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  1. twong, I have the UH-1D .50 cal. parts for you! PM me your address, I’ll get them to you early next weeks! Bob.
  2. captured japanese zero - - - colors?

    Intreagued by the post, not sure if this is the Zero you are referring... very interesting! http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev2/1301-1400/Rev1331-YHD32014/00.shtm
  3. Anyone out there have any unused 1/48 F-16 data decals they are willing to part with? I have a Hasegawa kit almost completed although need data decals including US roundels. I’ll be happy to wheel & deal, and will pay shipping to 81637 Please help! Thanks in adance for any help! Bob
  4. What'd ya see today???

    VP leaving Eagle County Regional Airport, Colorado
  5. Operation Gothic Serpent Aircraft references

    Looks like a 369/500e tail. Haven’t seen the on a US H-6. Very interesting.. nice catch!
  6. Keep an eye on the mailbox..there is a thumb drive headed your way...sorry it took so long!

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      Dont apologize, but I will not get it.  The post office hes not forwarded anything to my new address despite me dont the proper notifications.  My new Address is:  Dave Rosenthal, 285 Blackjack Oak Drive W, Richmond Hill GA 31324.  Thanks again.  Means a lot!!!!

    3. huey_crew_chief


      I GOT IT!!  No need to send anything.  Thank you so much brother.  I cant wait to look at them!  Dave

    4. silva963



  7. 1/48 CH-53E

    Tank, you don't by chance wish wish to sell or trade for that CH, do you? 😂🤣 Thanks for looking!👍🏽
  8. 1/48 CH-53E

    Does anyone know if the Academy 1/48 MH-53 can be converted to CH-53E? I have a friend and his wife who both recently retired USMC as 53 pilots... wanted to build them a desk model of helo they flew. I'm thinking one half of the helo in each of their aircraft markings😁 Im not familiar with either of these kits.. Any info would be appiciated.. can't believe the prices some are asking for the Academy 1/48 CH-53E😳 I get its discontinued but $800.00 plus.... I don't think so!! Respectfully, Bob
  9. What'd ya see today???

    Saw these guys here last Friday at Eagle County Regional Airport Colorado.
  10. I have the following books, sitting in a cabinet. If you are interested in any of them please make a reasonable offer.. most books are in great shape, a few of them have wear a tear from multiple readings, use. I may be up for trade or trades, interest is primarily 1/48 helicopters and accessories. I am also interested in 1/72 CH-47, Blackhawks, or CH-53E for upcoming project!! Thank for looking. I hope someone can use some of these books!! Thanks for looking!! Bob
  11. I was asked to share this photo in this thread! MH-6M from Alpha Company, TF1-160th SOAR(A) training @ HAATS in Colorado..
  12. Werner's Wings 48-12 and 35-14 UH-60/ AH-64 Skis

    Here is a no ski, Blackhawk landing in the snow! 😁
  13. LTTF 1/48 parts

    Are you still looking for the following? If you let me know exactly which pieces I may be able to help..I'm working on a MH-6 & 530, may have the parts you are looking for left over!! LTTF Clear parts from Academy 1/48 500 MD. Looking for the non tinted clear parts, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8 & C9 Bob
  14. What'd ya see today???

    Another training day at HAATS! In Colorado!!
  15. Recently completed KH 1/48 UH-1Y

    I'm sure there is a much better way, although I drilled laterally through thin walled brass tubing. Cut 2 pieces of tubing to width. Incerted styrene rod through drilled hole on one piece cut the other in half, through the previous drilled hole, providing a pin on either side for positioning. It was a pain in the you know what!! I believe It resulted in a very convincing antenna. Thanks for the comment and question!! Bob