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  1. Totally OOB. Really nice kit. I used MRP paints for the fuselage colors and Jumpwind Extra metal for the metallics (really good paints)
  2. Love the Tamiya Kit!!! MRP paints, quickboost chin pod and tails reiforcements, furball decals, phase hangar seats and ECM blister set
  3. Fit dosn't look very good, at least in the second picture.
  4. Yeah sure. But I really don't understand this Tamiya release. How many people build Tomcats in take off position vs standard sweep position? These is the F-14A configuration with were you can build most schemas, but Tamiya limits the possibilities !!!!!
  5. Hi, wich "older" kits have been affected with these bad batch of decals? ALL SU-35 for example?
  6. Totally agree with you
  7. Most of the kits looks very nice in the box!!
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