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  1. Some odd things on the paint sheet, it's showing 2 satcom dish antennas and a weather radar which are CV-22 items (that I know of)
  2. I've been gathering some references for an HK strafer kit and keep coming across the mention that forward combat units weren't permitted have nose art. Most of the Navy and Marine pictures just show black or white numbers on the forward fuselage.
  3. You could opt for just the nozzles and skip the afterburner can sections dropping the price in half for you.
  4. 1/48 F3D Skyknight 1/48 HH-3 1/48 A-1E 1/72 P2V 1/72 P-3
  5. Damn, I was going to be content only thinking that they were doing a -B...now I'll be patiently waiting longer for the -R and -J too.
  6. Used to have success with them but that was years ago. It always since seemed when I thought I was getting a deal on a kit I would later see it on the list of kits where the deals didn't apply to.
  7. pics look much better here than on Facebook, great work
  8. The Vallejo medium gray is much too dark for my liking. On my F-14s I toned it down a bit with the dark ghost grey until I was satisfied.
  9. The double mains on the Viggen, SU-34 and Mig 31
  10. Flying Leathernecks is working on a new Harrier sheet, should check with Dave on if it might be included.
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