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    Modeling interests are WWII to early 1980's aircraft, Vietnam era helicopters and NATO helicopters, WWII to present armor, WWII to present ships...occasional car model.
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  1. Unusual B-58 paint scheme

    Related, I picked up a cheap copy of this book a few months back: An interesting and thought provoking read that takes a different spin on why the Hustler had such a short career. If you are interested and can find a cheap copy (Library perhaps...remember those places LOL!) I recommend it. Regards, Don
  2. Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone has used/installed the Aires 1/48 F-101A/C cockpit set in the Kitty Hawk F-101A/C Voodoo kit? I can't seem to find any builds online where the builder used one and I was wondering if it was a pain to shoehorn in or if it was a relatively easy process. Thanks and regards, Don
  3. Dragon Star Wars models.

    It is strange when you really think of it. There was a ton of hype and excitement over these when they were first announced and when images and such began to appear and then...nothing (reminiscent of a certain 1/48 F-14D Tomcat kit ...LOL!). I wonder if the price was deemed to be too high to be feasible? Who knows but its certainly odd. But...you never know....
  4. Hi Daj and welcome to ARC and welcome back to the hobby! I don't have the Academy kit myself but here is a site that is quite good for color shots of the actual Enola Gay, including great interior shots: https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/boeing-b-29-superfortress-enola-gay You can use the photos in the link above to help with choosing colors. There really is no "one size fits all" for interior colors of U.S. aircraft. Interior green itself could differ from aircraft to aircraft and even within the same aircraft you could have a slightly different green in the cockpit from the green in the tail gunners or waist gunners area. Tamiya doesn't make an "interior green" but you could start with XF-4 and darken it to your liking...and then use the straight unaltered XF-4 to add highlights later. There was also an emerald type green/bronze green shown in the photos (perhaps Tamiya XF-5 would be a good start either straight up or lighten or darken to your liking). For the wood areas XF-68 NATO Brown might be a good start and you can lighten or darken to your liking here as well or choose a wood color that you like better from Tamiya's line For the aluminum interior color just choose whichever paint type/color you like (Tamiya XF-16?). For the blacks Tamiya XF-1 and an XF-69 NATO black for a touch of shade variation here and there. It doesn't hurt to pick up a few generic Tamiya colors like yellow, red, blue, white, tan (I prefer flat colors myself) to add color to switches, knobs, buttons, instruments etc. But don't get overly bogged down or stressed about the interior colors. You won't see a whole lot when the fuselage gets all buttoned up in 1/72 anyway. The biggest thing is have fun and enjoy! Hope this was of some help. Good luck and ENJOY! Regards, Don.
  5. 1/48 Tamiya F-14A TARPS

    Love that finish! Great markings choice too. Looks the business. Well done! Regards, Don
  6. 1/48 Tamiya Preproduction F-14

    Looks great Darren! Your add on/up date/back date sets are making the Tamiya kit the one stop shop for anyone's Tomcat desires. Well done! Regards, Don.
  7. Unusual B-58 paint scheme

    Yes there was by Fox One Decals: To my knowledge no photograph has ever been found of an actual Hustler in SEA Camouflage. It's been one of those "holy grail" type things for B-58 fans and modelers to find one. It's more likely that plans were drawn up to paint the Hustler in SEA Camo in case it was deemed necessary to deploy the AC to action over Vietnam: Since it was never sent to SEA odds are no B-58 was ever actually painted in said camouflage. However... how cool does the Hustler look in that camo!!!! Regards, Don p.s. if someone does have a picture of an actual B-58 in SEA camo please post it!
  8. Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18A+/B/CF-188 kit?

    Many thanks Laurent! Regards, Don
  9. Kinetic 1/48 F/A-18A+/B/CF-188 kit?

    Any news on when the Canadian 150 scheme from Kinetic will be shipping? Thanks!
  10. Photobucket

    This is my biggest issue too. There are TONS of absolutely phenomenal build, how-to, research, and review articles that are now completely ruined because the photo links are lost ("a picture says a 1000 words" so the saying goes). Some of these articles are/were quite old and some from sadly deceased members of the modeling community. We modelers have lost a tremendous amount of research and expertise. Sad really.
  11. Revell 400 something Arizona WIP

    Wow! Awesome looking Arizona Mark. Thanks for posting the links. My Son bought me this same kit for Fathers Day and I have been dry fitting stuff on it. Boy the lower hull sections look like they will be a bear to get together. I notice in the pictures that it looked like you held them together in a vice? Great work again! Regards, Don.
  12. Photobucket

    So many great articles, threads, and great builds no longer have their pictures attached. Its quite staggering the number when you go looking. Completely ruins the whole effort by the author/builder. Irritating to say the least and a bit sad when you consider the permanent loss of these great (...once great) resources.
  13. F-14 - Why is it so popular?

    Oh wait...wrong movie...wrong aircraft... I'll show myself out...
  14. Ship Paint Sets?

    Wow that's exactly what I need for my HMCS Huron! Many thanks! Cheers! Don. EDIT: I have no idea why this is in bold lettering... sorry...
  15. F-14 - Why is it so popular?

    It's not my favorite aircraft but I always liked the name "Tomcat"...just sounded cool. That and something about the patch logo and "Anytime Baby" slogan always drew me in. And hey...Zero drivers and Mig-28 jocks everywhere fear the Tomcat ! LOL! Cheers!