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  1. I see, thought there it was room for something never seen before 🙂 Thanks ^^ Luigi
  2. you got me with a matrix of limitations, if you don't mind please explain cause kits loadout charts are iffy Luigi
  3. https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/Lockheed-F-104B-Starfighter/753803/L https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Air-Force/Lockheed-F-104B-Starfighter/1364658/L
  4. that's accurate, everynyan knows they use magnets now instead of hooks Luigi
  5. All Revell F-16C have big and small intakes, the first boxing 04633 has small stabilizers and other gigs for early Block 5/10 variants, I don't remember if its missing the parts for the short tail fairing of the A or has both. After that Tigermeet and Turkish reboxes do not come with small stabs and gigs for earlier variants. Cons are the need to rescribe or inscribe C specific panels around the IFR door, lack of bulged MLG doors not sure about wheels, also depending on the batch you will find it bundled with a good amount of flash. With some modelling trickery you can fi
  6. remember that it wasn't always a MER but a MBR Luigi
  7. F-16 AFTI had a spine extension that started around IFR door area and extended itself all the way to the tail F-16E from UAE has a fat tail base F-16Vgina will probably have something something bumpy in an artistic manner concept that will probably never see the light ala F-15 Silent Eagle For all I know from my experience of watching people flying F-16s in flight sims, no single seat F-16 ever used the long avionic spine, it's probably a 2 seat option only and be aware that there are around 4 variations of it: One should be EU users with chute extension -> Polish
  8. I did not complain about their camouflage, Jan_Cz did 😛 Caracal released A-E and EF decals, I don't know if they have all the stencils as I still have to order them, I do have various SS decal sets but most important I have four stencils sets plus a set Aussie Decal (?) for a complete F-111C/G, I gave up on the camouflage war due decal companies going always for the wrong scale, my builds are Ace Combat centered so outside some plain and gray ones I can vary with whatever camouflage theme I want and keep the THAT GUY crowd out as I only respect weight and clearance limits and missi
  9. If you have a spare F-111C/G as it comes with two types of bottom fuselages parts, take the sprue D and use those parts in place of the fuselage parts contained inside the F-111E Luigi
  10. yeah, it can't be mounted on a Tomcat Luigi
  11. compare canopy, fuselage thickness against Italeri kits and picutres of real aircraft Luigi
  12. Buy the Eagle II "now painted with more plain camouflage than the previous version" Luigi
  13. This means I have no reasons to keep Lancer kit from RV? Luigi
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