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  1. Ridiculous pricing on the bay

    The shipping costs some EBay sellers are charging is flat out laughable! When I come across a seller charging ridiculous shipping fees I just move right along after a quick "WTH are you thinking" mumble to myself.
  2. Ridiculous pricing on the bay

    Kind of related to the topic, but we often read how its hard for local hobby stores and "mom and pop" type stores to compete with EBay, Amazon, and online hobby stores etc. While here's a case where my Son and I have a local store that can compete and compete very well! It's a comic/toy/sci-fi model store (if you have been in a comic store lately odds are they carry similar products and you know what I am talking about). I am a repeat customer because I collect comics and the owner pulls aside certain issues on my wish list as they come in. Anyway, my Son and I are also huge Star Wars fans and collectors. He really likes the Clone Wars 3.75" figures and vehicles from Hasbro. He's only 9 and was only 4 when the Clone Wars Series was winding down. So he missed out on the toys when they were easily found in stores. So we pick items up when a realistic deal comes along (most SW collectors tend to inflate the value on their items). On EBay a new in box sealed ARC-170 Tiger Shark version like this... ...is going to cost you a minimum of $80USD plus shipping (and that's a steal for EBay!). Our local comic store has started branching out to stock vintage toys. We recently found one of the above ARC's for $50 in the store! He also had NIB Cad Banes Xanadu Star Fighter, Anakin's Enhanced/Modified Star Fighter, Droid Hyena Bomber, and Vulture Droid all for $19.99 plus he gave me a great deal off for buying all of them (essentially I got one ship free as well as 4 loose figures thrown in). So we essentially got all of the ships and figures for about what one ARC-170 Tiger Shark generally goes for on EBay. And he (the owner) now knows my Son collects the Clone Wars 3.75" toys and he will be keeping his eye out for more (now that my Son has the ARC-170 Tiger Shark this matching Gunship... ...is on the top of his list. Yikes!!!). TLDR: My long winded point is that sometimes you can find great/good deals close to home. They may be harder to find, it may be a bit of luck, but you never know. Happy hunting everyone! Regards, Don
  3. LOL! How many F-14 fans failed to factor in the date of said article and perhaps still have false hope for a 2018 Tomcat resurrection.
  4. Besides it's pretty hard to bring back the F-14 from... ...
  5. New Airfix announced for 2018

    Well done Airfix! Boy they've been turning out some nice kits lately. Regards, Don
  6. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Agreed. But its Star Wars not reality. If we start dissecting every "hey that can't happen" in 9 Star Wars movies plus 5 seasons of Clone Wars and 4 seasons of Rebels plus 100's of novels, comics, and graphic novels then the whole Star Wars universe falls apart under the microscope (because there are a lot of "hey that can't happen" within all genres of Star Wars not just this current movie). I agree the scene in question may have been cheese of the highest order and I probably wouldn't have included it myself. But it isn't outside the realm of what could happen in Star Wars based on things we've seen and read in the past. Besides forget Leia floating about... poor Admiral Ackbar was unceremoniously killed with barely a mention! A long standing character from the Clone Wars and he doesn't get to go out in a blaze of glory but just floats away... RIP Admiral.
  7. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Plo Koon was able to survive and actually fight battle droids in space without any space suit/protective equipment in the Clone Wars series. So the precedent is there. Leia wasn't a Jedi but heavily force sensitive and was trained by Luke in the SW EU to harness aspects of the force. So I just saw it as her drawing on the force to survive space similar to how Luke was able to survive on Hoth after escaping the Wampa cave when he should have frozen to death before Han arrived. That's how I see it anyway but who knows. At the end of the day its Star Wars...you just go with it...
  8. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    I liked the Resistance bombers myself. I thought they looked really cool and the concept was plausible within the already existing/established realm of other SW ships (Tie bombers seen in ESB made level bombing runs and even Y-Wings were capable of dropping proton and concussion bombs in level runs and have done so in the literature . Add ARC-170's and Hyena's to the list as well). I hope we get a model of the Resistance bombers...and a 3.75" toy to go with the released action figure Rose please!
  9. Glad to hear that this soldier will get the burial, recognition, and peaceful rest that he deserves after so long. . Don
  10. Such a crazy design in my humble opinion. Always makes me think "small man syndrome" whenever I see pictures of Hitler's 6-wheeled car. Having said that, it would make for a unique and somewhat macabre (?) Nazi party parade diorama. City street section, civilian crowd lining the sidewalk, soldiers intermixed holding roman type standards, Nazi flags hanging from upper floor windows... again it would be a dark diorama, but historical nonetheless. You always bring unique kits to the forums "Faust". Well done ! Regards, Don
  11. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Couldn't agree more! Their classic and new gen X-Wing's are superb, their Snowspeeder was pure joy, and how can you not like their TIE's! I have their AT-ST but haven't built it but it looks like a winner. I'll grab a few more Ban Dai SW kits eventually but right now I've got my hands full with a couple 1/35 Tiger builds. Regards.
  12. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    My rather boring opinion FWIW....I liked it, as did my 9 year old Son who is a new generation of SW fan (pretty much all of his friends who have seen it have liked it as well). In all, not the worst SW movie as far as I am concerned but not the best either. To be honest, as an avid reader and collector of the SW novels and comics/graphic novels I think they (written material) are far better, far more detailed, far more chronological, and far more entertaining then any of the recent movies. Just avoid Chuck Wendig's books at all cost...you've been warned! As an aside, the new toys are awesome and a massive improvement over TFA and Rogue One's toys. Yes, I do play with them with my Son (The Force Link feature is really cool ). Kylo Rens TIE rocks and is one of my new favorite SW ships (but I've always liked the TIE Interceptors so its not much of a stretch). I just wish they made a new 3.75" AT-AT as I liked the look of those up-armored walkers . The Black Series 6" figures are well detailed and I managed to get them all to maintain the complete collection (Admiral Thrawn looks great!). Looking forward to the next SW movie! Regards, Don
  13. The Tamiya Acrylic clears: I watched a YouTube video where a modeler used them over top of the Mig Acrylic paints without issue. But as you wrote, I will be testing everything on a test subject prior to the real deal (learned my lesson years ago the hard way on that one...). Regards, Don
  14. Thanks Kurt! I think I might give the Mig paints a whirl seeing as how the set has everything I need already mixed. I think I will also just spring for their thinner and flow enhancer to make things easier. I would gather that Tamiya gloss and flat would work without adverse reactions? Regards, Don
  15. Hello all and best of the Season, I have been looking at these paints for a while now but can't seem to find a definitive answer as to if they are good or bad or somewhere in between: And the Mig Jiménez paint set: I know the above sets are armor related but I also know they both make similar aircraft sets. I also know paint is subjective to the individual and what works for one modeler may not for another. I have read where some folks love them, especially if you use a good primer like Tamiya, and thin them with the companies own thinner and flow enhancers. But some folks say they are far too fragile (i.e paint peels, scratches, and falls off easily). So, seeing as how ARC is my "go-to" website I trust what you folks have to say. Who has used paints like these before and what are your thoughts, opinions, suggestions etc? Any and assistance is GREATLY appreciated! Kindest regards, Don. P.S. I am a Tamiya user but mixing paints gets old and some of their late war colors are not as accurate as some newer brands such as AK and Mig.