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  1. Wish they'd have gone for low vis markings on the Royal Navy bird. Still looks good though.
  2. Weapons have been updated for the GBU-12 TERs, and the upper fuselage has been re-tooled to represent the current spec Rafales ( Correct me if im wrong)
  3. From what i've seen in my thread ( Below Yours) The Rafale M DOES need the wolfpack set, but they retooled the upper fuselage for the B, so it isnt needed. Thats why people are suggesting buying a Cheap M for the lower fuselage, and getting a Revell B to use its upper fuselage, seems like a bit of a waste to me so I'd rather just buy an Ace Corp Rafale M and get the Wolfpack resin.
  4. The Gear doors are definitely different, I wanted to get references to show exactly how, and they show that the M's doors are angled and are larger than the C/B's doors which are straight edged and smaller. EDIT: But I reckon I could scratchbuild/rescribe the panel lines to match the B/C Doors. This saves me having to buy another B/C Kit ( Which wouldn't have bothered me if I'd have grabbed some from ModelZone when they were £9.99 each <_< ) Unless anyone cares to trade an M wheel well for a B/C wheel well? :P
  5. Aaaaaahhhh Okay I get you now, Yeah the Ace Corp M is the same mold as the Revell M apparently. Wheres the difference in the tail section? the only difference I see is the antennae(Is that what it is?) On the tip of the tail? Sorry about all the questions, I just want to make sure I get these right!
  6. Do you have any reference pics for the differences ( Besides landing gear and tail hook)?
  7. I cant take parts from the B kit though, Im building it too :S I meant I'd scratchbuild a slim hook for the M to make it a C, or am I not understanding your post properly?
  8. Okay, well if I have the Rafale Bs to compare with, hopefully I can scratchbuild a slim hook for it. Anything else I should know?
  9. Well, Ive gone for a Revell Rafale B, and an Ace Corp. Rafale M, because I couldnt find any Cheap Revell M's about! I dont plan on displaying them wheels down, are there any other differences between C and M series Jets ( Besides gear, and decals)?
  10. Hi guys, I have a few weeks off work, and I'm thinking of coming back into this hobby to pass the time. I built a Revell Rafale M a few years back, and it was great. I wanted to build 1 or 2 Rafales, and one of them I wanted to be the B. Is Revell the best for this? It comes with TERs and GBUs to go on them, so what does the Hobby Boss version come with? I was thinking about building a C to go with it, so I'll have to go with the Hobby Boss version of the C on that part. So I guess the real question is, what are the pros and cons of the Revell and Hobby Boss Rafale Bs? Cheers guys, It's good
  11. Hi Mark! Used to seeing you posting on the HobbyFanatics gundam section! You've done a fantastic job so far, keep it up!
  12. I wish I could paint that accurately! As reference, I was looking at the cockpit photos on the F-15E cockpit walkround on ARC, and here http://uscockpits.com/F-L.html
  13. Now, you'll have to excuse my poor painting skills on the actual panel, but what do you guys think? does that look realistic? I've never seen an actual MFD panel so I'm not too sure if it's accurate, though personally, I'm pleased with the results. Now, who wants to guess how it was done? :D EDIT: Also, sorry for the slightly blurry first image. My camera's macro isn't good enough to focus on the panel properly, but hopefully you can see how in different lights, different shades of red/brown are shown.
  14. I'm actually using this thread as a guide for my own F-15E WIP. So thank you
  15. A was underneath the decals would look odd because if they sat near a panel line, it would suggest a freshly sprayed insignia/roundel/no step sign was applied onto a dirty panel.
  16. That is fantastic, and I'd love to see the MGS4 version done aswell!
  17. Although we all praise you ( Because you have done a fantastic job) at the end of the day, as long as you're happy, thats all that matters! Well done on your first model, can't wait to see your next!
  18. I thought it was a real walkaround aswell! Then I read it was Tamiya, and my mind imploded. In case you were wondering, Yes, Its very hard to type without a brain. (Seriously though, You really have excelled and produced one of the highest quality models I've ever seen. Well done sir! Well done indeed!)
  19. Don't forget the scented candle :lol: Nice model Simon! Don't forget to take pics of your next build!
  20. You guys are too good at this game. Im jealous.
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