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    Modeling interests are WWII to early 1980's aircraft, Vietnam era helicopters and NATO helicopters, WWII to present armor, WWII to present ships...occasional car model.
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  1. Still has that "new kit smell" even after all these years. Good find and great choice ! Regards.
  2. Don

    GEMINI 9A - 1/24

    Revell and Monogram sure did have some great space craft models...and great box art to accompany them too ! I have the Saturn V rocket in the stash. I think its 1/144 scale? I picked it up at Kennedy Space Center back in the 80's. Perhaps I should dust it off for this GB. Anyways, I'll be following along. Good luck on your build! Regards.
  3. Awesome stuff and thank you! Regards
  4. I didn't know the Huey's had clothes dryers in them...LOL! I like the Canadian SAR yellow. It will really make this kit pop. Nice start... good luck with the dryer. Regards.
  5. Some progress to report. I drilled out the portholes along the port and starboard hull sides...approximately 230 of them. Then I assembled the two hull sides. This is the most dreaded assembly stage for builders of this kit. Reason being the two halves don't fit that well and if you don't get a good level fit horizontally then your deck(s) will have a noticeable list to one side or the other (this is why most ship builders prefer port and starboard hull sides coming molded as one rather then separate pieces). Here she is primed: Now I'd like to say that I devised some ingenious jig or mathematical equation to tackle this step, but all I did was mate the bow sections together nice and flush with a combination of super glue and Testors glue, then repeated that step at the stern. I now knew my deck would sit flush and true and then went about gluing the lower hull in 1/4" sections with the super glue/modeling glue combination. I then reinforced the inside with liquid cement, super glue, and strips of Evergreen plastic (she's a strong joint): It doesn't look pretty on the inside but none of that will be seen. Besides, my work yielded a pretty nice looking seamless lower hull in my opinion: The prop shafts and rudder have also been assembled and attached. Fit here was fiddly and I need to give a couple areas some attention with filler. But its been fun thus far. Next up will be working on the two tripod masts (a little worried about the fit of those), deck assemblies, turrets/guns, and aircraft. That and figuring out the camouflage...a heated topic among Arizona aficionados. Thanks again all for looking and commenting. Regards.
  6. LOL I also have a modeling co-pilot cat... and that same kit. Nice choice! I will follow along. Regards.
  7. Don

    Revell 1/32 UH-1

    Was this once kitted in a "Rambo" box or am I way off on left field? Anyways, I love Huey's so I'll be following along. Good luck! Regards.
  8. Nice! I never picked one of these kits up and I don't know why. I've always wanted to do "Flak Bait" but just never got around to grabbing one of these kits. I will certainly be following along. Good luck! Regards
  9. My opinion only of course, but to me Monogram had some of the best box art this hobby has ever seen. I have this same kit down in the stash so I will be following along. Good luck ! Regards.
  10. Indeed this kit has molded on rails. They can be removed and replaced with PE if the builder chooses. But I get enough of that on my 1/350 ship kits and I want to keep this simple and OOB. For its age its really not that bad. An odd scale mind you but not a bad kit. Should be fun. Cheers guys thanks for stopping by! Regards.
  11. Don


    Nice choice and a nice kit ! I built that around the same time you did...86-88 timeframe. Loved it. I'll be following along. Good luck! Regards.
  12. Hello all and thanks for stopping by! My first entry into this Group Build will be Revell's 1/426 USS Arizona. The kit was first released in 1959 so it's quite seasoned . This release is more recent though but the parts are the same as her elder/original issue: I plan on just having some fun with this build, a walk down memory lane if you will. I built a few of Revell's and Monogram's ship kits back when I started out modeling and the bug to build some of these classic ship kits has bitten me badly recently! She will be straight OOB with the exception of rigging, a new base, and possibly aftermarket flags A quick start to clean up flash and nasty mold seams: Part of one of the two tripod masts...notice the seam: The two scout aircraft (it is ARC after all right...we must have some aircraft). Sink holes and flash abound: Nothing sanding sticks and a bit of Tamiya putty can't fix. The kit is showing her age. Flash and/or heavy mold seams everywhere. But I guess we all get a seam or two as we age huh...LOL! Anyway, tonight will be seam and flash cleanup with tomorrow being porthole opening/drilling and assembling the port and starboard hull halves. Thanks again for stopping by. Comments, suggestions, opinions etc are welcome throughout this build. Good luck to all GB participants! Regards.
  13. Don

    Revell Monogram Group build

    Regarding the 1/48 F-84F decals... Super Scale did a couple natural metal sheets: ï DACO did a Belgian sheet: Peddinghaus dd a German sheet: Warbird Decals did a Thunderbirds sheet: That's all I could find fellas. There's bound to be more. I couldn't find any USAF camouflage schemes though sorry. Good choice of kit though! Regards.
  14. Don

    Revell Monogram Group build

    Ditto! Well done !
  15. Don

    Revell Monogram Group build

    USS Arizona for sure and possibly another Revell or Monogram ship kit. Looking forward to this!!! Regards.