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  1. You've got to be careful with those bottles, they've been wearing out faster than the contractor specs rated them... That's a cool little conversation piece to have, especially for the rotor-heads among us.
  2. It's done. Here are the latest photos. I used the extra decals from several kits, most notably the spare tailcodes from my A-6 that is soon to be joining the display ranks. I actually got something finished! I think it needs a final flat coat. THEN this project will be concluded, and I'll have to decide on what to do next; a USCG V-22 or a "navalized" A-10 with wingfolds, tailhook and USMC markings...maybe I'll just do a regular build, I've got enough of those in the stash too.
  3. Well, then there should have been a lot more security to keep the public safe. You might as well go into a bear's den and poke it with a sharp stick. You can't just turn your back on The Almighty Tweet and not expect bad things to happen. It demands your respect.
  4. Is that my right, your right, stage right or what??? I'm surprised there weren't more security troops keeping an eye on you two!
  5. Windows Vista- must be code for P.O.S. Double post, nothing to see here, move along....move along.
  6. I used: Polly Scale: US Khaki, Tactical Tan Model Master: USMC Green, Aircraft Interior Black Updates have been a long time coming on this one. Once I closed the fuselage up, it just sat there staring at me. It probably took me a couple months just to keep going after the first color was sprayed. After I put the gear on it, stepped back and took a look, I just had to post, it does look pretty good, doesn't it? More to come, including the finished (I hope!) product.
  7. This is, simply put, amazing. The level of detail and craftmanship you've put into this really blows my mind. I'm with several others here, I think I'll have to take up knitting or stamp collecting if this is the kind of work you produce in two months, and with only a couple years of experience in the hobby. Wow.
  8. Sure, no problem. Just expect it to take a month or so, mostly because I'll get sidetracked with other things and it'll sit on the bench for a long time. This build has been going on for years, and I'm just now getting near the finish line...
  9. It's nothing fancy, just time consuming; all you need is a sharp #11 blade, a straightedge and masking tape. I sprayed the lightest color and let it cure, then start randomly putting squares/rectangles of tape, trying to keep everything more or less aligned/oriented along the long axis of the plane. Then it's just lather, rinse, repeat for the successive colors. This is my 3rd attempt with MARPAT, and I think it turned out the best by far. Tonight I hope to get the nacelles and rotors mounted. I'm thinking that some 5 minute epoxy is going to be needed for that join.
  10. It's been a while, but I've gotten some work in on this project. She's a little closer to actually sitting on the shelf in my office. On to the photos, and comments are welcome: I just may actually get this phoenix-like build done this year!
  11. Nice find. I had the chance to pick one up several years ago, and I still kick myself that I didn't pull the trigger on that buy. Some Pave Low fan is going to be very happy.
  12. Looks like another beautiful build you've got started, Jon. I may just take up stamp collecting...
  13. Well, I'll just have to keep on the lookout for one of these. It will make a great addition to my growing stockpile of gunships. Cool.
  14. Profound. Yet I feel a great disturbance in the force... All along, I thought it was you, Frank, that kept sending me these kits...and all I could do was mutter curse words and a veritable cloud of profanity as I dutifully carried one more box to the sacred stash of Castle LemonJello to join all the others, and let me tell you, the hum from the Ark of the Covenant is but a sweet breath of a spring breeze in the boughs of the cherry trees compared to a stack of ;) Almighty Tweet models.
  15. May I suggest "The CoV Select Board of Regents Charged with Oversight, Quality Assurance and Standards"?
  16. I see they're rolling, but I'm not hatin', so, I'm guessing that this is what the youths of today would describe as the Moai "ridin' dirty"?
  17. Jeeze, maybe he forgot to pack his airbrush and had to hand paint that? Hubrol, Tamiya or ModelMaster? That is a mighty fine looking idea both in concept and execution there. Sharp.
  18. I'm sorry, I guess I misunderstood, the Corps' definition of self propelled means you can strap it to your back and get to steppin', so the idea that something can move itself is foreign to me. Is this something new that the CoV Advanced Research Project has developed to combat the stone enemy? Coffee mugs? Coasters? Do you get an all-natural hemp tote bag with a donation to the CoV coffers at the annual telethon too?
  19. Well, after the mayhem and carnage of that night, I think we were all pretty close to getting toe-tagged... It looks like a good choice, though its not really a man-portable system, is it? And can I get it in MARPAT?
  20. Next you'll be telling us to collect all magazines from the incinerators and pulse rifles; flame units only... Then what are we supposed to use if we encounter a zenomorph? Harsh language?
  21. The corrollary to this is that you never whizz on the electric fence. Though the Moai are welcome to try... I don't think the Willieself Memorial Sock o'Quarters brought to you by the 2007 Frank Steffen's avatar contest would have much effect on the stone one...I'm looking for a new primary weapon system. Any suggestions?
  22. And just how often do you handle the TPS reports, Moai? Perhaps you need to interview with the two Bobs? I'm going to get a cup of coffee across the street at Tchotchke's...
  23. Ya'll go ahead with all those high falutin, big word plans of yours. ME? I'm planning a raid on the CoV pantry and kitchen for a nice snack. Nothing too sweet, or sugary at this time. I'm leaning toward nachos right now. Who's with me?
  24. Nothing to report from NoVA...might be time to swap out the old quarters for new ones in my "sock o'pain"... Trigger is right, though, the CoV must remain vigilant! We must keep our steel sharp and our focus sharper. If we let our guard down even for a second, the consequences would be...what's that? Reruns of Jonny Quest are on? Well, that changes everything... Carry on.
  25. I'm working on a Hasegawa/Revell rebox of the A-6 in 1/48. Give me a couple days and I'll take some pics of the nose well for you and post them here.
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