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  1. Sorry for the confusing explanation, my bad. I'm talking about the separations between the petals (or tiles) to make them look more realistic; you don't need to cut all the way; just little notches (marked in red) at the border will do. It's a minor thing that probably you already considered; I just wanted to know. Regards
  2. These are on preorder. https://the48ers.com/norden-bombsight-early-late-versions.html
  3. Amazing work, Drew; each time gets better and better. The way you thinned the edge of the "petals" between the fuselage and the burner cans will surely make them look more realistic and eye-catching; the edge seems like a continuum arc because of the sanding you did; is there a separation between the petals at the edge? This will be the only detail missing in this area IMHO, but probably you have this covered already. Thanks for sharing
  4. Nice to see you back, Chuck, and better yet, to know your health is improving. Fantastic work overall, but especially on the seats; I'm eager to see them painted. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Congratulations, Giovanni; well deserved!
  6. Nice work on that old Monogram Hornet; if I remember correctly, it was labeled as the A-18; it also seems to have the shortest tailplanes of the original release. I like both your work and the choice of markings. Thanks for sharing
  7. They are trying to put their economy in motion, so I believe any business they can make adds to it; I think that, aside from the monetary aspect, the sense of returning to normalcy through work could help. This past month, I've ordered directly from some Ukrainian manufacturers and added at least one item to the cart, which I indicate in the shipping instructions not to be sent and to keep as a donation to them. Maybe not the most efficient way to do it, but at least one of them told me that it would be used to buy medical kits. None of the orders has arrived so far, bu
  8. There's no going back on this one; I was a little nervous, but the cut ended clean and the paint undamaged; now to paint over these along with the red outline and the fuel caps. Here's my advice for anyone considering this tool; it cuts better counterclockwise with almost no pressure applied; drill the pilot hole to an adequate depth because the tool doesn't cut in the center point. @Falcon50EX Here are pics of the canopy with the clean edges. Thanks for watching.
  9. Maybe Eduard will come to the rescue on this.
  10. Yes, Falcon, I'll take pictures later; just a few passes with a knife and some sanding. I believe I just forgot to clean this area before because the part was stored for months. Thank you, Mr. Happy; I want to see it finished, too, it's taking more than I thought, but I'm learning a lot with this build. Thank you, Chuck; here is the link; there are more sizes in the store. https://www.hlj.com/flat-bottom-cutter-bit-1-0-3-0-mm-thdtsd00196 Also, other options are more robust but also pricey. https://www.hlj.com/spin-mold-godgh-cs
  11. Quick update Details in the canopy's interior are painted and dry-brushed; mirrors and more details will be added later. At last, the flat bottom cutters arrived yesterday; in a quick test, they worked well and made a squared clean round-cut; the fun thing is they work counterclockwise. The fuel caps didn't fit in the 2.0 mm hole, so I used the next cutter size (2.5 mm), which leaves a more significant gap, but I think it will look ok. That's all for now, thanks for watching.
  12. I've seen videos from previous years of this show on YouTube; some are 1+ hours long; both the models and the vendors' area are fantastic. I hope to go there someday to at least put a pin on my country; 130M people and not a single modeler; it's a shame. Thanks for sharing, Gabor.
  13. That's such magnificent and inspiring work, Giovanni; thank you for sharing.
  14. That's odd; it seems to be related to your internet connection; in these cases, I'll try to reset the modern and/or change the DNS. Try this link https://www.scalemates.com/kits/news.php
  15. It's working fine; maybe your link is no longer valid or points to a private area.
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