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  1. There are two types of 1/72 Hasegawa F-14 kits. The first is their original release dating from the late 1970's. I actually like it and have built my fair share. If you plan on doing a number of F-14A's its cheap ($10-$20 USD shipped depending on where you get them) and quick and easy to build. But it has raised panel lines (which don't bother me), simple decals for instrument panels (hardly noticed with closed canopy), and the wings do not have the option to be built with flaps and leading edges dropped nor air break open etc(again, fine with me as I prefer them fully swept back for less cabinet space). They are also only the 'A' model Tomcat. The later Hasegawa release from the late 1980's is much more detailed, photo-etch option for instruments (decals are included as an option), wings can be built fully forward with everything hanging down (which is how the kit is meant to be built in my opinion. You can build it with swept back wings but its quite tricky to do on this kit), nose gear can be built kneeling for launch or resting/parked, air break open or closed. In all a much more detailed model. You can also choose an 'A' model boxing, 'B' model boxing, or 'D' model boxing (they may have done an 'A+' boxing too I don't remember). Essentially the same kit with version specific parts included. But they are tricky builds and have been described as over engineered. They also tend to run more expensive then their 1970's cousin. I don't mind either of the Hasegawa Tomcat renditions if the price is right. With patience and typical building care (dry fitting) they can build up into nice models. As others have written above, there are newer and nicer options. But they can be more expensive (although that new Academy kit is pretty sweet at around $30 USD!). So just make sure you know which era Hasegawa Tomcat you are buying before committing should you go that route. Sorry for the long post. Happy modeling to all! EDIT: I am building the Revell 1/72 F-14D right now and am quite enjoying it. But its not perfect nor the best.
  2. Sweet! Nicely done ! Thanks for sharing. Happy Modeling!
  3. It looks like a couple minutes of work with a Flexi-File or suitable sanding stick would take care of that nose issue. I doubt there would even be any need to rescribe anything if the builder is careful. Pretty straight forward modeling in my opinion. But to be completely honest, I'm really not seeing anything in any of the pictures of the nose to warrant much if any hand wringing. Each to their own I guess. Happy modeling all!
  4. I remember the old ESCI 1/48 F-8E that had the USS Oriskany spelled wrong on the decal sheet. I bet there's more then a few F-8's sitting in cabinets with the ships name spelled wrong and the owner is none the wiser . Happy modeling all!
  5. GW8345 thanks for posting about what the various crewmen were doing in the picture posted by Andrea Bolla above. Many of us who have never served on a carrier have no idea what this colored shirt is doing or what their responsibilities are. In videos it looks like organized chaos on deck LOL! Its nice to learn from someone who was there. Happy modeling all!
  6. Happy New Year fellow ARC'ers! Health and happiness throughout 2020 to all.
  7. Brilliant idea! I like your thinking. We can celebrate 300+ pages of this thread and the ringing in of a new year all in one evening. Animated .GIF's for everyone!
  8. What was the wooden part of the F-14? Seriously I'd like know!
  9. Thanks Dave. They looked similar in layout so I wasn't sure. Happy modeling.
  10. While on the subject of Tomcat kits, does anyone know if this one: Is the same as this one?:
  11. LOL!!!!!! Great timing!!!
  12. Thanks Mstor and Habu2! At least I know its not me now. Couldn't resist 300 by New Years or bust!
  13. ^^^Seriously, sorry to hear that. They were kind of funny...well humorous... o.k. chuckle worthy perhaps. Just trying to spread a little light heartedness in a thread that gets some peoples hackles up. Like I wrote earlier, life's too short. I'd add a beer cheers gif here but...LOL! Cheers <------happy faces cheering animated gif.
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