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  1. Hi, Just make sure you assemble the rear landing bays perfectly, otherwise it will be difficult to join the top and bottom fuselage together
  2. Panel lines should be deeper and wider to ensure the panel lines are not erased after the finish and all the putty applied. The new 1:72 f-15J from Platz is a good example of how panel lines should be done.
  3. I like the boxart... P-8 should be on flames.
  4. Is there going to be a magazine issue with useful walk-arounds and history of F-14 with this new Kit?
  5. So, the slats and flats are molded to the wings, that means if I want to model the aircraft in the launch position, I have to use the wings from the Hasegawa kit? And someone will need to hunt for the 1:72 low-viz vf-31 decals.
  6. For 1:72, try Hasegawa Typhoon. Plastic is crisp and nice details.
  7. It is highly possible that it is a scaled down GWH 1:48 F-15J. I think the GWH 1:48 F-15 is just too expensive for the average modeler and they need to wait for long time to break even on their F-15. So it is wise for GWH to release a scale down version of their F-15/Mig-29 and my guess is they won't start anything big until next year. The exchange rate also makes it tough for Chinese exporters to sell to Eurasia and Japan.
  8. I just went to the LHS and bought the Zvezda su-27sm under $19 USD. Yeah I see what you mean, I have some slight impurities in my canopy:
  9. I hope they include the decals or mask for doing the splinter camouflage of the 901, 902, but it is more likely Hasegawa will go the lazy route and just slam on some decals plus photoetch parts for the pitot tube.
  10. Just heads up... Hasegawa announced limited edition 1:72 su-35 prototype 901 and 902: http://www.hasegawausa.com/product-pages/hsgs2134.html
  11. Zvezda Tu-160 has better details and accuracy in the front landing gear, and weapons bay. Trumpeter Tu-160 has better "surface details" and burner cans, but has no weapons bay.
  12. I am guessing GWH next 1:48 jet will be a Su-27SM/30/35 variant. It's about time we have a new series of Flankers in the 1:48 scale.
  13. Any news when the 1:144 Tu-22M3 will be released?
  14. Hasegawa is going to release 1:72 Russia Weapon set Limited Edition: http://www.hasegawausa.com/product-pages/hsgs3501.html Anyone knows if it is going to be a new tool or same old weapons from the Su-33 kit?
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