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  1. I agree with you. I hoped that Kinetic's surprise release was the A4; regarding the decals, I'll also like the idea of more options. It was disappointing when part two of Aztec's decals came out and didn't include the SUE (I've part one); I have an almost finished Airfix 1/48 SUE waiting for decals; the ones included in the kit and the ones from Condor are inaccurate either in size or shape (only noticed when I applied them). I drew the markings based on pictures to print them sometime later, but when the kits from Kitty Hawk and Kinetic came out, I was sure
  2. spruebrothers.com Outside the U.S. luckymodel.com hannants.co.uk hlj.com
  3. Hello again. Thank you for your kind words Chukw. Here are some pics of the armored glass installed. I used cyano to attach the glass to the supports, and while it sets, I test fit the windscreen to check the alignment; one of those times, I put it too close, and a small drop of cyano ended up inside the windscreen (can't help myself). I tried my best to sand away the blemish and polish the area, even resprayed the internal supports; we will only see the result after removing the external mask (after painting t
  4. Thank you for your response; judging by the pics, they enhance the overall look of the model; do you plan to make a wash to highlight them further?. Reading the D&S Dauntless book, in the kits' reviews, they point to the lack of rivets which in the real plane are prominent; this kind of product will be ideal for it. Looking forward to the final paint job on your model.
  5. No doubt this forum has a lot of interesting people from all walks of life, and you had one of my list of dream jobs. Best of luck in this new phase of your life, enjoy your family and hobby. Carlos
  6. Looking good, Steve; pardon my ignorance, do the rivets have volume or some texture?; how you could paint over them and keep them visible?. Carlos
  7. Hello all The original plan was to install the front part of the canopy over the fuselage and smooth the union before making the riveting; since the vacuformed part has no rigidity, I was afraid to knock it off (and the armored glass underneath) in the process. So I started with the riveting instead. I want to share a pic of the current progress and show my way of working these details; I find it easier to trace the lines with a pencil and run the riveting tool over them. I use strips of painter's blue masking tape as a guide to trace the lines
  8. Yes, indeed, the D&S book of the F-100 has an interesting recount on it. I'm leaning towards an early A-4 because Kinetic has quietly released the Malvinas/Falklands conflict's main characters, and this is the missing piece. Also, it has a lot of room for variants and markings.
  9. It will be a nice companion to your F-4, good luck. Anyway, what a Rorschach test has Kinetic put on us.
  10. I don't have a facebook, but I would say it is a 1/48 A-4 Skyhawk; it's the only subject missing to complete the most iconic aircraft (not helos) involved in the Malvinas/Falklands conflict.
  11. I really liked the work you did; an overall black finish could be tricky to make interesting, but you nailed it. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing.
  12. The more I learn about this kit, the more eager I'm to get one on my hands; the "design philosophy," so to speak, is what I've been looking for in a model; accuracy and detail to the extent of making aftermarket parts unnecessary. The only drawback of it, in my case, is scarcity; none of my regular sources carry this kit or have it announced.
  13. Thank you, John and Steve, for your kind words. Quick post; more details added, the supports of the armored glass made from styrene strips, the switch boxes come from the Aires cockpit, and the supports for the gunsight reflector are leftovers from a photoetched set. The glass is dry-fitted only to test all before airbrushing this area. The area around the exhausts is ready after applying Tamiya's epoxy putty and sand it.
  14. Thank you, Mr.Happy. Hello All, a long time since the last post, I've managed to make a little progress but couldn't publish until today. Much meditation went to solving how to attach the armored glass; in the end, a piece of clear stretched sprue was glued at the base and drilled the corresponding hole over the fuselage. Since there is little space between the gunsight and the windshield, I drilled a bigger hole to allow for adjustments and testing until I got the glass and windshield to fit together. Here is the part not glued yet and with a piece of plastic fill
  15. What a nice black finish you did on this plane Steve, I really like it. I don't know about this scheme but the roundels had a rare hue, it is the intended color, or is camera thing? Anyway, very nice paintwork.
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