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  1. Awesome! I like NASA aircraft! Great job Cheers...Ron
  2. Change 1...not the predator but the reaper drone.....
  3. It's not called FLIR anymore....now it's IDS (Infared Detection Set). The MC/HC-J carry the one that's on the predator drone. Also has a laser in it to mark targets. It was called FLIR when I flew legacy MC's. Cheers...Ron
  4. I've said this before...I loved flying into Clark AB and seeing the shark nosed F-4E/G's of the 3rd TFW! A great job on yours and a nice reminder of days past. Now I need a icy cold San Miguel.... Cheers...Ron
  5. That's a good lookin Monogram Tomcat! I have one to build as well. VF-1 in the gray/white scheme...USS Enterprise Cheers...Ron
  6. Got the Talon guide you sent. It was awesome! We have 64-0559 here at Kirtland. The bottle nose T1's were with the 1st SOS at Kadena when I was out there (1993-1996) before they converted to the MC-130H. The flight deck does have the FE seat between the pilots and 2 Navigators sat side by side on the right side of the flight deck. The bunks were removed. In the cargo compartment up front by the bulkhead (FS 245) was where the radio operator and electronic warfare officer sat. Facing forward and they had a black curtain they could pull around them so it wou
  7. Wow that's looking good! I really like the Black Dog pieces too. Cheers...Ron
  8. Beautiful Combat Talon models!
  9. Looking very good! Wonder how many crewmembers had little girls from being close to that radar??! By the time you get it done you can put it back through depot to be re-engined to a B-52J model! LOL! Cheers...Ron
  10. The Black/green Talon (actually SAC bomber tan) had the full color 15" national insignia aft of the paratroop doors. Nothing on the wings upper or lower. The tail number on the tail was just the number with no USAF above it. Cheers...Ron
  11. The MC-130E also had the aerial refuling receptacle and the slipway markings were white. Next weekend at Hurlburt Field is the MC-130H Combat Talon II retirement ceremony. I remember seeing them being built at E-Systems at Greenville, Texas in 1989. Cheers...Ron
  12. There is a company that makes paint masks for the MC-130E black/green paint. There are enough pictures of that scheme on the net that you can do it. Markings they just had the tail number on the tail. No USAF above it and national insignia on the fuselage only. Just forward of the paratroop doors there were 8 slots for the old chaff dispensors. Prop foul lines from the wingtips to the nose. The 8th SOS is going back to being a MC-130J squadron. Cheers...Ron
  13. I think it would be possible. The Fulton nose would probably fit since the Zvezda kit has 3 radomes. The RWR tail would fit...the the QRC-84-02 pods will fit the external tanks. I think the kit has the GTC panel in addition to the APU extended wheel well pod. I have thought about doing the same thing but a T1 in Black/Green paint and no refueling pods. I have the flightpath pre MOD-90 Talon parts. We have 64-0559 here at Kirtland. Cheers...Ron
  14. Those are awesome herks! Really like the Israeli 130. I have the -30 and two of the E/H's to build. The -30 is gonna be a "what if" flying with Southwest Airlines Cargo. And the E/H will be a SEA painted one before that tail number was our slick herk at Kadena. The other may be a Israeli Herk from the Entebbee raid. Cheers...Ron
  15. That's awesome! Love those TopGun Skyhawks! Viper approves! Cheers...Ron
  16. You can get by with some thin angle on the door. They had some gusset plates every few feet to give it strength. The carriage rolled out on the door with the MA-1 rescue kit on it and then dropped all 5 bundles about 1 second apart.
  17. Greetings all...yes those are pictures from the old HC fuselage trainer here at Kirtland. She's long gone now. But he flare tube would hold the parachute flare in a spring loaded ejector. the lanyard hooked to a clip inside the tube to ignite the flare when it left the tube. That's a door on the outside...if it opened the flare would eject. It was powered by hydraulic pressure from the aircraft. There were 3 panels to fire flares. You can see some bolt holes on either side of the tubes where the ODS rail mounted to the door. We had the same flare launcher in the MC-130P bu
  18. Today is the anniversary of the first flight of the first production C-130A. April 7th 1955...and Lockheed is still sending the 130 down the production line! 53-3129 eventually became an AC-130A gunship and served time in with the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing with 16th SOS. She currently is on display at the AF Armament museum at Eglin AFB. Cheers...Ron
  19. Thanks for sharing those pictures! Some fantastic models there and it was among real airplanes so that makes it even better! Sooooo many favorites to choose from! Cheers...Ron
  20. Gorgeous Weasel...the wraparound scheme is one of my favorites too! Cheers...Ron
  21. I have the 32nd sheet and now the 1/48th! Very cool can't wait for it to arrive! Cheers...Ron
  22. Cool...a Clark Weasel! Loved flying into Clark and seeing the shark nosed F-4E/G's on the ramp. Your's is looking really good! Cheers...Ron
  23. 73-111 had a regular speedbrake with a stiffener on it. A model wheels were the black ones and if I remember ACES II seats after block 11?? Might have been later blocks but those air superiority blue Eagles were cool looking! Cheers...Ron
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