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  1. A6M5c Nakajima Zero, 1/72 Academy

    Thank you dzejo Indeed they are scratched, the wheel bays in the kit are too shallow; along with the dihedral of the wings and the external tank supports those are the main corrections this kit need. Later I'll post pictures of the build. Regards Carlos
  2. A6M5c Nakajima Zero, 1/72 Academy

    More close-ups, will make an in-progress post later. Regards Carlos
  3. Hello all Looking for a simple project to give the first try at acrylics paints, pulled out this model from the stash. Japanese WWII aircraft are the least of my interest subjects so, in my mind, everything about the zero was well documented and the only topic unsettled was if the hinomaru paint flake off as bad as the rest of the paint or crews keeps it in pristine conditions. I thought a few clicks on google would solve this but instead realized how little I knew. After several months of work in the model, web surfing and two books read finally got it completed, still managed to get some accuracy things wrong but here it is, comments and critiques are always welcomed. Academy kit, CMK cockpit set, Eduard detail set, Aber and Master gun barrels, EZ-line antenna cable. Painted with Tamiya acrylics, Vallejo primer, metallics and flat coating. Weathering with pastel chalks, Tamiya panel line accent, AMMO pigments and oil brushes Regards Carlos
  4. A shame indeed, let´s hope they release them some day or another brand take care of the issue. Regards Carlos
  5. Thanks, Brian, they were listed as vendors but aside of that wasn´t sure will be there.
  6. Back in 2013, I've managed to place an order for this but they sold out and refund me.
  7. Hello Looking for somebody to buy for me a Sierra Hotel Models set (48110 F-22 Correction Set; Nose, Vertical Tails & Stabs) and send it to a US address, I will pay via PayPal; if anyone is willing to help please PM me. Thanks in advance Carlos
  8. Recommend me where to go in Houston TX

    Hello If you have the time, go to the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston, it's full of 1/1 models (bring a camera and extra battery) Sorry, just found out they moved to a new location in Houston but will not open until September. Regards Carlos
  9. Need help with Spanish translation

    Hello Bob It seems to be a word used only in that region of Spain to describe a cliff or depression of the terrain carved by the flow of water. Regards Carlos
  10. B-1B

    Hello Alex As Silenoz suggested, stretched sprue give good results, here's an example in my hurricane build. Carve a line to serve as a guide and glue a piece of stretched sprue over it, using tamiya thin cement to soften, roll a toothpick over the sprue to give a subtle irregular look. You can control the desired effect by varying the depth of the guide and the thickness of the sprue. Hope this help, I'm following your excellent build with interest. Carlos
  11. MasaMasaMasaMasa's forum address...?

    Hola Tío Nice to chat with you again. I agree, the work of this fellow is both impressive and inspirational, it's also in my favorites links. As for the SuE it's still on hold, the decals didn't worked as I was expecting. Next step is to finish the new decals design I'm doing before continuing the work, hopefully by the end of the year. I'll be looking forward for your work on that Mig, please share some pics of your progress. Te envío un abrazo y seguimos en contacto. Carlos
  12. MasaMasaMasaMasa's forum address...?

    Hello Uncle Maybe this is the link you are looking for: http://masamasamasam...category-2.html Regards Carlos
  13. Super Etendard

    Wow! It’s have been more than a year since the last update, really need to get some work done on this. Thank you all for your kind comments. Pep, very nice model you have done. 72scaler, it’s not finished yet, I’ve put this on hold because of the decals problem; recently I knew that Aztec decals is going to release a new decal set that include the Etendard so I hope to get back to this build either if I can get them or finish drawing my own. Which version you are planning to build? Sernak, all the tubes are from stretched sprue, depending on the softness and thickness I used hot water or a light bulb to warm the plastic; in some cases a couple of strokes with tamiya extra thin cement will do the trick. Loki, the Archer rivets are applied like a regular water slide decal, only need a clean smooth surface either plastic or primer; in my case the primer were used to correct the numerous scratches of the build. Regards Carlos
  14. Hurricane Mk IID

    Thank you for the kind comments. I agree, some of the decals have silvering; on some areas I couldn't get a smooth paint finish; thought that some sanding over the rough areas and a future cover could do the trick but it wasnt enough. Regards Carlos
  15. Hurricane Mk.IID

    Thank you Barkin Mad and Joe for your kind comments; I've posted more pics in the critiques forum. Link Regards Carlos