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  1. Dayuum
  2. Congrats Steven, Any advise on getting over the hurdle between shooting aircraft and writing about shooting aircraft?
  3. The fit of the wings to the fuselage is troublesome to get located correctly and the multipart canopy windscreen/canopy is difficult to assemble.
  4. the judges wouldn't ever believe those exhausts...
  5. Some of Hal's local friends would like to introduce him to a door or two...
  6. 105 sticking out of the back? Just seems to ruin the gunship mojo.
  7. I forgot to add the part about using Kursad's excellent sheet ;-)
  8. Phoenix makes them as well, you'll still need to source the 107 though:
  9. Didn't have many issues with mine, the burner seam is a bit unsightly and some care is needed making sure the missile bay is seated properly so that all of the hinges line up it was a pretty straight forward build. I wasn't able to successfully pose the canopy closed and it's really hard to get it cleanly glued in the raised position (and frame/clear piece joint was a pain). Managed to win some awards with it though.
  10. On the other hand with the slats up, no mythical slat wells to be fixed ;-)
  11. Clear wingtip and fuselage lights that don't match the wing/fuselage shape.
  12. PVD is nice, Pittsburgh was really nice. All I know is that I hate Newark and O'Hare
  13. Wolfpak is still showing them as available and not OOP as their previous run had been shown as.
  14. I spoke with some of Hal Sr's family members at his funeral Friday and they wanted to extend their sincere thanks for the outpouring of well wishes and support through all of this. They were touched at the number of people that reached out.
  15. bump prices lowered