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Wolfpak 2008 Nats Releases

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Here are the sheets that Wolfpak Decals will release at Virginia Beach this year:

They include:


P-3C and EP-3J from VP-66 at Willow Grove NAS

F-47D of the 192nd FG Virginia ANG

F-15C from the 94th FS, 1st FW *** MURPH's JET ***

F-4E of the 334th TFS, 4th TFW Seymour Johnson AFB

OV-10D of VMO-1 New River MCAS

TBF from VC-58, USS Block Island based at Norfolk


F-105F "Cooter" 33rd TFS, 355th TFW

A-6B VA-35 USS AMerica

OV-10A 20th TASS, 507th TACW Shaw AFB

A-6E VA-55 USS Coral Sea Libyan Gunboat Killer

CV-22B options for two A/C from the 71st SOS, 58th SOW and one A/C from the 8th SOS, 1st SOW

UH-60L from the 10th Mountain Division


MC-130E 711th SOS, 919th SOW

MC-130H 15th SOS, 1st SOW

MH-53M 20th SOS, 1st OW

HH-60G 41st RQS, 23rd WG

OH-58D 3rd ID Desert Storm

MC-130P 9th SOS, 1st SOW




Edited by Mark S.
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Cripes, man! Those are some excellent choices! I'm particularly excited about...well, everything!

Thanks, Mark! Now can you help me find more time to build the models to which I will apply your decals?

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Thanks for the kind words. My plans are to continue to provide a variety on the sheets with at least 5 different subjects. The only time I'll do less is if the markings are elaborate or large in size. As for 48th scale if there's interest I'll consider doing them but you need to let me know which ones you want.

Since the Nats start on Wednesday and I'm leaving Tuesday for those of you to far to swim, drive and or fly would you like me to place them on the website on Sunday for sale? As long as I receive the order by 15:00 EDT (zulu minus 4) on Monday I'll ship them. After that time the earliest shipping date will be Monday August 11th.



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Jeez Mark..... you've really been putting out some sweet, and not so mainstream subjects! I'm definately down for a couple of these sheets plus some of your earlier releases. Its very nice to see the Iron Hand A-6B. If you decide to do another in IH Intruder in the future, how about a Blue Balsters (VA-34) bird? No one has ever done one of their A-6s in hi-vis markings. Thanks, Fred K.

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I find it a little disappointing, because I'd love to build Murph's jet, but I'm not ever going to own any of the other planes on that sheet, so I'd end up paying for 5 planes worth of decals I'd never use.


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