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  1. Progress,,,,,,,,,,,,who'da thunk that one day, Prop wash would come in it's own bottle?
  2. That is what happens to me too. I get built past the cockpit,,,,,and realize that I didn't take photos,,,,and then think I didn't "do the group build thing right"
  3. haha, I knew that this thread would evolve Now we have a place to send newbies (they weren't noobs back then) to get us a bucket of prop wash. (and all the things that others will probably type in, lol)
  4. The same thing happened to me when the forum change-over happened. I have emails saying that I am fine,,,,,,,but, anytime I log in, the page at the to of the forum says I am under review. It has been months, so I gave up, and use it as "read-only", if I even bother to go and check anymore. I've got too many models to build, and a forum to migrate as a "read only" for my collection,,,,,I just don't have time to fight with it.
  5. thought?, builds?,,,,,sentences? funny Bill
  6. bungees,,,,,,thank you I was just about to do that thing where I walk around trying to think of something, and bumping into things from the distraction.
  7. riffraff has it right. There is a certain point that you want number 3 wire at as sharp an angle to number 4 as you can get it. I forget what they are called now (been a longggg time), but there are large "clip" like deals under each wire, that holds the wire up for the tail hook to catch it. They are in between the fairlead sheeves, so, the sheeves are anything to worry about,,,,,,just those guiding clips. You don't want number 3 to catch on that as it is retracted.
  8. And it will be cool once Kim fills in the missing parts for the F-4B.
  9. There is another tip in the photos posted above. Try to decide if any part that you think might be painted along with the rest of the paint scheme, but really shouldn't be. Notice the wingtip floats were done separately, that is because they could either block other areas of the model when painted in place, or sometimes a part might create currents that you won't want to have to deal with while painting the main body and wings of your aircraft. Paint things like that separate from the model, and add them later when you add the other tiny bits. You can still paint them in the same color session, though. Also, this is obvious to all of us old salts,,,,,,,but, before you paint items separate from the main model, have your adhesive figured out. You need to use your favorite something other than model cement if you are attaching to a painted surface. Model cement will make a real mess of a paint job, but not hold sufficiently to actually hold the pieces in place.
  10. ahh, cool I will order my usual "double of this, single of that" thing when the VF-73 and VF-173 sheet gets in, then.
  11. How did you do that? "the new ETA is somewhere around Nov 24" I ask only because I was waiting for them to be in stock before ordering, I have other sheets that I intend to have him ship in the same package, to save him some postage costs.
  12. Thanks for clarifying, Gerry. I will look for something different in the parts locker. Micro drilling would sure be fun, though, eh?
  13. So, for modeling purposes, this would just be a slot in the Phoenix pallet, with some representation of the 90 holes, is that right? oops, wrong direction,,,,a slice of plastic card glued on, with the 90 holes In my scale (1/72), I would just rob three of the photo etched chaff buckets from a Hasegawa kit, and surface glue them onto the Phoenix pallet, and let the PE thickness stand in for the "raised rectangle" that stands out from the pallet.
  14. Well, it does give me a chance to point out something often missed on F-4B nose discussions. Note that the late F-4B in the photos has the same "IR fairing* " as the F-4N, and NOT the same as the early F-4B actual IR fairing. ( * wasn't an IR fairing by then for about a decade or so) You can see that by looking at early and late F-4B shots of the nose, and noticing the "front end size, length and shape." Like everyone else, I have those parts labeled as "F-4N fairings" in my spares box, but, they were used on late F-4B before there was a Bee-Line project to even make the F-4N with. Just one of the many things that appeared on Late Bs, that got carried over into the F-4N program. And, for a quick ID,,,,if an F-4B had that style of IR fairing, it had the front two ECM under the intakes, the pinned innerwing leading edge flaps, the drooped flaps, and the slotted Stabilators. (unless someone has photos that I don't have, that show that fairing type without those other mods )
  15. I will agree with the "something fishy" part. BUT, I am starting to believe it is other people acting fishy, not AMK. Now, I build in 1/72, so I am obviously not as smart as 1/48 only guys. But, when someone posts a photo and says it is version 1, then the discussion goes on until that same person says there is a version 4 of the parts out there,,,,,,,and then people keep using version 1 or version 2 photos to slam the kit,,,,,,,,,,,it makes it seem like it is being done on purpose. (not saying it is on purpose, but, geeez, if a dumb lil 1/72 builder can read and "get" this,,,,1/48 guys should see it before I do) I only say this because this is an online "discussion", and everyone knows that every single person online is a shape and detail expert on every model subject ever produced,,,,,,,and that sort of implies that they "know" the difference between a version 1, 2, 3 and 4 of a model tooling. I hope there isn't toooo much outrage aimed at AMK for "giving up" on the online discussion,,,,,,,,,I bet there are only about 3 people in this thread that would show as much patience with the sniping,,,,before they'd give up and let everyone see what the model looks like when they open up the box they bought. And yes, before that gets typed, I do care,,,,,,,I have a project that will need one of each of the Tamiya kit and one AMK, when they are both able to sit on my bench next to each other.
