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  1. My shipment of decals from Hannants took 14 days from order date to mailbox on Vancouver Island in May. Cheers Bill Inglee
  2. You could try looking at Canadian vendors first. In the past when the dollar tanked, I would look inside the country first. Many vendors bought at a higher dollar and take some time to raise their prices. Cheers Bill Inglee
  3. The funny part is how my modelling adventures have prepared us for any coronavirus issues. I have n95 masks to wear when sanding resin. I have a box of rubber/whatever gloves to wear while painting. I have IPA to thin Tamiya paint. Biggest challenge was looking through the modelling desk without getting injured by falling objects. cheers Bill Inglee
  4. Most recent order was nine weeks from Hong Kong to Vancouver Island -- late June to mid/late August. Cheers Bill
  5. ES-3A from VQ-5 on the ramp at NAS Whidbey Island July 1997. Cheers Bill Inglee
  6. RCAF CH-148 Cyclone was in town yesterday for our local airshow.
  7. Except the Canadians add a wrinkle on the outside: Cheers Bill Inglee
  8. My first order from Lucky Model using the new system of low-cost shipping arrived today on the West Coast of Canada. At the early end of the projected timeline. All present and correct in a pristine box. Congratulations Raymond. Bill Inglee
  9. Hi, Amazon Canada has "A History of the Mediterranean Air War Vol. 3" on sale today as a Kindle book for $1.99. Looks like you can also get it on Amazon.com for $1.54 US. Great book and I was happy to see Vol 3 at such a good price. https://www.amazon.com/History-Mediterranean-Air-War-1940-1945/dp/B01K90LH4S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538261691&sr=8-1&keywords=A+History+of+the+Mediterranean+Air+War%2C+1940-1945%3A+Volume+3%3A+Tunisia+and+the+end+in+Africa%2C+November+1942+-+May+1943 Cheers Bill Inglee
  10. Hi, I used to attend the Friday daytime shows for their smaller crowds. They were my favourites. I attended one Friday evening show for work and was disappointed. From my point of view it wasn't a full show. The light can be nice for some photographs, but otherwise I found it fell short of my expectations. It reminded me of a carnival rather than an airshow -- if that makes sense. Cheers Bill Inglee
  11. I use one of these simple punches with 5 thou plastic to generate small discs as my first go-to. Putty is a last resort. Some kits end up looking like they have freckles. The punch sizes come close to most ejector-pin sizes. Cheers Bill Inglee http://www.leevalley.com/en/wood/page.aspx?p=51577&cat=1,43456
  12. MMP sprays nicely and levels out well if you get heavy handed -- ask me how I know. Dried to a flat finish over Stynylrez primer. Cheers Bill Inglee
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