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  1. They do tend to miss some areas on that show...they will spend a full half of a show to tell you how a peanut is made but when it comes to something more complex like a car you only see a body and engine coming together with 5 minutes left to go in the show.
  2. zerosystem

    What ever happened to Red Star Scale Models???

    These guys? https://redstarhobbies.com/
  3. zerosystem

    Reducing The Stash!

    Oh I'm good, just wondering if you are going. Found a Wolfpack f-15E update if you're looking.
  4. zerosystem

    Reducing The Stash!

  5. zerosystem

    Thunder over Michigan 2019, Aug 3 & 4

    Is the #57 racer still flying?
  6. Hey Dave, Any updates on these?
  7. zerosystem

    Hobby Boss 1/48 A-10A nose issue?

    To a level I disagree, the canopy edge has the forward rake that was missing from the 1/32 kit. The obvious difference being that the fuselage isn't split into a forward and rear section like the big one. There are some differences with the engine internals too.
  8. update bump, sold items removed
  9. zerosystem

    FS 1/48 kits

    Disappointing, and right along with the modelplaneseller fiasco too. I paid with a MO too.
  10. zerosystem

    FS 1/48 kits

    Thanks for the update Josh, here's to a speedy recovery.
  11. zerosystem

    FS 1/48 kits

    Anybody hear from Josh lately?
  12. zerosystem

    Tax man has arrived at SB