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  1. Looks great and grimey, just like the CAF bugs
  2. Have you taken your complaints to the Consumer Financial Bureau? I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.
  3. Tom's build in GWH's post above doesn't show it. None of the 4 that were at my local show last year had it, didn't see it on my own. All I can tell you, maybe we just all found a way to deal with it.
  4. Because I've actually built the kit and am happy to point out where there are issues and where others are just made up.
  5. Shion won’t go near the kit, just likes diving down into different builds to find dirt to post about here.
  6. Not so much as a new year I'm looking forward to but just a new topic.....
  7. Really? This angle doesn't seem to be represented in pictures that I've seen.
  8. Darren, use a razor saw and make 2 cuts along the "shelf" where the rear of the canopy sits, you can spread the sidewalls to match the rear fuselage.
  9. so is every criticism you've tried to make
  10. You think that there is a conspiracy with the builders? You really want to bury the company don't you...
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