  16. "hard balancing act" yep, that is true,,,,,,,,and even though it would still be hard,,,,,it would be much easier without being up on that wire with 12-gauges pointed at you meanwhile, I am going back to my wait for a couple of decal sheets, due out about the middle of November,,,,,,,,I like the guy and his products, a lot,,,,,,but, mannnn, if he is three days late,,,,,I'm going to,,,,,,,,,,,oh, wait, no I'm not,,,,,I will just wait a couple more. That sounds like I am comparing apples to oranges,,,,,,,,,,,but, if you do the "announcement to release" math,,,,,then getting those decals once planned for October, and having to wait until November is just about the same percentage.
  17. Bill, there is something else that goes with your cycle. In addition to just reading about modeler's opinions of what is wrong with a kit before it gets released, there is another factor. If the modelers are listened to, and corrections are made to the parts,,,,,,,,,that delays the production of the kit, and pushes back the release date. A "simple" thing like a decal printing error can cause a delay, as just happened to a popular decal company. A good quality product takes time. And as we have read for 135 pages,,,,,,it should be done and perfectly, yesterday, after something is pointed out after many many months of work. There no longer is a "right" way to do anything. Don't ask, and errors get pointed out when nothing can be done. Don't announce, and people howl about building some lesser kit just before the new one hit the shelves. Ask "how are we doing?" and unless everyone says "perfect",,,,,,then you have to delay to fix it, or release it with the errors. All to be done at the lowest possible price, so that the kit can be "shopped around" to save 3 nickles, or so that it is cheap 3 years later as a second hand kit. This is about kits that typically will see about 200 built of the 10,000, the other 9800 will sit in stashes and closets "waiting in line" behind 453 other models in each stash,,,,,and then the "how do I fix old AMK decals from 12 years ago" questions come out in the forums.
  18. Don't worry Delide,,,,,,I am far from a Shut Up And Build It kind of guy. I do understand that we need both Rivet Counters and OOB TLAR builders in this hobby. Mostly because if we assume a 50/50 split in those attitudes, losing either group would cut the pool of buyers in half. Here's a small laugh for you,,,,,,threads like this one just help prove my theory that modelers almost ALL want to be OOB builders. If a modeler was completely opposed to OOB,,,,,,then details and shapes wouldn't matter a bit. But, obviously, those two things matter a lot to a lot of modelers. That just has to mean that they want to open a model box, and have a great replica right Out Of the Box. (the very definition of OOB) Me?,,,,,,I like the "problems" with kits and the complete lack of decals for some units,,,,,,,that gives me a chance to correct some kits and be unique, and to create some squadrons and be unique.
  19. Geez, Delide,,,,,,,I didn't catch that you were being sarcastic. I had you firmly placed in the "Idjit file" after your post. (and it is quite a large file, you know) I'll pull you back out and into the "just joking" file. Sorry for that, but, even you must know that there are some people in this thread that have revealed their true agenda on all of this. ( one said "I hope so", when asked if he wanted people to avoid buying the kit) And none of that small group of fairly new posters is going to come on here and say "hey, now that I see it in person, it seems to look all right to me",,,,,even if the entire kit is re-tooled and released that way. (we will just see them with 147 other nicknames when another kit gets announced as up and coming, by either the same manufacturer or another one that is on the "hit-list" ) Stay tuned, because I bet that the next round is going to be new accounts taking shots at the resin and decal producers, for each product released that compliments this kit. And we NEED those guys to be successful, just to continue to have a friggin' hobby industry alive and well,,,,,,,even those of us that build in different scales.
  20. They look just like the decals that Testors had in their Top Gun boxings back when they boxed the Italeri toolings. At least this time Italeri re-tooled the A-4 slightly, to give an option without the hump. All Testors did was give us the Italeri A-4M (with the hump molded on), and some crude instructions for an "almost conversion" of the kit. (check that,,,,,,,this time they boxed up the Esci tooling instead of using their own old tooling) I need to get one of those boxes, to add to my "each 1/72 Skyhawk release" set of Scooters.
  21. oops, sorry,,,,,,,,I apologize I didn't look at the poster's country I'll be the first to admit that his English is better than my Danish. (I hate it when I do that)
  22. I know this is also OT But, I can't be the only one thinking that we need a link to the info that Area Rule is just an optical illusion. Entire aircraft programs were stopped, re-drawn, and then restarted to incorporate area rule into their design. And if this is supposed to be some optical Illusion,,,,,,it affected station diagrams as well. 70,000 built Phantom models all over the world would be affected by this, just by themselves. (sorry folks,,,,,,I thought "cough,,,,,,,BS" would be too rude to just type out, lol)
  23. agree, Habu that post just couldn't mean what I thought it said If it does, and it were true,,,,,,,,I have a serious problem with my old F-102 models, the F-106s, the Phantoms,,,,,,geez,,,,omg, my F-11 Tigers are alllll screwed up
  24. Well, it better not be someone building in the Hole, while his buddy is watching for incoming. I have this vision of a guy trying to get decals to stick on his model, while it is raining in Vietnam, or some such, and giving away the position to the enemy as he yells in frustration as he tries to figure out what Future was called in Vietnam in 1968.
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