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  1. US buyers, can I ask a favor?

    You can see a price when you look at the "seller's other items" view.
  2. Stash Reduction FS/FT

    Some leftover Cutting Edge F-4E console and IP parts are included.
  3. Stash Reduction FS/FT

    Instructions are scans that I made and cross checked against all the airframe parts (highlighted)
  4. I have a few items in various scales FS/FT. Located in Massachusetts. Shipping not included. via USPS. Boxes have some shelf wear but are otherwise complete. 1/144 Roden C-141B - $25 1/72 Hasegawa F-15 (older F-15 parts missing, extras included to build modern F-15E, plastic late wheels, LAU-128 Rails, Wolfpack CFTs, Modern Hobby Ejection Seats, Sniper and Nav Pods, Daco decals) - $30 1/32 Tamiya F-4C/D Builders kit w/Aires exhausts and Techmod F-4D Decals. Kit was started when it arrived, work is done on the small fuselage parts, wing center section, drop tanks and a few instrument panel parts (painted grey). The intake and exhaust parts were removed in prep for better painting. Fuselage has not been joined to wing, still plenty of work to be done. All airframe parts bagged and accounted for, no weapons. -$60 (I can send pics if you're interested) Sold 1/48 Goffy S-3 Bomb/Wheel Bay Detail Set - $40 obo Sold Looking for any of these: 1/48 Hasegawa A-4N 1/48 Hasegawa TA-4 1/48 Kinetic F/A-18A+/B / CF-188 1/48 CAM 48-089 S-3B VS-41 decals Thanks for looking Peter
  5. Bad day for a helo driver

    Wonder if a new flight suit was needed after having your legs hanging outside when it happened...
  6. Kitty Hawk 1/35th scale MH-6J

    Floyd, can you elaborate based on your FB post about an additional sheet for specific Gothic Serpent Little Birds?
  7. 2018 Airshow London, Sept 6-8

    hopefully they can get a lineup like last year's.
  8. S-3 Viking 1/48

    that's what the folding wings and tail are for...