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  1. Daniel_B

    Happy trails Hans Gruber

    Now and forever "Sitting on a beach, earning twenty-percent"...
  2. Daniel_B

    "Make Offer" on eBay

    I tried to buy something with this feature about a year ago. The seller was asking something like $40, I offered $32. Little while letter the seller sends me a counter-offer of 39.75. I bump mine up to 33, he comes back with 39.50. Since I didn't feel like exchanging a dozen more messages to finally settle somewhere in the middle, I just let it go. If you're that set on getting your price that you're only willing to come down 25 cents at a time, just set a firm BIN and don't waste people's time...
  3. Daniel_B


    LOL, I love how so many people still bring up Spygate who either have no real idea what actually happened, or just don't care enough to find out cuz they figure that something called "Spygate" must be really bad. The Patriots videotaped a defensive coach who was standing on the sidelines, in full view of 80,000 people, sending in coded signals. The rule they got punished for breaking didn't say that they couldn't do this--it said they could only do it from certain locations, which they weren't. Also, the rule wasn't put in place until 2006, so their first 3 SBs (2001, 2003, 2004) weren't covered by it. They could've had 50 cameras pointed at the other team's sideline during those years, and by NFL rules they wouldn't have been doing anything wrong. But hey, don't let an inconvenient fact or two get in the way of trying to invalidate something you didn't like. ;) (I'm not even a Patriots fan, and I can't stand Belichick, but in this case I'm glad they won cuz he's still far less of a cheat than Pete Carroll. Is USC off probation yet? At least when Belichick got caught he stuck around and dealt with the consequences, rather than running out of town 5 minutes ahead of the posse...)
  4. Daniel_B


    If the Seahawks had won, I would've said that the Patriots gave it away every bit as much as the Seahawks stepped up and took it. If that had happened, it would've been because NE's defense had been unable to stop an opponent from going ~80 yards in 2 minutes... (or 80 yards in 29 seconds at the end of the 1st half; Seattle has a good offense with some great players, but not many would describe it as "elite", and that's not what they hang their hat on), and also because NE had completely mismanaged the clock in the final minute and would've left themselves no time to do anything after Seattle scored, compared to having as much as 45-50 seconds left if they'd been smarter about it. In every close game there are things you can point to where one team got it right and won, and the other screwed it up and lost. Which ones you're going to pay attention to depend totally on who you wanted to win, and then that other group of things gets conveniently forgotten/ignored...
  5. Daniel_B


    Great game, but that final minute was a case of two (otherwise great) coaches trying to give a championship away, and only 1 of them succeeded. Everyone's justifiably talking about Seattle's playcall, but on 1st-and-goal from the 5 they ran it down to the 1, and the clock kept ticking. At that point, with ~55 seconds to go and 2 (or 3?) timeouts, they're absolutely going to have time to run 3 more plays, so for New England there's no advantage to letting the clock continue to run. They should've started taking their own TOs there, and even if it takes Seattle all 4 downs to score you're probably still going to have 35-40 seconds to try to get into position for at least a tying FG, compared to the 10-15 they would've had (after the kickoff) if Lynch HAD run it in on that 2nd down play. I'm not even a Patriots fan, but I'm still sitting there between those 1st and 2nd down plays, screaming at my TV: "Take a timeout. Take a timeout! TAKE A TIMEOUT!!" :lol:
  6. Daniel_B

    Anyone has experience with Hobbylinc?

    I generally use Sprue Brothers for kits and accessories, and hobbylinc for supplies. Always been satisfied with their prices and service, tho it can take them a few days to get the order packed and shipped.
  7. With the HB kit I never had time to go "OMG the intakes!!" cuz I never got past the point of "OMG the rivets!!" Filling all of those would probably take me more time than dealing with the few wonky fit issues on the Hasegawa kit, so I'm sticking with Hasegawa...
  8. Daniel_B

    CV-62 Independence kit.

    AFAIK all the 1/720 Italeri/Revell/Testors Forrestal-class kits have the identical plastic in the box--the only difference in them is the boxart and decals. And since you wouldn't want to use the kit decals anyway (get the Gold Medal Models 1/700 USN supercarrier sheet, which includes Indy markings) you can expand your search to boxings of the Forrestal, Saratoga, and Ranger, too. I'm in the process of building one of these kits as the Saratoga, circa Desert Storm, and I feel like I'm scratch-building the entire thing, because of the amount of modifications needed, and also because it's just very light on detail in general. But with that said, it's still very do-able, since the overall shapes of the kit's hull, flight deck, and island are pretty good. So they make a good starting point, and you just have to add or replace some of the sponsons and stuff that went thru several changes during the various overhauls and refits over the years. (Also, the kit's a/c are worthless; throw 'em out and replace 'em with ones from Trumpy... or Pitroad/Skywave, if you want a cheaper option.) Like Rich said, find out what time-period he wants, and once you've gotten a kit you can start figuring out what changes need to be made. Some good sources for reference pics: http://www.navsource.org/ http://www.defenseimagery.mil/index.htm http://navysite.de/cvn/cv62.htm (the cruise books on navysite.de are mostly full of pics of the crew and the liberty ports, but you can find some really valuable detail shots of the ship if you have the patience to look thru 'em...) --edit-- I forgot: there's also the 1/540 Revell kits. I've only ever seen Forrestal and Saratoga boxings, but again, the plastic's the same in both, and Starfighter Decals makes a 1/540 Indy sheet. But I'd still recommend the 1/720 kits if you can find one, if only cuz there's a lot more 1/700 aftermarket available for them...
  9. Daniel_B

    Something new for Tomcat fans

    Did they not do one for VF-84? Maybe cuz the Jolly Rogers lived on in -103?
  10. Daniel_B

    T-2 US NAVY Carrier landing!

    Looks like a great recovery--by the pilot and you! :thumbsup:/>
  11. Daniel_B

    A few aircraft carriers

    Apparently Independence and Constellation have already been sold for scrap, so you were lucky to see them while you had the chance...
  12. Daniel_B

    1/48 Hasegawa F-14B

    My method for avoiding major steps in the fuselage is to join the upper piece to the nose, like you did, then join the upper beaver tail to that. Then add the lower fuselage, and finally the lower beaver tail. Too late to help you on this one, but maybe if you ever build another you can give that a try.
  13. Daniel_B

    The Iowa-Class Battleships

    It's been a couple of months since I've been at the workbench. Warm weather and all. But I did get all the major parts of it out again a couple of nights ago to remind myself where I was at, and what the next few steps are. Hopefully I'll be back to work on it again soon. Even if it was the middle of January, tho, I think I might've been burned out for a few weeks after finishing all 20 of those 40mm mounts. Like I mentioned, the Niko ones are gorgeous, but just a little too big, IMO, and I decided to shorten them all up a bit. Trying to find a way to hold them so I could file down the underside without breaking any of the delicate resin details was... challenging.
  14. Daniel_B

    Hasegawa 1/48 F-14 Kits

    You don't need all that stuff. Get the kit, decals, Steel Beach bombracks, and you'll have everything you need (and 1 or 2 Hasegawa weapons sets, depending on how you wanna load it). Aires, Royale Resin, etc., are just nicer versions of things that are already in the kit.
  15. Daniel_B

    F-14 load out question

    Use that piece only if you're building an F-14A or B that was TARPS-capable. Otherwise, leave it off.