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  1. Thunderbirds F-4E kits have hard wings, they tend to be cheaper especially the first release, combo is more pricey All Hasegawa F-4EJ, RF-4EJ and F-4EJ Kai have hard wing parts, the latter two RF-4EJ reboxes do also come with Kai parts Luigi
  2. I have packages sitting on Japan Post offices since the mid of March, a couple of them were returned back to Tenso something like a couple of days ago, others that were shipped through airmail are bouncing back and forth, I managed to get just one package shipped by combining items I had on my tab, but they could only ship them to me through DHL or Seamail, I picked up DHL and ended up paying two times the original investment I did Hyperbolic trend extension will last till the 31th of May, after that there are chances that Japan Post will resume accepting packages
  3. once found a missing vacuform canopy in some package wrapping I had stored inside "that room" and it's not something you can miss so easily, I'm still wondering how in the F ended there Luigi
  4. decreasing interest, 10 years ago my LHS in Viareggio mostly had people in their 20s like me picking RC models over static models, I was one of the few young people who could talk about panzers, modern aircrafts and mottled ones with modellers older than me as many others could not discern an F-16 from a Tomcat. Also since the modern society is more shitter than the society we had 30 years ago, I suppose than even if you have in a group of 50 people, 10 people interested in military equipment, out of those 10 people only a couple of them will probably join the Fill The Shelf Squad while the others will stay away from it for the fear of getting called names. If it is not the lack of interest for the hobby then it's all about modern trends. I started to collect static figures and the first I had to do was to also go after GK (Garage Kits) because companies are complete 'holes. GSC (Good Smile Company) and Alter somehow are the Tamiya and the Hasegawa for that hobby. GSC mostly makes the same character over and over again, if not they pick some odd ones from a niche anime, try to push it because hey we are GSC, sales don't go well and they shut it down, they had and they probably have a satellite corporation called Phat Company which usually made static figures from a couple of GK circles but they stopped doing that. I can't see GSC=Tamiya but Tamiya bait & switch tactics are getting annoying, I will not buy their 1/72 BF-109G cause the middle finger their raised for the F-16C-52 in 1/72 Alter is the Hasegawa, vast choice they once again pick one or more subjects, release them, pull another bait & switch and never complete a serie Kotobukiya it's like Revell, they committed errors, they fixed them, then discovered DC & Marvel, dropped everything good, Tokiame went AWOL, simplified many things, QC sometimes felt like a joke and that's it Can't talk about Megahouse as like Bandai and Banpresto they joined the generic shonen wave of figures and it's a very annoying thing as Megahouse was doing figures for fighting games characters, yet they stopped, Bandai it's just Gundam above anything else and Banpresto is a mess. They follow the trends, NPCs will buy their overpriced crap, while all the others will just switch to another hobby or start to buy figures from niche companies that are willing to invest money and make interesting characters from better anime, manga and novels, and what's happening right now? I'm buying kits from Modelsvit because they are at least and for now making interesting subjects From Hasegawa I'm only buying limited kits only if they have specific parts which they refuse to sell separately From Tamiya I'm not buying nothing and if I do I just take the auction route From Revell once again I'm buying used kits as newer ones are more pricey and contain less decals and sometimes parts than past version It's sucks, but they wanted it Luigi
  5. I'm into classics and I would rather miss match 930 and 964 parts ala Mid Night Racing Club TBK Porsche and make something worth crashing into a wall with than wasting money on a modern hover 😛 Luigi
  6. Most of pictures I saw always showed either earlier or later variants with P&W engine, barely saw any GE engined picture, I suppose those squadrons are kinda shy? 😛 Luigi
  7. those are F-16C Block 52, to convert the Tamiya kit you need either to sacrifice a Revell or Kinetic kit to steal the small intake and the P&W engine bits, be aware that some also have extra ECM equipment installed on the extension which can be found only on the Kinetic kit and in the overlypriced Hasegawa boxes which sadly contain only one antenna per kit Luigi
  8. I don't know, I once owned the revised F-111C box I think it just had a correction or a extra pamphlet for white belly AB-132 R&D aircraft but nothing in regards of the RF-111. Hasegawa limited edition kits released during the '90s were F-111G which is just a rebox of the FB-111A with markings for a gunship gray F-111D/F F-111E NASA which should at least guard the modeller about modifications made on its wings yet it just says you were to place decals and what colors use EF-111A Electric Fox prototype which contained the decals from past kit release and a white metal probe EF-111A Mountain Home If you are sure that one F-111C did come with recce pack, then there is a slight change they probably made some one off verily limited edition box with it that went under everyone's radar but: So...yeah there is a slight chance they possibly made it 😛
  9. No F-111 made by Hasegawa had recce packs, the only extra bits you could find were white metal pitot tube on the EF-111A box O parts contained on both F-111C and F-111D/F are just the ones needed for the Pave Tack pod Common sprue layout for Hasegawa F-111 is A/B/G/Q J parts are for FB-111A & F-111C/G extra pylons P parts are for Durandal bombs and not present on EF-111A box C parts are for bottom fuselage section and intakes of the F-111E/D/F/G & FB-111A D parts are for bottom fuselage section and intakes of the F-111A & F-111C Parts for the EF-111A bottom fuselage section are once again marked as D but they are modified to imitate changes on the intake, plus L sprue parts containing EF-111A mods Recce pack was once listed on Freightdog website but was made by another company Luigi
  10. Welp F-111E happened 7 years ago F-111C happened 9 years ago Before that their C/G was released 11 years ago Finally their EF-111A was 16 years ago When I was in Viareggio by the end of 2001 I remember ordering from my LHS around 8+ F-111D/F (2 kits every 3 months) as it was on their catalogue, never received one, Sticktoy then sent warehouse in-stock manifest to the store and not a single F-111 was there I wish someone takes over their rare as crap toolings and starts to release them, kinda funny that their FS-X prototype was released once 30? years ago and never got a single release and this sadly happened to many other kits Luigi
  11. It was probably on FineScaleModeller and probably there it was also something on Habu's website. I do have these but I don't know if I'm allowed to post them here or not https://i.imgur.com/G9od7tC.png https://imgur.com/G9od7tChttps://imgur.com/G9od7tC Luigi
  12. You welcome 😄 http://www.videoaviation.com/accessories/132-mk83-bombs-slick-body/ if you are planning to build something related to Desert Storm be aware that AMI Tornado also used standard body Mk83 with (possibly) a different tail and a different fuse.Check dstorm.eu for pictures and loadout charts, fuse and tail references were possibly posted here in the jet section forums, if pictures are dead due photobucket apocalypse I'll try to scavenge some from my unfriendly to searches hard drive Greetings Luigi
  13. I don't know about 1/32, in 1/72 the pylons of Revell kit are those for Luftwaffe variants with extra bits to disguise them as RAF pylons https://www.tornadosig.com/variants.html Luigi
  14. also be aware that british belly pylons are different than german and whatever ones as they adopted different braces Luigi
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