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  1. Look for Steve Rudolph in the Greenfield area (last time I saw him he lived ST. Rd.9). I remember a two door sedan all white. If Glidden was alive, he'd know. Also look for the Ulrey brothers (spelling?) they were into the 427's that year. It's never showed up at the Greenwood car shows on Saturday; that I know of. Also check the big car show in Seymore. Think they keep a registration record. gary
  2. I want a J real bad, so I can some how build a Robin Olds airframe! I thinking real bad! gary
  3. parts in the box look very similar to the old ProModeler kit. Is this the same plastic? gary
  4. Holding the magic envelope on my forehead. Aha! I see lots of puttied joints and oh yes the nose is shaped all wrong. Wait a minute! I count seventeen fatal flaws before I open the envelope! gary
  5. and the TF56 went to the test stand in very late 1952 or early 1953. Still in constant production, and featuring a gazillion upgrades along the way. Always thought it interesting in the way Allisons rated the TF56 for power. It was rated in shaft horse power instead or pounds thrust. Engine has been built to 5200 horse power, but think 3300 is the most we've ever seen in person. gary
  6. somebody in Japan is marketing the Fujimi kit was some resin parts and maybe photo etch. Seems like their name started with a K. gary
  7. the reason the idea didn't pan out had nothing to do with the weapons load or style. It was the TFR signal. This was soon learned by the Russians who setup radar to pick up the signal miles away. When the F111 got there, they were waiting with radar guided 57mm AA. I guess all of them used the same frequency wave length. The actual airframe was as solid as an M1 tank, and held up well. gary
  8. I think somebody is working on a conversion for the Trumpeter kit. Trumpeter Wildcats are one of their better kits to start with. I cannot believe that somebody was able to do a Wildcat better than the Airfix! Not by a little bit, but by a wide margin. They need to upscale the kit to 1/48th! They'll sell a ton of them gary
  9. I had that kit awhile back, and probably still do. Let me look around tomorrow. The box is in bad shape if memory is correct. It's yours for the shipping gary
  10. and nobody posted "Blood On The Risers?" I remember getting drunk and singing that song many a time glt
  11. The End by the Doors still goes thru my head after I heard it the first time. On the otherside I like Drunken Poet's Dream by Hubbard. Desperados Waiting For The Train by Jerry Jeff Walker is also one of my favorites gary
  12. if you want the hair to stand up on the back of your neck, then watch the first three or four minutes of the movie Red Flag! Filmed from the cockpit of an F105g over Route Pac Six. One scene takes you down into a canyon chasing a Mig 17 and you can look up at the canyon rim. Saw it about 25 years ago over in Dayton, and I can still see it in my mind as if it were this morning. gary
  13. lots of good ideas going thru here glt
  14. I have had pretty good luck so far. Yet always felt there was a better way. You'd be surprised how many sheets will go into a 2" wide note book. The down side is finding the sleeves. You want the ones made for photographs, and they're about twice the price. gary
  15. I'd really be interested in how everybody stores their decals these days. In the past I use two or three ringed note books with clear sleeves. I then place the decals sheet inside sandwiched between tracing paper. I can get a good idea what I'm looking at thru the tracing paper without removing the sheet from the sleeve. Plus each sheet will hold two 1/32 scale sheets. Sometimes four 1/48th scale sheets. What bothers me is that they are not completely air tight. Be interested in your thoughts and ideas. gary
  16. I have a deep love affair for the F100! My first introduction to them was as a young kid wetting his pants behind a huge teak wood log. No way out, and somebody was steadily chewing the log apart. The FAC said A4's were at least twenty minutes out (being diverted to the II-Corp border). He then said he had two or three F100's rolling out of Pleiku for a strike a little west of us. Five or six minutes later I watched two planes zip over us at high speed. Popped smoke on command, and turned to look over my shoulder to see the intake of an F100! I mean I could look up inside the thing! I could see the pilot's sunglasses. I couldn't hear the plane, but heard a clicking noise as two snakes rolled past me into the wood line. The palm trees were waving around from the jet blast. He seemed to follow the bombs for a little bit, the turned upward and away. the blast was real hard, and watched the tail end of the plane swerve to the right for an instant. Right behind him came number two, and he let go two napalm canisters right in front of us. When the place lit up, and set the hundred yard dash record with a hundred pounds of gear. I still owe those guys a beer!!! Probably lost ten years of my life down there gary
  17. most people don't know it, but that plane has two gas turbine engines. I've seen the complete powerpac, and it'd be a kit in itself. Pretty much the same as the POGO. gary
  18. I used ( guess we'd call it a sublease) the second A102 for about nine months. That's where I heard about this guy that was too big to be real. There were a couple guys that served with him, and that joke about how Bennie would do this or that, or they'd say will Bennie approve of this? I thought he was dead, and then Obama awarded him the CMH along with Don Sloat (out of my area). I guess he and Vinnie Poole are up there trading stories today. Vinnie was probably the best I was ever around. gary
  19. Got a phone call awhile ago from a friend, to let me know Bennie Adkins went home yesterday I think. CV-19 got him when an NVA Regiment failed to do so. Bennie was though as it ever was. Had so many medals that he probably needed a back brace to wear them. In the year of 68, Bennie was an often spoke about legend that only a few had really met. He won the CMH for actions at A102 (the old camp in the Ashau Valley). Just the write up will make the hair stand up on your neck! Bennie was a never quit kinda guy that led by his actions. Last photos I saw of him scared you to death! He looked the part of an old very rugged vet, with eyes that pierced your heart. Yet folks that knew him will tell you h was a good man. He had 17 or 18 wounds when he got the CMH, and yet managed to take out 175 of the other guys while ferrying wounded to a gravel air strip about three miles away (the air strip was outside the valley). My kinda hero! gary
  20. look for Xtra Color X629. Vallejo also does it, but their charts are not provided in my reference book. Think Mission has it too, and I really like Mission paints! gary
  21. Look for The Hunt For Red October and move onward from there. Red Storm Rising is very good along with Cardinal In The Kremlin. Red October will introduce you to folks you;ll later meet in the other books. gary
  22. thanks to all of you! Italeri once did the Black Snakes, but knowing Italeri; I stepped back gary
  23. never gave that a thought! They buzzed me standing in the middle of the Flat Rock River. Plus the Blue River and Sugar Creeks as well gary
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