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Hey, I was at that show!! Unforgettable. I had two rolls of Kodacolor II 24 exposure print film and my dad's ca. 1945 Argus C3. Oh, to have a time machine and my DSLR with about ten SD cards and battery packs!!

The one at the bottom was shot at Selfridge in 1977.


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Can someone please provide information in regard to this photo. Pilot, Wing/Group, Squadron and Timeframe.




Hi Dave,

P-51D 44-72739 , NL44727 painted in the markings of "Man o War" flown by Lt.COL, Claiborne "Holmes" Kinnard(16 kills) with the 334th FS attached to the,4th FG, Eighth Air Force.1944.

operated by Commemorative Air Force (Southern California Wing) base at Camarillo airport KCMA -looks like Jason Somes at the controls

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What's up with the two antennas on 384?

I would say it was a Pacific Theater bird back in WW2. I remember reading somewhere that the Mustangs that escorted the B-29s had this kind of antenna configuration.

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Hello Chad, :yahoo:

I am in MUSTANG Heaven :wub: :wub:

Those photos are are STUUNING.

THANK you so much for posting them..

Appreciate it.

:yahoo: :yahoo:

My pleasure! I am very lucky to live within reasonable driving distance of Chino, California, home of the Planes of Fame museum and airshow, which is where the vast majority of these pictures were taken. I have attended nearly avery airshow they have hosted since 1986 and can't recommend it highly enough if you ever get the chance. I only wish I had been more diligent in my picture taking as those above are but a small sample of all the Mustangs, not to mention other warbirds, that I have been fortunate enough to see. I do have more pictures that were taken prior to my digital camera days but, currently, I have no scanner so am unable to share them here.

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I was able to get to the Kissemee Museum last month and get some pics of Precious Metal. Not as exciting as the inflight pics that John posted, but showing some of the detais. Don M..








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