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    In my defense, I was left unsupervised...

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    Modeling interests are WWII to early 1980's aircraft, Vietnam era helicopters and NATO helicopters, WWII to present armor, WWII to present ships...occasional car model.
    Sports interests are baseball, hockey, and auto racing.

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  1. Don

    How's this for a package arrival?

    Crazy stuff worthy of being fired IMHO! What's scary is the stuff NOT caught on camera! P.S. turn off your sound as the music is a bit irritating...to me at least.
  2. Don

    How's this for a package arrival?

    I believe I found which mail hub your package was routed through...
  3. Don

    F-35 news roundup

    The Black Knights logo in full color... ... would look killer on the F-35!
  4. Don

    Royal Guard TIE Interceptor

    Very cool! The Ace Tie Interceptor is one of my go-to's in the X-Wing tabletop game... Great build! Well done! Regards, Don
  5. A good idea to use silver as a backing followed by coats of the clear blue and red Phantom. I think I'll experiment today on some clear plastic using silver as a backing, white as a backing, and bright blue and red painted on the back. I'm kind of surprised they don't come pre-tinted in blue and red like car kits that have pre-tinted red tail lights and yellow turn indicators. Regards, Don
  6. Hello fellas, I have an update on progress so far on my Enterprise C kit. The saucer section (parts 1, 2 and 3) has been assembled and primed. I left off the clear lower sensor dome until after painting: Parts fit was excellent! Absolutely no filler or fuss whatsoever. Nice engraved panel lines will take a wash easily. Also, for those who light their Sci-Fi models up, I imagine the windows would be relatively easy to chisel out on this model. Port and starboard lower hull halves, which include the neck (parts 4 and 5) as well as the impulse engine insert (part 10) have been assembled and mated to the upper and lower warp engine pylons (parts 8 and 9): Part 10 (the impulse engine) didn't fit all that well and took some fiddling to get an "engraved" looking seam which I quite like. Time here pays off as filling and sanding this area would be a pain in the butt. Careful attention and dry fitting parts 8 and 9 (warp engine pylons) will minimize filling and sanding. The parts fit was "o.k." but not stellar and I still needed some minor filling and sanding. Nothing to moan about though. I left the clear impulse engine exhaust (part 306) off until after painting, as well as parts 17, the sensor array/sensor dish (which fits perfectly!), and the stand holder (a drop fit). This will make painting and decal application easier without having to mask them off. Here she is with the saucer section and lower hull assemblies dry fit. I placed a ruler in the picture to give you an idea of size (about 14" give or take). What's next? These... I will probably paint the inside of the clear warp engine parts a light blue (sides parts 304) and red (font/buzzard collectors part 305) before I install them. I thought about clear blue and clear red but I think there will be too much see through effect of I do that. Anyways, its not much but its a start. I am really enjoying this kit so far! A nice change and breath of fresh air. Thanks for looking and good luck on your builds. Don
  7. Whoa that looks great! I've always liked the K'Tinga/D-5/D-7 Battle Cruiser designs. Brutish and predatory looking in the typical Klingon way. I may need to spring for this kit now. Nice work !
  8. Hello all, This will be my entry into this group build built straight out of the box: I haven't built a Star Trek model in about 25 years (...at least) so I'm pretty excited for this build. While I tend to be more of a Star Wars fan, I consider myself a minor Trekie. I wasn't around when TOS of Star Trek was originally on TV but I grew up watching reruns on Saturday afternoons and really enjoyed it. When TNG first aired I watched and became an instant fan of it, the comics, the tech manuals, and the novels. One episode that really stuck with me was from Season 3 episode 15 entitled "Yesterdays Enterprise". In this episode an earlier and never before seen version of the Enterprise was transported into the future during the battle of Narendra III against the Romulans. The version in question was NCC-1701C: She was an Ambassador Class starship, slightly larger then NCC-1701B but quite a bit smaller then the later NCC-1701D from TNG series: In my opinion, it bridges the gap nicely between the earlier Enterprise designs and TNG design, encompassing shapes from both eras. Definitely one of my favorite Enterprise designs. The kit itself is quite nice with few parts. I have no idea if Round 2 did anything to change the original AMT model like they did with the Reliant, but I am impressed with the quality of the kit. No flash, crisp details, and easy to follow plans. There are extra parts included that would allow the modeler, with a little sanding/cutting, to build other Ambassador Class starships. They even include battle damage decals which I won't be using: One gripe...the paint and decal callout plans are way too busy. I wish they would have done a paint schedule without the battle damage decals and one with. Fit is fantastic! Its quite larger then I expected too. Here is what it looks like just taped together (notice the warp nacelles are just pressed together without tape...fit is good): Looks like minimal to no filler for this kit. That's where I am as of right now (3:30pm EST March 2). I plan on gluing the saucer sections, lower hull assembly, and warp nacelle pylons together this evening and hope to have an update Monday or Tuesday. I have a large order of paint on its way that should arrive early this week to begin tackling the main colors. One question: How do you fellas paint the blue and red sections of your warp engines? Do you use clear red and blue? Do you use red and blue paint? What's you preferred method for non-lighted warp details? Any hints and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks all! Good luck on your builds. Happy modeling! Don
  9. I'll be building... 1. AMT 1/1400 USS Enterprise NCC 1701C. -Plan on starting March 2, 2019. -May use aftermarket decals for the "C" but aside from that it will be OOB. If time permits... 2. AMT original 1/1400 release of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701D from season one of TNG. -Aftermarket decals. -Aftermarket Aztec design. EDIT: Fixed my date...apparently I am still living in an alternate 2018 timeline...
  10. Looking forward to this. I've never done a lit up model before but would definitely like to tackle one some day. I'll be following along... talk slow so I can take notes .
  11. Alright...I am in with the "forgotten USS Enterprise" from Star Trek TNG episode "Yesterdays Empire" Season 3 Episode 15. I will use the AMT/Round 2 1/1400 Ambassador Class Starship USS Enterprise NCC 1701-C . I haven't built a Star Trek model in over 25 years so I figure its about time. Happy modeling all! Don
  12. Yeah there was no way to word my question in such a way that didn't sound derpy despite a few edits. But I figured I'd ask it anyways and give you fellas a chuckle .
  13. Does Sci-Fi include Star Trek or only made up/what if original Sci-Fi subjects?