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  1. I have the following available: Monogram A/B-26C - kit #5508, 1st edition (1993), open box, sealed contents - $25 Pro Modeler A-26B - kit #5920, 1st edition (1995), open box, sealed contents - $30 Pro Modeler A-26B - same kit as above, sealed, $35 Monogram B-26 - kit #5506, 2nd edition (1989), open box, one sprue sealed, one not, not sure if it ever was - $30 Monogram A-18 High Tech - kit #5833 (1990), open box, open bags, it has the little fret of PE - $15 I am mainly looking for the Kitty Hawk F2H-2 and FJ-2/3 and will trade multiple kits for them. My interests are mainly
  2. Awesome, the more colorful the better!
  3. I agree, along with some H models if possible. Even ANG birds would be great!
  4. I had a couple of scammers contact me to claim they had what I was looking for. They used the same tactics as mentioned already. That sounded fishy to me, but the real big red flag was when they wanted $250 for a set of decals…
  5. I still have the Hornet available, and I’ve located all the kits I was looking for. Make an offer!
  6. I am looking for a complete sheet in good condition, as I want to build all three options. Thanks! Jay
  7. Bump. F-105 and both F-102’s sold. Only the Hornet left!
  8. Greetings! I have the following 1/48 aircraft for sale: Monogram AD-6 Skyraider - $12 SOLD Monogram F-105G Wild Weasel - $15 SOLD Monogram A-18 Hornet High Tech - $15 Revell Germany F-102A Case X Delta Dagger - $18 SOLD Monogram F-102A Case XX Delta Dagger - $18 SOLD All kits have been opened, and in most cases the inner bags have been opened as well. Decals and instructions and all present, and the photo-etch is present in the Hornet kit. Clear parts have been separately bagged, but likely will still have some imperfections. Because
  9. Jay,

    I have a meng e.

    Contact me at:






  10. The kit is open with sealed contents. I would to trade for one of the following: Meng F/A-18E Meng F/A-18F ICM B-26K Modelsvit F-82F/G Or any two of the following: Kitty Hawk FJ-3 Kitty Hawk F2H-2 Freedom F/A-20C Great Wall T-33A late IM with any questions/offers. Thanks.
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