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  1. I don't know, I once owned the revised F-111C box I think it just had a correction or a extra pamphlet for white belly AB-132 R&D aircraft but nothing in regards of the RF-111. Hasegawa limited edition kits released during the '90s were F-111G which is just a rebox of the FB-111A with markings for a gunship gray F-111D/F F-111E NASA which should at least guard the modeller about modifications made on its wings yet it just says you were to place decals and what colors use EF-111A Electric Fox prototype which contained the decals from past kit release and a white metal probe EF-111A Mountain Home If you are sure that one F-111C did come with recce pack, then there is a slight change they probably made some one off verily limited edition box with it that went under everyone's radar but: So...yeah there is a slight chance they possibly made it 😛
  2. No F-111 made by Hasegawa had recce packs, the only extra bits you could find were white metal pitot tube on the EF-111A box O parts contained on both F-111C and F-111D/F are just the ones needed for the Pave Tack pod Common sprue layout for Hasegawa F-111 is A/B/G/Q J parts are for FB-111A & F-111C/G extra pylons P parts are for Durandal bombs and not present on EF-111A box C parts are for bottom fuselage section and intakes of the F-111E/D/F/G & FB-111A D parts are for bottom fuselage section and intakes of the F-111A & F-111C Parts for the EF-111A bottom fuselage section are once again marked as D but they are modified to imitate changes on the intake, plus L sprue parts containing EF-111A mods Recce pack was once listed on Freightdog website but was made by another company Luigi
  3. Welp F-111E happened 7 years ago F-111C happened 9 years ago Before that their C/G was released 11 years ago Finally their EF-111A was 16 years ago When I was in Viareggio by the end of 2001 I remember ordering from my LHS around 8+ F-111D/F (2 kits every 3 months) as it was on their catalogue, never received one, Sticktoy then sent warehouse in-stock manifest to the store and not a single F-111 was there I wish someone takes over their rare as crap toolings and starts to release them, kinda funny that their FS-X prototype was released once 30? years ago and never got a single release and this sadly happened to many other kits Luigi
  4. It was probably on FineScaleModeller and probably there it was also something on Habu's website. I do have these but I don't know if I'm allowed to post them here or not https://i.imgur.com/G9od7tC.png https://imgur.com/G9od7tChttps://imgur.com/G9od7tC Luigi
  5. You welcome 😄 http://www.videoaviation.com/accessories/132-mk83-bombs-slick-body/ if you are planning to build something related to Desert Storm be aware that AMI Tornado also used standard body Mk83 with (possibly) a different tail and a different fuse.Check dstorm.eu for pictures and loadout charts, fuse and tail references were possibly posted here in the jet section forums, if pictures are dead due photobucket apocalypse I'll try to scavenge some from my unfriendly to searches hard drive Greetings Luigi
  6. I don't know about 1/32, in 1/72 the pylons of Revell kit are those for Luftwaffe variants with extra bits to disguise them as RAF pylons https://www.tornadosig.com/variants.html Luigi
  7. also be aware that british belly pylons are different than german and whatever ones as they adopted different braces Luigi
  8. I think markings were done by Fox One Decals (good luck finding one) and possibly by Superscale/Microscale even though earlier sheet used wrong fonts, outside that the ifs are Cam Decals, Aeromaster and Eagle Strike again OOP plus Print Scale decals but you better buy a extra set with stencils from a different brand as theirs are crappy and really I don't know how accurate they are. For the kit your choice is between Academy kinda toyish due their bright decision of making it a quick assembly kit, Fujimi/Esci which are OOP, kinda pricey and very basic, lastly Hasegawa or if you don't mind raised panel lines Revell which is kinda better than Hasegawa but still it needs some work. Hasegawa based their entire 1/72 Phantom line on a mix between USN/USAF variants, to better maximize their juju it placed lots of compromises so I suggest you to check tailhook topics, phantomphacts and a couple of other blogs to get a straight F-4J with no mistakes Luigi
  9. if you accept paypal and ship to Italy I'm calling dibs on 1/72 Twobobs F-16 Tigermeet sheet Luigi
