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  1. One step forward, two steps back! The result of the salt chipping was what I've expected; if you look closely, you can see isolated square marks resulting from the cubic salt crystals. What didn't went as expected was the propeller chipping; initially, I sprayed the leading edge and the face of the blades (the side that the pilots see) with Chipping Medium over the aluminum, but, after scrubbing using stiff brushes and even toothpicks, I only managed to remove small portions of the black paint and, in some cases, leaving the bare plastic. Fortun
  2. The result for the fish is effective, and I like this level of tint in the resin. Glad to hear that you are getting a 3D printer.
  3. Playing with paints After Dave's suggestions, I repainted some parts using a mix of Vallejo's Sea Blue and AMMO's medium blue with a ratio of 3:1; the result is in the flap at right; I liked that much better than my previous mix, which now seems too blue as you can compare on the upper portion of the flap at left. What do you think? The fabric portion on the left flap was pre-shaded with Intermediate blue over my original mix of blue then the color was unified using the new darkest combination. On previous attempts at pre-shading many times I en
  4. Nice builds here. Could it be possible to have bigger pics? Also, kit, scale? I have three tied as my favorites.
  5. From what I've read, HobbyBoss plus all the new goodies from Phase Hangar make the best A-10 in 1/48. Again, just what I've read. Carlos
  6. Thanks, Arnaud; I'll keep an eye on your page to get one set when it's available. Seen the quality of your products, may I suggest a replacement for the F-117 intakes in 1/48, not full-depth ones, just the mesh at the front for future development. The Tamiya kit lacks the depth to convey a sense of realism, and the photoetch alternatives don't capture the very peculiar geometry they have. A product like this may be at the limit of resin printing, and I don't know how popular it will be, but I certainly get one if it becomes available. Regards Car
  7. Oh¡ that makes sense; I wish I could have the option of surface mail, regardless of the wait; lots of supplies are banned by air.
  8. This looks great, Dave; your idea of using a fishing line is interesting; I've seen other works where this effect is achieved by pouring the resin in stages and placing the elements in different layers. However, I don't know if it is easier or if this will cause undesired optical effects.
  9. That's a great paint job, Dave; the white base and the mixed intermediate blue did bring down the sea blue to a correct hue. I haven't used the salt technique; I think I can emulate that chalky look with some post shading and oils; I'll use your work as a reference for sure; thank you for sharing and taking the time. The masks for the roundels are still in transit from the UK. Thanks for your words, eagledocf15; I've been busy with work and other unexpected events, so little progress these past days. The rudder has the decals on, but I
  10. That's a long time; where did it get stuck in? Mine was shipped the same day as yours; let's hope it doesn't take that long; in the meantime, I consider it part of my cloud stash.
  11. Well, things keep becoming more interesting each day. Thank you, Dave, for taking the time; the two samples at the right are similar, just a little lighter than mine; now I have a good idea of how color 71.091 will look. If I understand you correctly, 299 and 295 will be your choice for the intermediate and dark blue? That changes my concept on the camo because I fail to see the blue on them compared to profiles and colorized pics of the time, but it may very well be the correct one; the model will look fabulous in those colors for sure. On the other hand
  12. Hello all Little progress these past days, but I did some experiments; here is an update. The bomb and its rack are ready; I wanted to give the bomb's body a worn look adding scratches using different brown and olive shades of Vallejo's and covered with a coat of glossy varnish from AMMO in preparation for the oils and washes. Next, a general wash using AMMO's Black NightI PLW followed with random splotches with oils (AMMO's Starship Filth Oilbrusher) to simulate the handling with greasy hands. The fin box was painted in a different
  13. Hello David Thank you for your advice; indeed, pictures are scarce, and the ones I could find sometimes are confusing, showing a clear difference between the two blues in some and almost none in others. Still, In general, they will be helpful to make the weathering attractive. Following your and Dave´s advice, I just ordered a set of masks for the insgnias, just in case.
  14. Hello Dave Interesting color picks; did you have a particular reference for doing so?, or did you make them based on the tests I showed? The two from Vallejo are blue in name only; they have a hint of blue but nothing close to references I could find. The sea blue from Vallejo could be an option for the national insignia should I get the courage to use stencils instead of decals, as you suggested. Some of the control surfaces are already painted, but I haven't had time to take pics.
  15. That quotation is destiny telling you should get a 3D printer.
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