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  1. I remember seeing the F-16A that was painted like that in the test team at Edwards...along with the A-10A and F-15A's in the day glow/air superiority blue. I built the old Hasagawa 32nd scale F-16 that was in that scheme. Great to see it revived! Cheers...Ron
  2. Gonna be awesome to see this come together! The 193rd is converting to the MC-130J. We are training them up here at Kirtland. The SOLO J models are being de-modded and I think one of their pilots said the Navy is getting them for something. Cheers...Ron
  3. That clear dome is the "bubble" that goes in the overhead hatch. We put them in the MC when we flew air intercepts against the F-15's at Kadena or the Korean F-4's. Gave a great view to scan for threats. The hatch mounted comm antenna has a swept back satellite antenna on it and the cables run back into the cargo compartment and plug in to the boxes on the right side. It's used for some specialized equipment that we carried extra crewmembers for. Cheers...Ron
  4. New prop domes are gloss black but as they fly and sit in the sun and fly through rain it dulls pretty quick to a semi gloss to eventually a flat black color. You could always tell whrn your airplane had a new prop installed! Cheers...Ron
  5. Not to take anything away from this but on May 17th the is a IMAX documentary about the Blue Angels coming to the IMAX theater near you! Cheers...Ron
  6. HAJO...email me! I have a lot of pictures of the Combat Talon 1. I also have a MC-130E dash 1 flight manual. aircommando130@comcast.net I'll be glad to help you out. I'm working on a Fulton nose T1 in 48th scale. Cheers...Ron
  7. The F-117 was truly an amazing airplane. Earned it's money during Desrt Storm and still 4 of them flying today! Another great workhorse from Lockheed! (I'm partial having flown the C-5A/B, C-130E MC-130P, MC-130H) Cheers...Ron
  8. That turned out awesome! I like the props with the yellow tips vs. the gray. Cheers...Ron
  9. The cuff where the blade flares out down to the prop dome is black too. Depending on how new the prop is kinda determines the shine of the black. Cheers....Ron
  10. There's for sure room for some "engineering" to make it stronger. I think I will build mine with just the fuel tank in the forward bomb bay and the other two empty like she's just sitting on the ramp at Ellworth enjoying the day waiting for her crew to go fly. Cheers...Ron
  11. I had bought the Metallic Details gear set (just the gear) on Ebay and then read later that it wouldn't support the built model. But if it will then that's good info. I was going to use the MD gear as a guide to try and put the brake lines on the kit gear but now I won't have to do that. I was in Oman and got pictures of "Seek and Destroy" that are on the Two Bobs decals. I want to build mine like that jet. The pilot took my American Flag on the mission with him. Cheers...Ron
  12. 2 seater in the red, white and blue origional "lightweight fighter" paint! I saw them at Edwards way back and though it looked really good. Cheers....Ron
  13. That's a gorgeous BA F-4J Scott! I have seen pictures with a few of those J's with short burner cans too. This is great info as well. Thank you to everybody for sharing info about a great aircraft. Cheers...Ron
  14. Swimmer that is a beautiful B-1B! I have a ton of aftermarket for mine too. And like a dumbass I bought the metallic details...just the landing gear only to find it won't support the model. I have a spare set of wings and the extended flap/slat set to do...hopefully I don't mess that up! The B-1 in 48th scale is really neglected as is the C-130. Maybe Reskit will do up some things to "trick it up" Cheers...Ron
  15. Love those "what if" paint schemes! Very god job...the weapons bays are just "wow"! I'm surprised nobody has done the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels in F-35's like the F-4E and F-4J days. Cheers...Ron
  16. That looks really good so far! Only critique I'd have is the IDS ball is just a bit further back and the radome has a horseshoe cutout so maintenance can open the radome to work on the radar with the IDS ball in place. Cheers...Ron
  17. Looks like it...the old E models I flew were that color. The MC-130 was black inside...miserable hot inside being stationed out in the Pacific. Then later the MC-130H was done in a dark gray color. Cheers...Ron
  18. Show us that install...I'm always amazed at people putting light into an aircraft model. Cheers...Ron
  19. That's super awesome! I see some VF-1 helmets in my future!
  20. If you ever heard a 105 light the burner with it's water injection and roar down the runway just the thought of it will forever put a smile on your face. One of the "sounds of freedom" I was able to witness! Cheers...Ron
  21. Awesome work on that Phantom! Oh....USN-RIO/ USAF-WSO for the backseat guys. Sorry...Air Force guy myself. Cheers....Ron
  22. Very cool! It should be sitting on a runway in northern Japan! LOL! Cheers...Ron
  23. Wow! That's awesome...lots of squadron tails without the airplane. I know the 161st out of Phoenix/AZ ANG had a 135 with the AZ flag painted on the whole tail. I've got some time under the boom on those ZZ coded 135's out of Kadena when I was stationed there in the 353rd SOW. Cheers...Ron
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