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  1. After finally seeing a real one in person this weekend I'm really looking forward to that Pavehawk
  2. zerosystem

    Aftermarket 1/144 B-36 decals?

    I can if nobody closer to you steps up. I've got the RB-36 kit which has all of the parts for the other versions (except the FICON variant).
  3. zerosystem

    Aftermarket 1/144 B-36 decals?

    a 1/144 sheet would be nice...
  4. zerosystem

    Top Gun 2 Production begins

    yeah, I lost that lovin' feeling...
  5. Just received my order from HLJ for the newest Fine Molds boxing for their F-14. Has anybody else picked up the kit and noticed anything? I was going through the instructions and thought that I had missed something and went back to the box and sure enough the forward fuselage sprue and the intake/exhaust sprue are missing. Now I've been known to misplace parts but not usually right out of the box during inspection. Anyone else? Thanks, Peter
  6. zerosystem

    Couple FS/FT

  7. Time for some stash clearing. Located in Massachusetts and would prefer to keep sales/trades in the states because of the shipping costs. 1/32 Trumpeter F-14D (some loose parts (wings, cockpit tub) - $120 -- sold 1/32 Trumpeter EA-18G (missing kit weapons), with AMS Jamming Pods, Super Bug SJU-17 Seats, Olimp Exhausts, Rhino Intakes, Steel Beach EA-18 Update and Throttle, and Eduard -E exterior (for the mesh vents for the nose gear doors) - $225 obo 1/72 Hasegawa F-15E (prototype boxing), with Wolfpack production CFTs, Resin Targeting and Nav pods, Late wheels and Ejection Seats - $25 Willing to trade for: 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1D 1/48 Hasegawa/Eduard F-8 1/48 GWH SU-35 Thanks for looking, Peter
  8. zerosystem

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    "AMK, this is Tamiya requesting a flyby... Negative Tamiya, our patterns are set" *Tamiya releases F-14D "...goddamn that guy"
  9. zerosystem

    Luckymodel email

    Same on both, duplicate emails today and a erroneous shipment notice yesterday.
  10. I'm hearing it was headed for Davis Monthan.
  11. zerosystem

    Decals for 1/144 P-3 Orions / CP-140 Auroras

    I've been picking up a few of these when found affordably Tomytec P-3 It would be great to have some later USN decal options...
  12. zerosystem

    2018 Thunder over Michigan Air Show, Aug 25-26

    They need a Phantom...
  13. zerosystem

    1/24 Kinetic P-47 Razorback

    Thanks all. I'm in the process of repairing the paint on the reset stab. I tried the hot tap water technique on the vertical stab but it didn't want to budge much, just flex.
  14. zerosystem

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    phrasing? Psyched for a Tamiya F-14D though
  15. zerosystem

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    or the HUD differences