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  1. Maybe ICM, they've been on a roll lately.
  2. I wish they'd upscale their awesome 1/72nd MiG-15 to 1/48. Then it wouldn't be asking too much to do MiG-17 as well. 😁
  3. Early 9-12 kit can be built as both early and late aircraft and it comes with corrected parts. From memory, the early kit doesn't come with R-73 missiles and APU-73 pylons but with four R-60s and APU-60 pylons. If you're after R-73s, Eduard Brassin set includes four R-73 pylons as well. Cheers, Miro.
  4. Hi, Title says it all, partial sheet would be good enough as well. I'm in Sydney, Australia and can do Paypal. Please PM me if you can help me out. Cheers, Miro.
  5. I've got Cold War MiG-25 RBT nose correction set and casting is fine, no bubbles, detail is consistent with ICM kit, no issues at all.
  6. Would you consider adding one or two options of RAAF F-111G as that's what some FB-111A aircraft ended up as. Cheers.
  7. I'd kill for 1/32 LN Strike and C Eagles sheets. There's absolutely nothing out there except old Eagle Strike sheet which is of dubious quality. Maybe combined 1/48 with only a couple of 1/32 options thrown in would help the sales. Afterburner used to do that with their Aggressor F-15/F-16 decals. Cheers.
  8. Hi,I'm looking for Icarus Decals 1/32 Hellenic Phantoms F-4E decals, sheet number is 32004.Please PM me if you have one for sale. Cheers, Miro.
  9. BuNo 160379, VF-41 Cat was Block 95 built machine and I'm pretty sure it should have two holed gun vent.
  10. No worries mate. If you can't find a part in question locally, I can help you out as I've built an Aggressor kit with PW engine and have a spare GE donut ring, but I'm in Australia.
  11. Block 25/32 comes with NSI intake, but it doesn't come with donut ring to fit GE nozzle, you'll need part H1 from either Aggressor kit or Block 50 kit to fit Aires nozzle.
  12. If you go for ANG kit, be aware that it doesn't come with donut ring for GE nozzle. Brassin GE nozzle comes with it though.
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