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  1. Funny and true story: An instructor at the same school that I went to for my A&P Certificate also owned a Mooney. Incidentally, the school did as well. One day while the Mooney was on the ramp, he insisted that it was IMPOSSIBLE to hand prop a Mooney and proceeded to grab the prop and pull it through. Sure enough, the engine started and with no one in the cockpit on the brakes it started down the ramp on its own! Fortunately some students were able to catch up to it, open the door, and get it stopped before it could do any damage. Yeah, that guy was a yutz. I have a
  2. Alfred Saurau's 'Yellow 6' with the eyes has always been a personal favorite of mine! I apologize if I misspelled his last name- Luftwaffe subjects and pilots are out of my normal subject range.
  3. I really enjoy watching the progress because it brings back a lot of memories. It looks really good so far!
  4. I remember Wings very well! I went there many times as a kid and later as an adult. I was sad when they finally closed. Maybe not the first hobby shop that I went to, but definitely one that holds a special place with me.
  5. I was thinking of this earlier today: the markings on the Skystriker remind me of the decals that Monogram put in their 1/72 and 1/144(?) 1/100(?) Snap Tite B-1 at one point. Looking at what I could find, I think that the Tamiya XF-8 would be the better option. That's just my opinion. So far what you have as a base color nails it from what I remember of it. The other thing I thought of... so are you going to follow this with a SU-47 Berkut modified to look like the Conquest?
  6. For the red, I would suggest Tamiya XF-7 in the little bottle or TS-8 Italian Red in the spray can, whichever you prefer. I'm not sure what would work for the blue. The only blue from Tamiya that I've used is TS-15 but I think it might be a little too dark compared to the stickers.
  7. Yes!! So I'm not the only one who's thought of this! I remember getting the G.I. Joe Tomcat for Christmas years ago when I was 7 or so. Landing gear that retracted, ejection seats with parachutes, what was not to love? I am looking forward to seeing how it looks!
  8. My apologies for being a little late! I got it. Reply sent. Thanks!
  9. Yes, the Furball Sundowners Anthology is beautiful! The thing is, I dug a Monogram Tomcat out of the stash and decided to build it (one less kit taking up space in the garage!). It will look fine when it's done but it's not going to be an all out effort. I didn't want to put really nice decals on a mediocre kit. I do plan on eventually doing a Tamiya/Furball Sundowners Tomcat sometime after the new year though!
  10. I almost forgot to offer: if anyone is working on Hellcats and needs references, feel free to send me a message! I have hundreds of photos of the F6F-3 and F6F-5 at Pensacola as well as the F6F-5 at the New England Air Museum. I also have photos of a restored R-2800. I have the illustrated parts catalog too. If you want to know what ever happened to a particular airplane, I have the list of all 12,000 something airframes that was compiled by Ted Darcy.
  11. I was wondering if anyone has the VF-111 Sundowners decals from the Pacific Fleet boxing of the 1/48 Hasegawa F-14 that they would be willing to part with. Any assistance is appreciate!
  12. I was wondering if anyone happened to have the VF-111 Sundowners decals from the 1/48 Pacific Fleet boxing of the Hasegawa Tomcat that they would be willing to part with. This is also in the Buy and Sell forum- I just wanted to get maximum exposure. Thanks!
  13. I did the Detail & Scale book on the Hellcat and would say that I'm picky on the kits that are available, but that article...dang! That's way more work than I'd ever want to do! I'm fine with the Hasegawa model just with a better cowling.
  14. In "The Giant Claw" those were probably the old box scale Revell models, many of which are currently available through Atlantis. He didn't make any mention of the C-54 that turns into a B-29 model when it crashes or the very roomy B-25 towards the end of the film. I have that movie by the way!
  15. I'm happy that it worked out for you! Unfortunately that Hobby Boss cowling has some serious shape errors so it won't get you the corrected cowling that you want.
  16. Others got to it before me. I saw that Hellcat cowling and knew exactly what it was. It also has shape errors so it isn't even a good replacement. I'm sorry that my response is a bit late and that it doesn't really help your situation. Maybe try to return it or, if nothing else, honest feedback on the seller's ebay store might at least help others avoid making the same mistake.
  17. Hey! That looks pretty good! I was using spare parts from a Monogram P-38 as a donor.
  18. My understanding was that Minicraft was the U.S. importer for Hasegawa and later Academy. Academy and Minicraft parted ways sometime in the late 1990s and became two separate companies. I heard only bad reviews about their 1/48 F4U-5/5N, and I have their 1/48 P-38 Lightning. It's probably one of the worst models that I've ever worked on. I bought it by mistake (thinking it was the Academy kit).
  19. For enamel paints that can be used on models and are officially mixed to federal standards, try Crosslinks Paints out of Dallas, Texas. Big ol' spray cans available and they're indistinguishable from Model Master. It's really nice to be able to spray stuff interior green without having to airbrush. My Dad used it on a 1/48 Hasegawa Hornet and placed it beside another that was airbrushed with the Model Master paints. If he hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known. Granted, this doesn't solve ALL of the paint replacement problems (like German WWII R.L.M. colors), but I can say that they do work we
  20. *Update* We have a winner! The Super Clean did the trick! Thank you to everyone who replied. The other suggestions are good to keep in mind just in case I ever need to try something different.
  21. I still remember it all well. The off-base housing (Sebille Manor) is long gone. Did you ever get to check out Land, Sea, and Air Hobbies off of Dequindre and Old Guard over by the GM Plant? And I almost forgot about War Eagle off of Gratiot..
  22. By the way, I was there and I remember these birds. My Dad was an air traffic controller at Selfridge until '95. One of the guys in the other squadron (the 127th), Maj. Tom Takai, was an active member of IPMS Warren. It was a great time there in Michigan.
  23. If I had the presence of mind, I would have attended Darren's presentation since I had the time. At least I got the preview! Darren and the Sprue Brothers crew was my source for why the aforementioned three didn't show.
  24. Thanks for all of the replies! I got some of the Super Clean today. It couldn't have been easier - I went to O'Reilly's Auto Parts and it was right across from the door! Today I have been battling bronchitis and power outages in 100+ degree heat, so I'm going to wait to try it out and report back.
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