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  1. it about the 1/48 GWM F-15. I have the J and had heard about the stabs being too thick. Bernie
  2. thanks for the info.I sent away for one set of stabs forgot I needed 2. Please put me down for 3 of the canopy/windscreen sets as I can use them also. Thanks again. Bernie
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I have seen them with 2 AGM-45's outboard, CBU's inboard and C/L tank. Also with rockets or bombs on the inboard. Also they have a dual rail AGM launcher didn't use much vibrations. I also saw them with 2 AGM-78's, 2 AGM 45's and a C/L tank ,but in photos. Saw one picture of it taking/off or landing but it was also for PR purposes.Another with 2 AGM-78's inboard, and 2 dual AGM-45 on each outboard but that was a photo shot and supposedly they made leaflets and dropped them around the SAM sites. How true?? I think if they had one wing tank they always had the c/l tank and the78/45 combo on the opposite wiing Bernie
  4. Have seen photos of them still carrying bombs even later than 68.All the way up to the end I think. Bernie
  5. First used by F-105 10 March 68 Bernie
  6. it is your model so you can load it that way. But they probably would have gone wit the AGM-45 on one outboard and ECM on the other. AGM-78 on one inboard and a tank on the other as gas was a premium thing. Bernie
  7. The F-105F could carry the AGM-78 by mid 67 6 were assigned to Takhli. the standard load in 67 was 2 AGM-45's outboard and 2 CBU-24/b inboard and a c/l tank but could be changed around. with a MER and wing tanks. In 67 7AF ordered all F-105's going north to carry an ecm pod including F's.G's started reaching combat units in April 68 but the one's with the side pods didn't arrive till 71. I think Cooter in the photo may be an early G without the pods but can't see tail number to check. Got the info out of Warbird Tech #18 by Davis and Menard. Hope this helps Just saw the tail number.Going by Roll Call Thud the aircraft is listed as a G and was also called BAM BAM, Cooter and Baby Bears Lair and was originally called the Hanoi Hustler. Its now in the AF Museum Bernie
  8. all the photos I have show silver doors etc. AF aggressors. can't get the photos copied.
  9. at Soesterberg in the Netherlands we had nose art from around 1986-7 till if I'm no mistaken we were deactivated and the base closed.Most aircraft had Wolfhounds in black on the nose,some had a black wolfhound in a circle and the CO aircraft full color wolfhound on the nose. On the tail there was a small crown in the tail stripe because we were under the dutch control.Also had a very nice unit patch on the intake.Don't have a clue how to post pictures otherwise I would.
  10. I meant working on the real F-14 the one that flew
  11. Guys a question if I may . How many of you have worked on the F-14. I am just curious.
  12. You have no idea how AMK is going to do the Aim-9s.They may do it the same way.You really should wait until you see shots of the AMK tomcat.Oh wait its been what a year since they said they were going to do an F-14 but nothing to see so far. Maybe this is cheaper and easier to produce the different versions when they produce other models of the F-14. To keep comparing Tamiya's F-14 to something you can't even see is kind of stupid if you asking me.If you had spruce shots of the AMK that would be different as you could see what was including. And yes I have the Mig kit and its nice. Bernie McKenn
  13. I have never seen AGM-12's on the outboards, only inboard with a C/L tank and ecm outboard. Not to say they could not be carried but never saw a 105 carrying one.I don't think they would put bombs one the outboard as it is a standoff weapon and they needed the outboards for ecm. But its your model so you can build it that way. Bernie McKenna
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