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  1. Flying Leathernecks is working on a new Harrier sheet, should check with Dave on if it might be included.
  2. I can't support this enough. Now we are seeing the potential loss of millions to the service industry and the closure of so many small businesses, no proposal for 1000 a month will fix that loss.
  3. That's a serious downer Darren. I'll miss seeing the new details that come out of that workshop. The 1/48 and 1/32 US Navy parts really hit a niche that many others failed to tackle at a price for those of us who just like to build. I'm pretty sure that my 15 Tamiya cats have at least 1 Steelbeach set to go with. I hope things get settled and that you get the bug to start again all the sooner. -Peter
  4. $47 to ship a Monogram B-17 to California from Mass $30 to ship a 1/32 Tamiya Spit from Oregon to Mass That was one hell of an increase.
  5. 1 fits together, the other doesn't
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