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  1. Well since coming to this wonderful forum I have realized that I enjoy building aircraft much more than armour and will not miss a couple to help fund getting more aircraft. Plus this help keep SWMBO happy. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping. I am willing to ship worldwide at buyers expense. Paypal is preferred but I will accept money orders. - Dragon #6352,Panzerkampfwagen (P) Premium Edition, open box, sealed bags, $40. - Dragon #6406, Tiger I Late Production 3 in 1, open box, most bags sealed, complete, kit decals partially used but includes decals from Dragon #6383 $40. PM me if interested or if you have any questions. Cheers, Denis
  2. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing. Denis
  3. Awesome! Can't wait to get them in 1/48 scale. ;) Denis
  4. Hi Aigore, I have been lurking your build log since the beginning, sorry I have not commented sooner but I wanted to commend you on such a great build. Not until I saw your step by step explanation to build the dreaded Hasegawa Tomcat have I felt confident enough to try to build one myself. Plus, on top of that you have inspired me to build an Ali Cat! Something I have never considered. Cheers, Denis
  5. Hi Dmitri, Can you please send me a list of what you have left to offer? Thanks, Denis
  6. LOL! I would have but I only received the Hasegawa 1/72 F-4B/J/N kit at the end of the GB. I was happy to win a couple of sheets with my F-18 anyway. One of which was the Grey Ghosts sheet that I might use here if I can get my hands on a 1/48 F-4B. Hopefully the new Academy offering will be out in time. Denis
  7. Looking good. One day I will be brave enough to tackle the Hasegawa cat. Denis
  8. Nope not glued together yet. Thanks for the info, I didn't notice this in my refs. How much lower exactly? Denis Edit: Hmmmm, I am not 100% convinced about the placement of the B/N seat. I just looked through the Squadron Walk Around book and there is a shot of the cockpit looking to the rear and the seats look to be the same height to me. Since this is a practice build to try new things before I do the other three A-6s in the stash I will leave the seats as they are and continue.
  9. I'm not an expert but the movie "The Final Countdown" was filmed in that timeframe and clearly showed the glove vanes being used. Being a Jolly Rogers fan I have watched it several times. Denis
  10. Forgot to add a pic of the decals. They were a prize from the Ghost Town GB. Cheers, Denis
  11. Started this today. I will be building it as the last Intruder flown by the Marines which was with VMA(AW)-332. I got the A-6E along with three A-6As from the buy and sell forum. While the A-6E did not come with any bombs, the -As had enough extra to outfit the -E with a full loadout. The cockpit leaves much to be desired so I had the idea to spice it up with some seats from the spares box that I had left from a 1/72 Hase F-14A Tomcat. Since the kit parts were molded with the cockpit tub I cut them off and used plastic card to cover the empty spaces. The cockpit dry fitted into the fuselage. I think it looks OK! Happy Modeling! Denis
  12. Just checked and sure enough I have a set of main wheels left over from a Revell Voodoo. They're yours if you want them. Just pm me with your mailing address and I can send them out to you this week. Denis
  13. I did a wheels up Voodoo a while ago. Let me check my spares box tonight to see if I have the wheels still. Denis
  14. Nice!! The CF-100 is one of the earliest models I can remember building. Look forward to watching this one be built. Denis
  15. Recieved my Hi-Decal Line decals today. Chose the 72-029 A-6E Intruder sheet as I have a Hasegawa A-6E in the stash. Can't wait to get started on the Marines option. Denis
  16. Woo-Hoo! Decals from Impact Hobby arrived today. Now I need start stocking up on some Phantoms! Denis Edit: Diego at Hi-Decal Line just got in touch with me. Some 1/72 A-6E decals are headed my way.
  17. A late Grizzly is coming out? Awesome! I can finally make a replica of the one I used to command in Valcartier. Denis
  18. I hope by calling an "A+" we can build an R2 CF-18AM jet with all of the updated components like IFF antenna, etc. If so I will be getting one of these along with David's FIP decals when I get back from overseas in the new year. Even better would be to do a CF-18BM. Denis
  19. Looking good. I'll be watching this one as I have plans to do either a 1/48 or 1/72 Prowler. Maybe this build log will help me decide which scale to do. Don't know if it helps for the A-6E but Impact Decals will soon be releasing a sheet for VMF(AW)-332 Moonlighters Intruders. Denis
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