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    Modeling interests are WWII to early 1980's aircraft, Vietnam era helicopters and NATO helicopters, WWII to present armor, WWII to present ships...occasional car model.
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  1. Ah but the Afghan uniforms have zippers...
  2. Lest we forget indeed...
  3. Some reader comments from the link TT posted above regarding the F-35 that made me shake my head (keep in mind these are less then 48hrs old from todays date): "The F-35A is still deep in development, with initial operational test & evaluation still far in the future, and then comes a Milestone C production decision after a determination regarding the system's capability to do what its backers claim that it does. So Canada is exactly correct to shy away from buying expensive useless F-35 prototypes which even now require over 200 high priority modifications" Another "...airplanes like the F-35 will have to be supported and escorted by specialized electronic warfare aircraft like the Super Hornet-based EA-18G Growler. Also Boeing has been messing around with a new F-18 model which is cheaper and has even further range the the F-35 or Current F-18's. ..... Next thing your gonna tell us is that the F-35 can replace the A-10. Because Lockeed really said that and people laughed their fool off." Last one (but sadly there are many others...): "we get it, you get a chubby when someone mentions the F-35. Has it gone into full production yet or are they still modifying it. Of all of the modifications that are being made, how many actually meet Canadian requirements or do we have to wait for them to figure those out? Now let's talk price, have they given a firm price for each aircraft or are they continuing to jack the price up to the point that Canada will be able the by 5 maybe 10 with the money that was set aside for the purchase that was first considered? So, let's see, if or when they go into full production and they finally get around to building aircraft for Canada, we should get them when, 2040-2050, at which time they will be obsolete. Good choice, and by the way, it isn't built for Canada's north either." Good little water carriers for the Defense Minister and his boss aren't they...
  4. Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends. .
  5. I'm a pretty big SW fan so I'm looking forward to it. I have liked what's been done so far. TFA got my then 7 year old Son into SW and Rogue One was a nice change of pace from the usual SW movies. Rebels is a great animated series and there's been rumors of a Rogue One tie-in with Rebels at some point. New model kits have been/will be released, the Vader comic series was great...I'd say the franchise is pretty healthy. Its a great time to be a SW fan! Cheers!
  6. Mach loop video was cool!
  7. Thanks Steve I will do the Google search you suggested for sure! I am still working on my T-90 (among many other armor subjects...LOL) so there's never too much info. Much appreciated. Welcome to ARC too btw. Regards, Don.
  8. I've resigned myself a long while ago to expect nothing good to come from Ottawa Defense wise in the near future. It keeps the blood pressure low and irritation levels manageable. Besides as "Phantom" pointed out above, facts are facts and track records speak for themselves. So...Canada will operate the SH that nobody in uniform even wants (*sigh*) and Canadian's will lose out on F35 jobs/business (double *sigh*). Lose-lose situation. But hey sunny days surround us right...
  9. Which is exactly what many people said they would do if the Canadian Government continued to drag its feet and/or selected something else. Nothing surprising and nothing petty. Its business.
  10. I visit Cleveland once a year for a baseball weekend (Indians vs. Jays) and oddly enough I can't help with the hobby shops...strange now that I think about it. But there are two F-4 Phantoms painted up in Blue Angels and Thunderbirds schemes on poles at the downtown airport: You can get right up to them and look underneath and all around. While you are there walk 3 minutes to visit this: Yeah its a Submarine and not an aircraft but it is really well preserved with working engines and unrestored access (in other words you need to enter and exit just as the sailors had to). It may not be open at this time of year though...but worth a looksee. Keep walking another five minutes in the same direction and you will bump into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. If you're a hockey fan the arena where the Cleveland Barons played is still standing not far from the Hall of Fame. If you like beer go to The Great Lakes Brewing Company! Take a cab...lots of good craft beer on draft. I also recommend this spot for a good selection of beer, wings and other good bar foods and good prices: Its downtown close to where the Indians and Cavaliers play. HTH some Cheers!
  11. Is that black and silver section on those DUKE's a spring that allows them to bend without snapping off if the tank is moving through areas that have overhanging obstacles like tree branches or low hanging wires and such? Thanks and regards.
  12. Thoughts and prayers to his family and close friends. . Don
  13. Another "full" vote here. Looks like Tamiya will get even more of my money for more F-14's...LOL!
  14. Hello all, I am doing up a bunch of World War II Panthers, Tigers, Sherman's, Pershings, and Soviet T-34's in 15mm for wargaming. Does anyone know of readily available German and Allied markings in this scale? Thanks and regards, Don
  15. Tamiya Extra Thin here for the majority of assembly steps. But I do admit to using the good old fashioned Testors Tube Glue (orange tube) for certain assemblies (*SHOCK...HORROR*... LOL!). Regards.