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  1. The preliminary report is out https://app.ntsb.gov/pdfgenerator/ReportGeneratorFile.ashx?EventID=20191002X11326&AKey=1&RType=Prelim&IType=MA Pretty good summary here:
  2. By flying them around the country they are bringing the museums to the people. Even to many people who wouldn't otherwise even go to a museum to see one. How many museums let you crawl through the aircraft on display? The term Living History Flight Experiences mean just that, it's living a semblance of history.
  3. way to be positive dude...
  4. I like it, maybe it can still get kitted...
  5. Many of the people that Terry and Anthony have contacted about building are members of the forum. Most have been posting on other media because of the ease of getting photos up vs here.
  6. Oh and ps, there are no lines on the individual canopy parts.
  7. No, Dave and Terry really are on to something. I'm literally looking at the part right now and am only seeing 2 mold lines to remove, just like almost every other modern aircraft canopy. The molds are aligned really well at both ends.
  8. Sio has mentioned that there will be an A and then a B afterwards.
  9. Different company Gary. GWH is a different company
  10. I think the weasel crews said it best.
  11. There will be a few there..
  12. Working through the sprues one by one I think until they get the quality they are striving for while trying to meet other deadlines. Typical project management headaches to deal with.
  13. Hobby Search has had some more unique choices sometimes. I picked up a sheet that had a number of schemes, included the one I wanted VF-2 in their final version. Decal 2 for F-14D Tomcat
  14. Sio has mentioned that there are some test shots still in the system and that's what the initial display builders will encounter while they fine tune the whole pipeline for mass manufacturing and delivery.
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