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  1. Greetings .... Quick update regarding this weekends contest/swap meet. We now have 51 vendors and 116 vendor tables secured We've also received confirmation that UMM-USA Unique Master Models will be in attendance. REMINDER - Doors open to the public at 8:00AM Eastern Standard Time Hope to see you all this weekend! RonY
  2. Dear ChesshireCat, Please note that IPMS Roscoe Turner has recently implemented a policy that states our vendors are to refrain from selling off to "table buyers" until 11:00AM so that the general public has an opportunity to shop their wares. Regards, RonY
  3. Dear fellow modeler, IPMS Roscoe Turner would like to personally invite you to our 27th Annual Model Contest and Swap Meet to be held in Indianapolis, IN on March 7th, 2020. Our event is one of the largest in the Midwest and we'd like you to be part of it. Highlights include: Lots to View .... We average 500+ model entries per year Lots of Shopping .... We have 40+ vendors and 100+ vendor tables committed for your shopping pleasure! Those attending include: Chiricodesign.com Modelrama Frost, Roy Philhower, Jim Cult TV Man Sabot Miniatures Hale, Tom Phillips, Jerry Cybermodeler Starfighter Decals Hanes, Bob Poi, Chuck Dean's Hobby Shop Toys Forever Models Harvey, Jim Schneider, Walt Fundakels 🙂 Anderson, Steve Hitzeman, Tom Sellers, Lance Hodge Hobbies Bishop, John Hudon, Tony Sexton, Ed Honor Flight of Indy Block, Alex Knight, David Stewart, Chuck Horners Hobbies Denny, Bill McCain, Brian Taylor, Kevin Last Cavalry Dosier, Randy McNeil, Ron Tunney, Jim Michigan Discount Models Doyle, David Meurer, Carl Wall, Jim Milam Models Ensing, Gordon Morris, Marion Model Prisoners Erickson, Dave Murphy, Tim Special Awards: Best 75th Anniversary WWII Stringer Hot Rod Shop Award - Best Automotive Stinger Studio 7 Award - "Stingers Favorite Model" Best Indianapolis 500 Theme Best WWII Japanese Easy Access .... Minutes from I-465 Early Access .... Doors open to the public at 8:00 am Onsite Food .... Online registration form .... Save the hassle of completing on-site. More time for shopping! Please follow us on Facebook at "Indy Roscoe Turner IPMS group" or on our website: http://www.ipmsroscoeturner.org/ We hope you will consider joining us, Ron Young IPMS Roscoe Turner Vendor Coordinator
  4. Hi Neil, Great news about the 737-200. Have you considered creating a version (alternate markings and any mods) for the USAF T-43? Thx, RonY
  5. I still have a FULL walk-around of the DHC Otter from the Navy Test Pilot School .... Just say the word Kursad. RonY
  6. Fantastic news. Thanks for the quick response Kursad!
  7. Hi Kursad, Any chance you could add the serial number and nose number for the C-133 that is still sitting at the former Chanute AFB in Rantoul, IL? Serial number is 56-2009 and the nose number is "2009". Spent alot of time in my youth hanging around this bird as my dad worked at the base for over 25 years. I've included a link to the latest pictures of this bird. http://www.warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=68884 I hope you can accommodate! Thank you, Ron Young
  8. Hello, Looking for the following F-14A decals for my 1/48 Tamiya Tomcat .... Specifically the scheme associated with VF-33. Would prefer just this scheme, but am willing to buy the whole sheet if necessary. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Furball Decals FURDS4809 1:48 Furball Aero Design F-14A F-14B Tomcat 'Colors and Markings of US Navy Tomcats' Part II VF-33, F-14A 160395, USS America, 1992 (AB 204) Thank you, RonY
  9. Hi Modelcollect, I have 13 hi-resolution close up pics of the HSAB taken in 2007. Will be glad to share if you'd like for reference.
  10. Hello, I have the following for sale: Caracal Decals - B-58 Hustler (CD48059) - $35.00 plus shipping Thanks for looking, RonY
  11. Thinning the herd ..... Shipping not included (will ship worldwide) Payment via PayPal No trades at this time. Please advise with ship-to zip code with your response. Send inquiries to rony270120@gmail.com Please, no PM's 1/48 Kits $16 Airfix, Spitfire PR.XIX (AO5119) $16 Classic Airframes, Fairey Battle Trainer (No.429) - Resin $25 Hasegawa, Mitsubishi F-2A (07227) $24 Revell, F-15E Strike Eagle (85-5511) $24 Tamiya, F4D-1 Skyray (61055) 1/48 Package Deals $25 Academy, Hawker Hunter FGA.9 Includes: Eduard photo-etch (48 233) Aires details set (4130) $38 Hasegawa, Typhoon Mk.1b "No. 137 Squardon" (09379) Includes: Aviaeology, Sharkmouth Typhoon (AOD48003) - 2 sets BarracudaCast, Mainwheel & Tailwheel (BR48043) Ultracast, Typhoon Radiator (48058) Ultracast, Typhoon/Tempest Seats (48072) Ultracast, Typhoon 4-blade Propeller & Spinner (48074) BlackMagic, Typhoon Mk.1b (CEBM48198CS) Squadron, Typhoon Canopy (9510) 1/72 Decals $10 Caracal Models, Beriev Be-12 "Chaika" (CD72038) 1/48 Decals $7 MAW Decals, Sieraa Hotel Sierras (48-MAW-006) $7 Cutting Edge, Hunters Part 2 (CED48044) $6 Berna Decals, Westland Sea King HC-4 Commando (BD 48-15) $3 Decals Carpena, RAF Type C1 - 18" - 36" - 54" (48.72) 1/72 Aftermarket $4 Quickboost, A3D-1/A3D-2 Skywarrior, Early Versions Tail Gun Turret (QB 72 205) x2 $2 Black Magic, A3D "Early" Skywarrior" Canopy/Wheel Hub Masks (CEBM72098) 1/48 Aftermarket $10 KMC, Spitfire Update Set (48-4003) - cockpit/engine $10 Adeco, Mosquito FB.VI Cockpit (MD-AD005) Misc $10 ProModeler DVD - Hasegawa F/A-18F Super Hornet Thanks for looking, RonY rony270120@gmail.com
  12. How about some TPS love .... I've got a full walk-around.
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