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  1. LOL! And in 1/48th scale that's a big Bone.... Cheers...Ron
  2. I emailed Bone Fragments earlier to ask about purchasing the new CRL and bomb bay gas tank....
  3. That's awesome work...especially in 72nd scale! I have the big 48th scale B-1 to build and I have a ton of aftermarket stuff for it but I doubt it will be as nice as yours. Cheers....Ron
  4. Some of the best sleep ever in those red seats! Cheers....Ron
  5. Great work on all of them! Happy New Year! Ron
  6. First off you fooled me! I thought it was going to be RF-5E jet! LOL! But...that is a very nice inflight F-5E photo lightning. I like the sprayed out invasion stripes as well. Happy New Year! Ron
  7. I like that re-worked and primed before paint look as well. I remember seeing B-52's and B-1's in the pattern at Tinker with no paint or partial primer on a test flight and thought "Wow...that's different" Happy New Year! Ron
  8. A "Wolfpack" D model from Kunsan! Very nice! When I was stationed at Kadena we'd go there and do our night blacked out landings in the MC-130. I always liked those blue/gray aggressors...going way back to the F-5E/F days. Great job! Happy New Year! Ron
  9. The first Strike Eagle I saw was on the ramp in Saudi during Desert Shield. They were brand new were just an impressive looking version of the fighter Eagle. In January the Iraqi's felt the wrath of the Eagle. Great job on your E model! Happy New Year! Ron
  10. That's an awesome start to a very cool A-7! Your next build should be a F-117 on the taxi way with it! Merry Christmas! Cheers...Ron
  11. That's a nice AWACS E-3! I would go up to Tinker and work their mobility deployments "ELF ONE" to Saudi. I moved AWACS cargo in the C-5 and they were at Kadena when I was there in the MC-130. The guy I work with flew AWACS at Tinker for a bunch of years and the NATO AWACS as a radio operator before going to MC-130's. I have thought about building him one inflight for his birthday next year. Great job! Cheers and Merry Christmas! Ron
  12. I'm with you Pete! My dad worked on the Lunar Module engines for Apollo 9 / 10 / 11 and it was a great engineering hurdle to get done by the end of 1969. I have enough stuff from my dad to open a Apollo museum myself. Always amazing to see the detail you put into your spacecraft. Jack King the voice of Apollo would approve... Cheers and Merry Christmas! Ron
  13. WOW! That is so cool! My dad worked on the Lunar Module and he took us to the Cape to watch Apollo 9-11 launch. Jack King...the voice of Apollo would approve! Apollo 8 was currently in orbit in 1968! Cheers...Ron
  14. That was cutting edge...I have the T1 Fulton nose and whiskers but they never made the tail warning reciever for the pre Mod 90 Talon to build it in the black and green (actually SAC bomber tan) scheme. I took the flightpath 72nd tail and enlarged it up to 48th scale and could probably build one from old resin blocks and plastic tube. I made the QRC-84-02 pods for the external tanks out of tube but that's as far as I got with a 48th MC-130E. I would build a J gunship though...J gunship training is moving here to Kirtland in another couple of years. Cheers...Ro
  15. I went to high school with Jan when my dad and Buzz moved back to Edwards AFB. Desert Senior High School. We went to different schools in Texas. We lived close by Ellington AFB in Houston. Cheers...Ron
  16. That's awesome! The last flight of the Gemini program...I think the next time Buzz flew was Apollo 11 to the moon! I have his autograph and went to high school with his daughter Jan. Cheers...Ron
  17. HH-3E and a Iranian AH-IJ Cobra gunship. Hauled a lot of them to Iran in the C-5! Cheers...Ron
  18. Awesome! 388th TFW at Korat! I have one to build as well...great job on yours! Cheers...Ron
  19. I remember seeing the first C-141A land at Edwards with the orange spike out of the radome. It was really loud with those TF-33's and gorgeous in the sun shining off the new aluminum. Years later I would "dead head" in the A model to go pick up a C-5 out in the Pacific that needed a crew. Empty with not much gas the 141 would get right off the runway and climb out super fast. I have pictures of the first "stretch" C-141B when it was at Altus. Never crewed the 141 but it was definately the workhorse of Militar Airlift Command. Cheers....Ron
  20. That would be awesome! I flew the MC-130P while assigned to the 17th SOS at Kadena and now it is back to being a AC-130J squadron at Cannon AFB. I hope they do a retro AC-130H with the 20mm guns the 40 and the 105mm guns for a Southeast Asia gunship too. Cheers...Ron
  21. I don't think they had a FLIR ball...I don't know if it could take the drag at a 500+ mph airspeed. I know they had bumps on the nose and SATCOM antennas. We had a MC-130J here at Kirtland that lost the lens to it's IDS and that was at 240 knots low level in northern NM. That was pretty expensive! Cheers...Ron
  22. WooHoo! If I can't do one up in 32nd scale I'm in for 1/48th! Cheers...Ron
  23. When my dad got stationed back at Edwards AFB after his tour with NASA our next door neighbor was Maj. Jerry Gentry...HL-10/M2-F2/3 pilot. Those models are cool! Cheers...Ron
  24. That's awesome! My dad was with NASA at Houston during the Apollo time. He worked on the lunar module engines for Apollo 9 / 10 and 11. I have his Grumman Lunar Module area access badge and his NASA badge. And his Grumman Lunar Module contractor model. Jack King (The voice of Apollo Launch Control) and Neil Armstrong would be proud! Cheers...Ron
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