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  1. Bandai 1/72 X-wing fighter

    Very, very nice.
  2. Hurricane Harvey

    I live a few blocks from this. So far the detention ponds along I-10 (the elevated freeway) are doing their job and have kept the water from entering the neighborhood.
  3. Hurricane Harvey

    So far. White Oak Bayou is close to overflowing it's banks and there is some localized street flooding in the usual spots. Overall it's not too bad in my neighborhood, but some parts of town appear to have gotten hit far worse than others. We're still looking at a couple more days of rain so things will likely get worse before they get better.
  4. Hurricane Harvey

    Houston Heights here. We caught a break from the rain for most of the day, but it's back now with a vengeance.
  5. The Rice Village store, which opened in 1954, will close it's doors for the last time today. They will reopen next Saturday at their new home at 2029 Southwest Freeway (next to Nan's Games and Comics). https://www.facebook.com/gandgmodelshop
  6. Report from a visit to Houston Texas

    Just an fyi: the facebook page you linked is for a shop with a similar name in Indiana. The page for G&G Model Shop here in Houston: https://www.facebook.com/gandgmodelshop
  7. Sprue Brothers Veterans Weekend sale??

    Picked up a Special Hobby Yak-3 just now for $36.74 + s/h. Thanks.
  8. Republic P-47D Razorback - Otaki/Arii 1/48

    I love to see older kits built to a high standard. Well done.
  9. Where to buy Hataka paints? Are they good?

    They are very much hit or miss, imo. I purchased the early Luftwaffe set and absolutely loved them. My experience with early USN set, otoh, was similar to nspreitler's.
  10. Tamiya A6M5/5A: 61103 " A6M3/3A: 61108 Note that Tamiya's A6M2 (61016) is an old tool dating back to the 70's. Nice kit, but Hasegawa's offerings are heads and shoulders above it for detail and fit.
  11. Deleted

    Nuts. That's the one I have. Thanks anyway.
  12. Deleted

    Hi. There have been several different Weekend editions of that Yak-3 released. Which one are you offering?
  13. Good seller - Joel_W

    Items arrived quickly and were exactly as described. Can't ask for more than that.