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  1. I have a 1/48th Czech Model Goose for sale $100.00 plus postage continental US only. Postage is around $20.00 most US Zip Codes.
  2. Hi all looking for a Revell Piper PA-18 w/Bush Wheels Kit No 04890. I am looking to trade a kit for a kit. My trade offers are: Kenitic 1/48th S2f Revell 1/48 PV-1 Trumpter 1/48 HU-17 Albatross Each trader pays for their own shipping. My preference would be to keep the trade in the US as shipping overseas is becoming unbearable. Money is tight right now so this could be the way to get that kit you've always wanted. If there is something other than what is on the list make your requests if I got one it might be possible as long as value is right. Thanks in adv
  3. Hi Dave I have one of those still in the shrink if you're interested give me a shout. We have done some business in the past and I would be happy to work with you on this one also. Additionally I have the companion to the single seat model the TF-9J if you're interested as well. Respectfully Don Czech (donsplaneshop@comcast.net)
  4. Thanks very much, this will allow me to finish the model and attach the loose parts and touch up the paint perhaps. This has been sitting in Werner's home since he first got sick a year ago and it has a lot of house dirt on it and an old wash he had put on it to bring out the panel lines, difficult to remove the residue from that as it is really cured hard. I have no idea what he used but windex seems to be breaking it up. I will post some photos of the model when it is finished in the ARC Facebook group. Again thanks for the link. Respectfully Don
  5. Hi guys I'm looking for a set of downloadable plans for this acft. One of the guys in our club passed and left this arado partly finished. If someone out there has a one and wouldn't mind scanning the planes and emailing them to me that would help me get this outta here and back to the widow finished. donsplaneshop@comcast.net would work nicely and many thanks in advance. Don
  6. Hi Jason, I have a A10 that is the two seater version, but it is not in a Trumpy box, so If you are not particularly concerned about the boxing we can maybe work a deal drop me a e-mail at donsplaneshop@comcast.net if you are even the slightest bit interested and give me a heads up as to where you are located so I might research the shipping to you. Don
  7. Hi Thomas, got the windshield on Friday and it is now in place thanks very much for the part. I dropped you a little note in the mail and I hope that you will get it today or tomorrow.
  8. WOW, that is exactly the part that I need! My email is donsplaneshop@comcast.net please email me with the particulars on how to get it, cost etc. please and I will get it started your way today(paypal) or tomorrow with trade items etc. (239)565 7570 located in SW Florida staying hot..And thanks very much. Don
  9. Good morning, hope the fires are a long way from you, and YES please if you have one let me know and let me know what you want for it besides postage. And thanks in advance🤓
  10. donsplaneshop


    Hi all, I am in need of the clear parts for a monogram C-47/DC-3 Kit #5637 or similar in 1/48th scale. If you got them and want to trade for them or sell them reasonably priced PM me. I am rehabbing this model for the local veterans museum and it is in pretty bad shape so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Don
  11. Hi Ken, I saw on the usps tracking that your kit got there all ok??? Please let me know thanks Don
  12. Hey Ken, I've got one of those scorpions with the BB cockpit set, SAC gear, & Repli Scale decals, plus the kit decals. Some parts are off the sprues, but the whole kit is here if you're interested please shoot me a pm or email at donsplaneshop@comcast.net or call 239 565 7570. I am located in SW Florida so let me know if you're interested thanks Don
  13. This is the completed B-29 which I built during the stay at home time. I used huge amounts of tape and a lot of time. The construction was very straight forward, as most of the parts fit really well (not like some of the reviews). This acft was built from the get go as a ceiling hanger so I installed a wooden support section in the interior where the bomb bay would be. Through the support beam I drilled out a pair of holes (front and back) and inserted binder posts(female) from the underside, then made a pair of support posts (drilled out ) to accommodate the hanging chord . I used the Eduard
  14. Hi, I've got one of those Hasegawa Pt43 Boxing ready for shipping $45.00 plus $5.00 shipping anywhere in the Lower 48 states. If you're interested give me a shout at donsplaneshop@comcast.net or call 239 565 7570, box has been opened but all is there kept in smoke free environmentally controlled garage/shop for building models ( I really do build these things) it makes my wife crazy
  15. Thanks for that, I just didn't want you to think that I was a snob or something enjoy and if there's ever anything I can help with in future just let me know or give me a shout at donsplaneshop@comcast.net for direct access Respectfully Don
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