  10. It was said in the past not by me, but from another user which name's escapes me: Monogram as they got the nose right, engine pods kinda wrong, weapon stores unknown and wheels not be replaced Italeri as they got they nose wrong, engine pods kinda right, turbine fans to be replaced, ditto for wheels and weapon stores, also antenna job is needed cause they forgot some on the OA-10A box and some other more on the A-10C box Hasegawa, fetch it for C parts to be added on Italeri kit, dual rail launcher was approved by him, Academy I remember reading that they at first nailed the engine pods, then changed the tooling and got it wrong, I find it odd as a similar thing was said for Monogram/Revell F-104C drop tanks, yet this year I bought two F-104C from Japan and Canada and the drop tanks nailed the ones contained on Revell's 2005ish rebox of their F-104G Avoid Hobbrycraft as it was a Monogram kit reboxed with lots and lots of flash and distorted parts Maybe Matchbox for prototype Hobbyboss kinda matches Italeri outline so I guess they ctrl+c/ctrl+v it Luigi
  11. I will only speak (badly) about the only kit in town which is the Hasegawa kit...so you need to either scratch built or buy a newer cockpit tub, fix the intake trunking by adding FOD covers or purchase a dedicated AM set for it, same applies for the engine exhausts, wheel wells need some love and you probably have to swap the wheels with a latter set. Prowlers went through various update stages, Hasegawa (as per usual) mostly ignored all of them BUT from time to time and ALWAYS on limited edition boxes added an extra pamphlet telling the modeller to cut, replace and scratch-built various antennas while leaving everything else untouched. Wing area needs to be looked at and maybe replace wing folding plates with later ones Prowlers upgrade stages were called ICAP, Hasegawa kit it's good up to an early ICAP II, if you are aiming to make anything past early/mid 80's it's the sticks ECM pods maybe are ok up to Desert Storm time, later ones looked different, shape-wise were kinda identical but I think they also went through some sort of upgrade Rest it's up for the experts 😄 Luigi
  12. I don't know about 1/48 but in 1/72 their F/A-18E from the catalogue still comes with earlier ECS style, on the other hand the Growler comes with later ones.It seems they are pulling another F-4EJ Kai or something alike as all 1/72 Kai kits were limited edition ones till they decided to put box KX-4/SL-12 or 00384 on the catalogue around 10 years ago. They pretty much did the same for F-14A with NACA gunvents as everything was limited edtion and also some two seater kits like the EF-2000B, probably the Jaguar or something else like a certain Osprey version (USAF one) which was once again released as a special version and didn't make it in the catalogue, still in their catalogue there is plenty of room for their 8 F-16 kits and random junk like their earlier Phantom, Tomcat and Eagle kits 😕 Luigi
  13. This is a big IF, but if you match Hasegawa F-2A with Hasegawa F-16 something comes short, ok those two are different machines but if they kept basic F-16 fuselage and added the extra stuff required for the enlarged wing and equipment you will notice that the bottom fuselage section comes short, yet if you match Revell and Tamiya parts with Hasegawa F-2A the lower section is nearly a spot on. Hasegawa only released the F-16A/B versions I messed it up cause of course they are just F-16A/B Block 15 dressed up as whatever Hasegawa decides them to be. Italeri revised their kit different times, Scalemates explains it as new parts but I just like to go deeper Box 130 labeled as Italaerei and also Italeri with green/orange/no band contained FSD-ish parts with longer drop tanks, GBU and Aim-7 First revision of box 130 killed off the FSD sprue and replaced it with a standard Block 15 sprue Second revision added box 188 parts due Italeri releasing the F-16C/D Then on 2007 they revised 188 box by adding ADF related parts which sometimes seems to be standard even for no ADF boxes as I have seen Italeri kits reboxed by Tamiya wth ADF parts. Luigi
  14. See JackMan post I will have to buy some Academy kits anyway just to clone or steal the countermeasures installed on wing Aim-120 launchers as Modern Hobbies seems to be gone and no one tackled that subject. Problems with that kit are not only in the nose area, intake lip points upward and the rear fuselage section funnels way too much, those problems can be fixed with some work, but the nose section requires replacement or a big boobie job and for me it's not worth the hassle Fujimi also has some other gold mines in form of model kit cars, it's too bad that Rosso molds were lost during the fire but again they are neglecting some subjects that are being taken over by Aoshima and Aoshima it is not releasing Initial D or Wangan Midnight kits with resin figures and other goodies while Fujimi had the entire line of Initial D cars minus Honda S2000 Spoon (lost opportunity by Tamiya), the NSX NA1 with GT1ish body kit (Fujimi only made NA1 with 2003 facelift and Tamiya did 3 different NA1 Acura included but none with street legal body kits), I'm not sure about Evos used by the thugs and a couple of others Luigi
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