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  1. Scalemates has it listed as 88010 (AMK), but it seems to be very elusive at the moment.
  2. That is some fantastic craftsmanship; I love the way you pay attention to those small details, which in my opinion, make the model more realistic. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks, David; much of the credit goes to you for pointing out those missing details in the first place. Thanks, Chuck; I'm glad you like it; once I started checking references couldn't unsee the fictitious details provided in the kit.
  4. Thanks, Gabor Your review has become very useful for deciding which kit is best suited for each one taste; in my case, Annetra's seems to be the right one, but for now, it isn't available in any of my regular sources, not even as pre-order so I'll keep waiting. On a side note, Aztec has announced decals for the Mi-17 for some American operators.
  5. Thank you, guys ( @Falcon50EX, @crackerjazz) , for the kind words. Once the holiday season passed, I had time to continue this project; as anticipated, flaps became quite challenging. To make the hinge mechanism more accurate, the original supports provided in the kit had to be removed; to compensate, metal tabs were inserted for the new supports; these worked fine in providing mechanical strength, but I didn't foresee a sure way for alignment, and that resulted in a big headache. At least two weeks went by in several rounds of try and error; the bend of the
  6. Just an impressive job, Drew; from the cockpit to the corrections, the riveting looks gorgeous and will make the model look as beefier as the original.
  7. Around November, I believe, according to Airfix and HLJ. Let's see what liveries are included; already looking for references and found a well-worn dark gray one that will highlight this bird's beauty.
  8. You never cease to amaze us, Chuck; excellent work and attention to detail, like the hinge in the window. The best part is knowing everything is going well with your eyes. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Maybe it's ugly, but it has a great personality. Seriously, I also love utilitarian-looking aircraft, and I'll get one.
  10. This is top-notch modeling, nothing short of amazing.
  11. Hello @Specter1075 I got mine a couple of days ago; I plan to build it alongside the Isradecal I have on pre-order. The decals look fine, and some parts have wonderful details, but others are missing or have errors; during the week, I'll write to them with some recommendations and try to get replacements. Let me know if I can further help you. P.S. I just saw your post by chance; I recommend the Props subforum the next time.
  12. You are doing a great job re-scribing, and overall with the model; I'm taking notes to improve my technique. If you don't mind, I'll like to share some of the tools I use similar to yours. The razor blade is ideal for marking long, straight lines; for better control, I chipped the cutting edge by striking it with a cutter; in this way, you create a fine saw without kerf, as you can see in the picture (barely). The part at the top is also a razor blade piece that has both ends trimmed, using a Dremel cutter disc, forming very thin chisels (red a
  13. For me, that ridged effect was the most unexpected feature of this kit. After seeing some builds of other brands' kits using tiny strips of masking tape to emulate it, I wonder how it will look with some dry brushing.
  14. To say if they are worth it depends on a case-by-case scenario, considering which is the original kit manufacturer and your taste for building old kits. I have two in my stash, F-102, and A-37; both are the Monogram's plastic with resins and photoetch added and interesting new markings. If the new Squadron guys come with new Encore century series kits, I'll surely get one.
  15. At first, I started following this build to see the scribing work; now, I also see an excellent scratch-building work. From what it seems, you are going for a banking landing scene similar to your icon, am I right?
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