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  1. Mr. Surfacer, the best... there is.
  2. A great model you build. Compliments from Holland EU.
  3. Hee Ya-Gabor, Your back.Nice version of the Mig-21. How is your MF...... Like always, great looking detail You do. Keep up save and modell on. Han
  4. No effects on Me. I don't travel to Euro model Expo in Lingen (Ger). They cancelled the show and got a new date in August. I have now time to build models.......Not seeing models and talk about it. ­čĄú
  5. 11Bee, THX. That is what I saw on footages and pics. Han
  6. Ok, The Hellcat is painted and decaled. But I saw some very usefull footages on youtube of Dk sea blue Catts. They were " clean" . Cept the US Navy then in good conditions in the late war time? Or what to do to pop-up the panel lines with out a toy look? Please need some help. Han
  7. Chris, Thank you. It helps me a lot. Han.
  8. Hi All, Last I asked about the blue paint of the Hellcat. Ok, found it. Will be H.77. But the ac I asked was no.35. I found a site from Aircraft Illustration from Mark Styling. The Hellcat has a white nose ring. Can anydody of You guys conform this? It has 5.25 kills, but has nit also the Japanese flag as a kill mark? Han K. Vroomshoop Holland EU
  9. Just building the Academy 1/72 scale Hellcat. A joy to build, after a small modeling crisis........ I make the all Navy blue F-6F-5 of VF.17 on board of USS Hornet. No. 35. Problem: I don't know witch BuNo it has, because of the 2nd light on the spine. Later Cats has 1 light on the spine, so...... After spending some time on the web, There where 2 versions of Navy blue. WW2 Blue and after 1948 Blue. (Dana Bell, hint hint). What do I need to paint the Cat? Got some Tamiya, Revell Aqua, Humbrol paint. Even got GS Thunderbird Blue...... Is there a website with more info
  10. Bulldog09, It was a pleasure to help You . I have some RV MiG in the stash. RV is now, a sort of, part of Kovazavody Prostejov. They also have a nice line of the MiG-21 family. I think the old owner of RV was Petr Muzikant and he's now running KP. But I don't know exactly. Han
  11. Hi Dave, Go to the site of Eduard. You can download there the instructions of there MiG-21MF kits. They have a very good color call-out. HTH. Han Krol
  12. Gabor, merry C´╗┐hristmas to you also. My activity also low. In january, a construction company will work on our rental house. New roof, solar collectors, new floor, isolation etc. We only move out the seats and kabinets. We will stay in our house. Han
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