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  1. Excellent! Thanks for the close ups! Gaz
  2. I can get stalled by some PE steps before me. Or if the parts don't fit, a la the older Eduard FW190's that had killer box art but none of the access hatches fit closed. Some kind of failure like using a putty to fill a million Trumpy rivets only to find that the suggested putty isn't hard enough once dry and sands away quicker than the surrounding plastic, and won't hold CA in place, either. Those failures turn into spare parts kits for me, and eventually I'll fight through the PE. But I hate to leave builds unfinished.
  3. I don't come to ARC very often, but it's cool to see your work on these Klingon vessels. Love your work! I always thought them the coolest of Start Trek. I built the Battlecruiser back in the 80's, long before I knew about weathering and color modulation. Even I wasn't impressed with my result. I'm inclined to try again. Gaz
  4. A lot depends on your paint. In my experience, Tamiya rarely clogs, whilst AK clog often. You can thin the paint, but at a point it becomes counter productive. For AK paints I keep a small bottle of glass cleaner/water 50/50 that I swish around the needle with a soft paintbrush when the tip starts to get dry... then I blow the wetness out before I resume painting.
  5. See...! I provided one for a competition this month, and regretted not buying two. Now it is a good thing I didn't buy a second one. I can buy the 'special' verion. Gaz
  6. The fuel tank was canvas and plywood. It wouldn't be soft like the wing of a Sopwith Camel. It would be firm but still canvas covered... That is if I'm understanding what you're trying to say. Gaz
  7. Nice looking Delta Dagger! My father was in Germany during Nam' as an armorer. I've got one of these I've been meaning to build for him. I'd better get cracking! Love the display! Gaz
  8. Keeto, Excellent model! If you hadn't mentioned the pen, I never would have guessed. Great dusty look! Gaz
  9. Jester, Thank you! Eric, I'm pleased you found some inspiration and useful information in my thread. Please send me a PM if you put any photos of your foiled F-89 online. I'd be very interested to see it. Best Wishes, Gaz
  10. I'm building the B-29 now. My first serious attempt at rescribing. Once I learned to scribe, things got better. I wasted a lot of time making and fixing mistakes. Finally I learned the right way to use CA to fill small errors. But there is more than scribing required. All of the engine cowlings are stepped, slightly remniscent of an Incan Pyramid. All of the turret barbettes are the wrong shape. The Hamilton standard spinners are too long and too wide and requiring reshaping. All fun, frustrating stuff. I've learned a lot about the big bird. Saddest thing I've learned is that It's
  11. To be honest, I'm more of a WWII guy. But I am so massively impressed by what I've seen in close up photos and the words of those few who've posted them, that I'll most likely buy one eventually. Gaz
  12. Gentlemen, Thank you for your replies and build efforts. It truly is one of the best made kits I've ever seen. This will make a great award. I just wish I had awarded myself, too. But, alas in compromise with the missus, I need to reduce the stash before I buy more. Thanks again, Gaz
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