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  1. I have the following for sale. Trade wants below. 1/72 Airfix Spitfire Mk. Vc – open box, open parts. $5 SOLD Academy Spitfire Mk. XIVc – open box, open parts. $5 SOLD Hasegawa A6M5c Zero type 52 Hei – open box, sealed parts. $10 Airfix MiG-17/J-5 – factory sealed. $15 1/48 Eagle Strike 48116 F9F-5 decals - uncut, has markings for Blue Angels. $8 Williams Bros. Pitcairn Autogyro – rough box, open parts, seems to be missing one wheel. $10 Scale Aircraft Conversions metal landing gear for Airfix B-57. $10 Monogram F-111A – rough box, open parts. $12 SOLD Monog
  2. Hello! I was going through some kits and found that several were lacking necessary parts. I'm looking for the following, all in 1/48: Monogram F-111 canopy and pilot figures Revell/Monogram F-105F/G canopies Revell/Monogram F-89C nose cone Revell/Monogram F-89D/J right fuselage half There may be more that I will add later. I can buy or trade. Thanks for looking. Jay
  3. Heard from him just now in fact, claiming his bro Ryan has exactly what I’m looking for…
  4. Looking for this kit on behalf of a client, who is not eager to pay eBay prices. Can pay outright or trade. Jay
  5. Anyone know where I can find these items? Sprue Brothers has been out of stock for some time…
  6. I have the following available: Monogram A/B-26C - kit #5508, 1st edition (1993), open box, sealed contents - $25 Pro Modeler A-26B - kit #5920, 1st edition (1995), open box, sealed contents - $30 Pro Modeler A-26B - same kit as above, sealed, $35 Monogram B-26 - kit #5506, 2nd edition (1989), open box, one sprue sealed, one not, not sure if it ever was - $30 Monogram A-18 High Tech - kit #5833 (1990), open box, open bags, it has the little fret of PE - $15 I am mainly looking for the Kitty Hawk F2H-2 and FJ-2/3 and will trade multiple kits for them. My interests are mainly
  7. Awesome, the more colorful the better!
  8. I agree, along with some H models if possible. Even ANG birds would be great!
  9. I had a couple of scammers contact me to claim they had what I was looking for. They used the same tactics as mentioned already. That sounded fishy to me, but the real big red flag was when they wanted $250 for a set of decals…
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