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  3. Mr. Surfacer, the best... there is.
  4. A great model you build. Compliments from Holland EU.
  5. Hee Ya-Gabor, Your back.Nice version of the Mig-21. How is your MF...... Like always, great looking detail You do. Keep up save and modell on. Han
  6. No effects on Me. I don't travel to Euro model Expo in Lingen (Ger). They cancelled the show and got a new date in August. I have now time to build models.......Not seeing models and talk about it. 🤣
  7. 11Bee, THX. That is what I saw on footages and pics. Han
  8. Ok, The Hellcat is painted and decaled. But I saw some very usefull footages on youtube of Dk sea blue Catts. They were " clean" . Cept the US Navy then in good conditions in the late war time? Or what to do to pop-up the panel lines with out a toy look? Please need some help. Han
  9. Chris, Thank you. It helps me a lot. Han.
  10. Hi All, Last I asked about the blue paint of the Hellcat. Ok, found it. Will be H.77. But the ac I asked was no.35. I found a site from Aircraft Illustration from Mark Styling. The Hellcat has a white nose ring. Can anydody of You guys conform this? It has 5.25 kills, but has nit also the Japanese flag as a kill mark? Han K. Vroomshoop Holland EU
  11. Just building the Academy 1/72 scale Hellcat. A joy to build, after a small modeling crisis........ I make the all Navy blue F-6F-5 of VF.17 on board of USS Hornet. No. 35. Problem: I don't know witch BuNo it has, because of the 2nd light on the spine. Later Cats has 1 light on the spine, so...... After spending some time on the web, There where 2 versions of Navy blue. WW2 Blue and after 1948 Blue. (Dana Bell, hint hint). What do I need to paint the Cat? Got some Tamiya, Revell Aqua, Humbrol paint. Even got GS Thunderbird Blue...... Is there a website with more info
  12. Bulldog09, It was a pleasure to help You . I have some RV MiG in the stash. RV is now, a sort of, part of Kovazavody Prostejov. They also have a nice line of the MiG-21 family. I think the old owner of RV was Petr Muzikant and he's now running KP. But I don't know exactly. Han
  13. Hi Dave, Go to the site of Eduard. You can download there the instructions of there MiG-21MF kits. They have a very good color call-out. HTH. Han Krol
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