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  1. Niels, i have that kit kit in my stash, send your email address, I’ll scan them for you! silva963@gmail.com
  2. silva963

    What'd ya see today???

    New F-18F, pilot said the aircraft now had about 6 hours, including the 2.5 hour flight from St Louis to Eagle, CO. Never knew they could be so clean https://i.imgur.com/Ecdoqjf.jpg
  3. silva963

    1/48 Revell CH-53C to HMH-463 CH-53D

    Here are a few: start of the interior sidewall detail: bulkhead cockpit side: bulkhead cabin side: cabin door: Fuel tanks: Main gear wells: Misc. detail pieces:
  4. 1/48 4542 Revell Sikorksy HH-53C Vietnam Rescue with Jeep and 105mm Gun Into For the last couple of months I have worked on this helicopter for a buddy, well a trade with a buddy at least. I traded this kit for a new display case in my house, only sad I won’t be displaying this piece here at home. The helicopter depicted is CH-53D BuNo 157736 which my buddy flew in Iraq. The interior was completed from Evergreen and the rest of the detail is scratch built, resin, or photo etch from other 1/48 helicopters. Decals MAW # 48010 CH-53D/CH-53E heavy Haulers and some resized and made at home with an ink jet printer. Paint is Vallejo and Mig.... I Hope you enjoy this helicopter!!
  5. Anyone out there have 2 1/48 AN/ALE-39 chaff/flare dispenser from an AH-1W, CH-53E, or other helicopter? If you have a couple please let me know, I’m working on a CH-53D for a friend and could really use a couple. Thanks all, Bob
  6. Good day all, I'm looking for MAW-Decals 1/48 CH-53 Heavy Haulers # 48-MAW010 Please, if anyone has these decals know or a good photo of the nose art (Pegasus) please let me know! I'm building a buddy's and his wife's bird (CH-53D) and would love to get my hands on theses decals. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP! Bob!
  7. silva963

    1/48 Monogram AD-6 Skyraider decals needed...

    Send me your address, I’ll mail them to you! If you need a photo let me know, I will happily email a photo to you. the full unused sheet I have is marked “Revell Monogram 1997” & “85542900300 SKYRAIDER” Showing Aircraft # 504, VA155 with “H” on the tail. Let me me know if these are the ones you need, Bob silva963@gmail.com
  8. 1/48 F-15I IAF 69 Squadron “The Hammers” decals Anyone out there have unused, unwanted decals for this aircraft (Eagles head on the vertical stabs)? If you have some that won’t be used let me know, PLEASE!! Have a great weekend Bob silva963@gmail.com
  9. twong, I have the UH-1D .50 cal. parts for you! PM me your address, I’ll get them to you early next weeks! Bob.
  10. silva963

    captured japanese zero - - - colors?

    Intreagued by the post, not sure if this is the Zero you are referring... very interesting! http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev2/1301-1400/Rev1331-YHD32014/00.shtm
  11. Anyone out there have any unused 1/48 F-16 data decals they are willing to part with? I have a Hasegawa kit almost completed although need data decals including US roundels. I’ll be happy to wheel & deal, and will pay shipping to 81637 Please help! Thanks in adance for any help! Bob
  12. silva963

    What'd ya see today???

    VP leaving Eagle County Regional Airport, Colorado
  13. silva963

    Operation Gothic Serpent Aircraft references

    Looks like a 369/500e tail. Haven’t seen the on a US H-6. Very interesting.. nice catch!
  14. Keep an eye on the mailbox..there is a thumb drive headed your way...sorry it took so long!

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      Dont apologize, but I will not get it.  The post office hes not forwarded anything to my new address despite me dont the proper notifications.  My new Address is:  Dave Rosenthal, 285 Blackjack Oak Drive W, Richmond Hill GA 31324.  Thanks again.  Means a lot!!!!

    3. huey_crew_chief


      I GOT IT!!  No need to send anything.  Thank you so much brother.  I cant wait to look at them!  Dave

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  15. silva963

    1/48 CH-53E

    Tank, you don't by chance wish wish to sell or trade for that CH, do you? 😂🤣 Thanks for looking!👍🏽