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  1. I'm seeing it missing on several 104th Fighter Wing aircraft from around 2010 through 2017. They recently have received Kadena C's but thats very recent. The decal sheet I have dates the aircraft at 2011 (85-0118) and I've got some of my own reference shots from 2014 of that aircraft without the ECS vents, for reference here are some of Ken Middleton's photos of that aircraft missing the ECS vent and a visible patch panel F-15C 85-0118 This and many of their wing at the time looks like they are pre PASS modifications as the instrument panels lack the big added corner for the new
  2. Initial stages of going over some research for an F-15C build. I know that some aircraft initially had the round ECS vent below the rear canopy edge and then had it deleted as the system was modified (I have references for F-15cs up to 2014 without the exhaust vent) As of 2016 it looks like it was back on according to pictures. Was this a modification when F-15Cs went through the PASS upgrade? Thanks
  3. They had that same missing sprue issue when the 2nd F-14A boxing was released too
  4. Have a good photo of that jet returning to the ramp because one of the intake ramps was stuck in the up position...
  5. Kits are all unstarted, some have bags opened for parts inspection. 1/32 21st Century F4U-1A/D w/Eduard interior and exterior sets (for the Trumpeter kit but can be used to dress up the kit parts) $30 1/48 Trumpeter Wyvern S4 Late $30 1/48 HobbyBoss F4U-4 Early $30 1/48 Kinetic SU-33 $65 Thanks for looking. Only trades at this time are Dora Wings P-47B, P-47C and Miniart P-47D Peter
  6. According to those guys they were slated to get the EXs but recently it was changed to F-35s. Might have to do a tour of F-15 performances around the country to see them before they all disappear.
  7. Just spoke with some maintainers from Oregon's 142nd at London this past weekend, they are disappointed with the decision to move forward with Fat Amy over the EXs.
  8. Great shot Steven, good shooting with you.
  9. Was at the show, was very shocking to see but can't tell you how happy I am that nobody was injured.
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