying a visit to NAPA or Advanced later today. Happy modeling!
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