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  1. Others will have more than me Dave but in short, new sponson fuel tanks, radar nose (new clear nose section depending on the kit), refueling probe, flir, external pod for the side of the fuselage, forward rotor "pylon" is a little different, exhaust shrouds and lots of various lumps and bumps for sensors, flare and chaff launchers. MH-47G Vs CH-47F
  2. Xtream Modelers Studio has said their conversion is complete and available for sale but I haven't heard anything about payment methods for ordering.
  3. I do have them Curt, message me your address and I'll get them shipped tomorrow.
  4. If you need a spare canopy Curt I think I have the spare halves somewhere in the stash.
  5. A buccaneer kit that won't require a bench vise to close the fuselage???
  6. The "batwing" antenna is a pretty good indicator though.
  7. I use both but tend to trust more of the forum conversations. FB tends to have more people that don't seem interested in much of their own basic research. I'd like to echo John's statement about being able to more easily post images but the quality of discussion is limited by the viewers who don't bother reading most of the comments.
  8. More stash clearing. Kits are complete, and parts are unopened unless otherwise noted, shipping from 02066 not included. Let me know if you've got any questions 1/32 ICM PT-17 Stearman - $60 1/48 Hobbyboss Tornado ECR (Missing GR4 sensors and ALARM missiles, decals cut to fit smaller box). - $35 1/48 Tamiya FW-190D9 - $15 1/72 Hasegawa PBJ-1J - $45 Ships: 1/700 Samek Light Cruiser Leipzig -$30 1/700 Dragon USS Antietam CV-26 - $40 1/700 Trumpeter HMS Barham 1941 w/WEM etch - $45 1/350 Academy USS Indianapolis w/GMM etch - $90 Only looking for the
  9. Not the Phoenix sheet but the Zotz sheet has a VF-1 option and is in stock at Sprue Brothers: https://spruebrothers.com/ztz32079-1-32-zotz-decals-f-14a-tomcat-part-2-vf-1-vf-33-vf-41/
  10. Gekko, are you still adding the nose window replacement parts for those who have the Italeri CH-47A, C or F kits that don't have the radar nose molding?
  11. I'd take a AC-130U or AC-130J, maybe one of the MC-Js too if they boxed any of them.
  12. Has Zvezda announced other boxings of it? Most of the special operations C-130J (versions) have the short fuselages.
  13. I think you can find plenty of photos of non radar equipped PBJs. The Navy markings weren't much more than black or white fuselage numbers, nose art was supposedly forbidden in the front line areas.
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