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  1. Simply stunning work; your approach to splitting the ribbing in half is interesting. Have you considered keying the ends so they self-align when closing the fuselage?
  2. I've had a similar issue with PayPal through ResKit recently; I emailed ResKit, and they sent me a separate link to make the payment (they tracked my cart by the email address). I hope this helps.
  3. Great build all around; your work is inspiring; thanks for sharing.
  4. Hi, I'm glad to see you back. As usual, you are doing a superb job on a fascinating subject. I'll be following this closely, both because of your modeling itself and also to learn as much as possible about your design and printing process. One of my projects is to design and print the interior for a 1/48 Revell CH-53 (a Yassur in this case), so your work comes in handy for this purpose. Thanks for sharing Carlos
  5. It's absurd and sad that following the rules and working in good faith get you in such a trouble. On the other hand, you managed to work around a way to get things done despite the difficulties, which I understand is one of the things that the Marines are proud of. Regards Carlos
  6. You are producing some interesting subjects; hopefully, in the future, you can sell these through online retailers to get them outside the US.
  7. The detail on those pylons must be amazingly good if you consider them instead of doing your own scratch-built version. I would have a hard time deciding between leaving the pylons alone or mounting the ordinance, hiding that intricate detail.
  8. Many thanks, Thomaz; I'm glad you liked it. After finishing the model, I felt that something was missing, and for the first time, I tried my hand at making a base for it. Seeing the work of several fantastic modelers was both an inspiration and a guide. The base is made from a piece of 1" thermal insulator from HomeDeppot; since I planned to enter the model in a local contest, the base was sized so the entire model would fit inside and be protected. A piece of packing material made a mound at the back and was fixed in place with white glue. A to
  9. Hello all Here is the Corsair I finished some months ago; at last, I took the time to snap new pictures with a white backdrop under natural light. You can see the building process here. Any comments, critiques, and advice are more than welcome. Thanks for taking the time; I hope you enjoy it. Carlos
  10. This gentleman uses super-glue gel; even Hasegawa panel lines are too broad for him.
  11. Glad to know the work is ongoing, I skipped Revell's one knowing about yours, it will surely be worth the wait.
  12. I Got decals the moment they announced it; one of the versions is the D-30R I wished for.
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