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  1. I've heard of people using glued on stretched sprue, thin wire, and even hair. I have in the past repaired small sections by taped both sides of where I wanted the raised panel line, filled the gap between the tape with putty, let dry, sanded the top even with the tape. removed the tape, shot primer over it to keep it stable. It produced a decent repair!
  2. I am soooo sorry to hear this news. I find myself without words, thinking of your sweet baby girl, and the hurt your family and yourself must be enduring. She has reminded me how fragile life is, and how fast our loved ones can be taken from us. This little one must have been like the most brilliant and beautiful shooting star a person has ever seen. There will never be another as beautiful, quite as bright, nor will it touch you in the same way. You will always seek seeing another one like it, although you will not, as there was only one as fast, as beautiful, and as bright. One day I hope you and your family are reunited with you beautiful baby girl, when you see her again, I'm sure she will take your breath away. My deepest sympathies to you and your entire family. We may have never met, although the story of you daughter has touched me. I hope I will be reminded of her each time I see a shooting star. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Bob In Colorado
  3. Engines are different. OH-58D Allison 250-C30R OH-58A Allison 250-C18 C30 is more powerful althogh they look very similar! Good luck!!
  4. Hello all, this may be a long shot although in looking for parts from 1/32 EC-145 or UH-72. I must have lost some parts in my last move, it'll save me time if someone has them and not using them... im looking for: Tail mounted VOR antennas, UHF/VHF Antenna above the cabin. Wiper arm and blade for windscreen Tail cap for Lakota upper & lower wire strike devices External hoist and Bear Paws. I really don't feel like building these parts...😉 That or if someone has a 1/32 Revell UH-72 they wish to reasonably offload, please contact me! Easiest may be by email: Thanks all, be safe! Bob
  5. I have used Brake fluid, it makes the plastic supper brittle... If you have any option, Soda blasting with sodium bicarbonate, cheap and fast if you have an air compressor!! works great.... Thats my two cents worth!! Good luck, enjoy!!
  6. I have a few in 1/48, I may be convinced into parting with one, as long as it goes to a good, loving home😁 let me know, maybe we can work a trade or something!! Bob
  7. Sorry, wrong spot
  8. I'm in!!
  9. I would love to see some civil helicopters.....I know they aren't as Tacticool but would be a welcome addition.... 1/48 Bell 206 Long ranger Bell 407 Bell 412 AW109 AW139
  10. I have the rotors you are looking for as well..just let me know!! Bob
  11. I received a message via email regarding the Turbo Porter... I can't find it here on ARC..

    THe kit is unstated, box is open, spruce all still factory wrapped. It's a beautiful kit, I just know I will never get to it!!

    USPS calculator shows shipping to be approximately $7.50

    The box is 15"X10"x2" and weighs about a pound. And woul...

  12. Updated...thanks for looking, thanks to those why purchased...I hope they build great for you!! I will entertain legitimate offers and trades!! A couple things I'm looking for include: 1/48 Italery UH-1N 1/48 Monogram F-5E or F 1/48 Detail sets for F-4, E,N, or G If you have something, throw it out there, we may be able to work something out!! Bob
  13. Dan, I may try tissue, either facial or wrapping tissue dipped in water thinned white glue.. Use the kit rotor as a master.. I've made some great exhaust, intake covers in the past this way, and it is cheap & easy!! Once it dries it's pretty hard and takes red paint well!