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  1. If you happen to have the Academy "AH"-60L and are building it as such I'd like to buy some spare parts for the MH-60G kit. Specifically looking for offset radar mounting parts from the "G" sprue, G41, G42 are the important ones and the SATCOM parts G23 and G28. Please let me know if you happen to have the parts and what you're asking for them. Thanks, Peter
  2. Was that AMK or the vendor? AFAIK that only reportedly happened with 1 vendor so I'm thinking that wasn't AMK.
  3. You're on the right track but I was thinking more of:
  4. Those images look a little different than the previous ones, these ones look more like the first molds with the "wider hips" . The forward fuselage also doesn't appear to be a short either in these ones.
  5. Think of how much longer we could have made this thread with memes and gifs.
  6. That's the same seller that got me. I saw (after purchase) that his feedback was terrible and had many different seller names for different items. I waited for the allowed tracking time to show up but saw the delivery in a different state, reported to Ebay and they immediately refunded the sale.
  7. Agreed, if it was something like a BF-109 or P-51 this would have all been moot
  8. Got too many, yet I still find myself getting more. Shipping from 02066 not included. PP and Money Orders are accepted. Here's what I've got FS: Kits 1/48: Kopro Su-25K w/Eduard Exterior set, Brassin pylons, SAC metal gear, Quickboost seat, Quickboost scoops, Scale Resin wheels, Master pitot and Authentic digital decals $65 1/72 Italeri C-130H w/Flightpath PE $40 Hasegawa F-15E w/Wolfpack F-15 update set, other am details $20 Aftermarket 1/35 Cobra Company UH-60M Conversion Set (CC35033) - $50 1/48 Caracal F-15E Lakenheath Strike Eagles $10 1/48 Two Bobs F-15E TBolts Rule $10 Thanks for looking
  9. Wish I didn't have to work this year...
  10. Looks like the ifr probe position has been adjusted.
  11. Thanks Chris, I had thought at one point you had said you were going to try and get the ballistic panels into the set once. Hope things are improving. Tim, PM sent.
  12. Would anyone happen to have a PDF or scan of the Cobra Company MH-60M conversion set? I found the resin for what I think was one of the early releases without the nose or ballistic mats. Thanks, Peter
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