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  1. Sorry to dig up this old thread, but as the model is making slow progress on the bench, this second question also occurred to me. The copper/brass coloured canopy frames. Would my model of 76-022 of the 318FIS in 1984 have the copper effect or would it have been painted grey by then? Also, would the frames be black on the inside or copper? Cheers again and thanks! Roy
  2. If this is the same as the Italeri 1/48 F-4E/F/G kit then I'll also check over the weekend. I had a -G wreck somewhere in the shed and think I kept a few bits. I won't have the bit between canopies but I MAY have the windscreen. R
  3. Bump with request for any decals for a SP coded F-4G in euro 1 with sharksmouth
  4. Bumped and updated. Just got 3 big kits secondhand and need decals.....
  5. Thanks to jennings and Old Crew Dog for the quick replys and ikar for going to the trouble of posting the pics. Very nice! I added the serial in question to the original post, the airframe is 76-022 according to microscale and ESCI. Ikar, in your photo 135 seems to be dark and 124 seems to have white wheels, on the photo stream there is one of 76-141 in 318FIS colours with white wheels. I think that settles it for me! Cheers and thanks again all, Roy
  6. Hi all, When exactly did the F-15 wheels change from black to white? I've got an old Microscale sheet 72-456 with markings for an F-15A 76-022 of the 318FIS in 1984 that I plan to put on either an Airfix F-15A or old tool Hasegawa F-15C kit (which appears to be no different in config than the Airfix kit). I suspect the plane should have white wheels as the squadron tail marks and stencils are full colour but the national insig is lo-vis, but that's just a guess. I've googled it and seen models done with both. Which is a great help.... Found pics of 76-022 from 1978 with black wheels (and
  7. Need the following; Parts 110 & 111 forward cabin door; 79F main gear legs; 8f & 10F nosewheel; 75F & 78F main wheels x2; 80c main gear door; inner pylons for DC-130 drones; Decals for USN version of DC-130, don't think any aftermarket exist. If you can help with any or all of the above much appreciated. Cash waiting. Cheers, Roy
  8. Hi lads, Long time no login! Spectre711, thanks for the offer but Airfix re-released the set and I picked it up at the LHS. JFVicente, a pm is inbound! Cheers, Roy
  9. Danny, what are the 2 new 1/72 Magister kits you speak of? As an Irish modeller, I know all 3 1/48, all 4 1/72 and all 2 1/32 kits would sell plenty, even in our tiny country. Add in France, Germany, Israel and the other countries, and I have to ask, what's a CF-100 again? Is that a Super Sabre with Canuk markings?
  10. Hi Gary, That would be great. Date could also have been the 6th July 1983. Cheers, Roy
  11. This was a cool sight to a young teen in Ireland back in the day. They flew right over my house while plugged in. A conversation with a fellow modeller who saw them as well that day and has been trying to research it put me on the case as well. There was a rescue mission planned from Ramstien to rescue a sailor from a US Navy nuke sub approx 200 miles off the south coast of Ireland, on or about the 1st July (or possibly the 8th July) 1983. The mission was launched from Woodbridge, Suffolk, using 2 HH-53Cs (the local paper had them as CH-53s, but I do remember them air-air refuelling so they
  12. Thanks, that would be great. Cheers, Roy Oh, and added French navy roundels request.
  13. I think I have academy Fort Alamo decs, if I haven't traded them already. I'll check. Interested?
  14. Don't suppose you'd part with the Skyray and Demon canopies? I actually neeed those 2, but nothing else listed! Worth asking!
  15. Looking for a Humbrol (or Revell/Tamiya, that's all I can get my hands on here) paint match for the new all grey scheme on French Marine Super Etendards as per pic here; http://www.airliners.net/photo/France---Navy/Dassault-Super-Etendard/1372476/L/ I've got the decals thanks to Olimp but there is no info on what to paint the model.... Cheers in advance, Roy
  16. Traded again with Ken recently. As all the other times, perfect! Buy with confidence folks! Roy
  17. Yes, it's a great site. So many pointers back to here too!
  18. I may also have these if you are still stuck, I may have used the National insignia though....
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