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  1. Mizar

    F-16 ADF

    Remember that AMI F-16ADF like most of the upgraded F-16A do have C style gun vents, also check MLG wheels and spine panels for other sneaky changes Luigi
  2. In 1/72 you have the original Esci kit which was then partially fixed and reboxed by Italeri, by Revell which either had the original Esci or the Italeri revision and then by Tamiya. AMT/Ertl possibly did the F-100F cause I don't remember seeing any F-100F box by Esci, also most if not all AMT kits have the soft plastic filled with flash disease and supernova-gloss decal film Trumpeter F-100F is too long Trumpeter F-100D you need at least to fix the nose/intake area by stealing parts from Esci kit, someone, somewhere on Britmodeller forums did extensive fixes on Tr
  3. I suggest dropping by and ask the question on Garage Kit modelling forums or your favorite social media website, for what I know all the resin do tend to yellow, if they are exposed to UV light you should try to add a thin UV protective coat on it, otherwise put UV screen on your detolf Luigi
  4. Probably google being more n a z i as probably someone told them that they are too soft applying everything is racist agenda rules, which are getting forced everywhere by many brands because whatever reasons being posted through twitter hashtags. Couple of years ago they went after a scale model builder YT channel because he was building only german stuff I've lost track of some bearded British man forging huge fantasy swords and I fear his channel is lost or got hidden by search logarithmic YT search is a mess, I remember being able to find stuff we regulars recorded on
  5. I'm ignoring the buddy pod just concentrating on the two tanks 😄 Thanks GW, and yes, just the tanks, why I picked this picture is because I went through a good chunk of A-6 pictures from Vietnam conflict and Desert Storm because it was said in the past that AV-8B tanks were different than 300gal tanks, it was probably on a Arma Hobby/Attack Squadron discussion or I missread something in the middle while scrolling, fact was people said 1/72 Hasegawa and Airfix Harrier drop tanks were off, more longer than what they should be etc... I then started to go through tons of pict
  6. I'm now starting to wonder about OV-1, Bronco and A-37 drop tanks now, specially if they fell on the 150 gal range but since I don't want to steer the direction to another topic, can I ask if there were differences between standard Aero D drop tanks BECAUSE I do see some difference between the two tanks in this picture Luigi https://imgur.com/lElLmRV https://imgur.com/lElLmRV
  7. Thunderbirds F-4E kits have hard wings, they tend to be cheaper especially the first release, combo is more pricey All Hasegawa F-4EJ, RF-4EJ and F-4EJ Kai have hard wing parts, the latter two RF-4EJ reboxes do also come with Kai parts Luigi
  8. I have packages sitting on Japan Post offices since the mid of March, a couple of them were returned back to Tenso something like a couple of days ago, others that were shipped through airmail are bouncing back and forth, I managed to get just one package shipped by combining items I had on my tab, but they could only ship them to me through DHL or Seamail, I picked up DHL and ended up paying two times the original investment I did Hyperbolic trend extension will last till the 31th of May, after that there are chances that Japan Post will resume accepting packages
  9. once found a missing vacuform canopy in some package wrapping I had stored inside "that room" and it's not something you can miss so easily, I'm still wondering how in the F ended there Luigi
  10. decreasing interest, 10 years ago my LHS in Viareggio mostly had people in their 20s like me picking RC models over static models, I was one of the few young people who could talk about panzers, modern aircrafts and mottled ones with modellers older than me as many others could not discern an F-16 from a Tomcat. Also since the modern society is more shitter than the society we had 30 years ago, I suppose than even if you have in a group of 50 people, 10 people interested in military equipment, out of those 10 people only a couple of them will probably join the Fill The Shelf Squad while t
  11. I'm into classics and I would rather miss match 930 and 964 parts ala Mid Night Racing Club TBK Porsche and make something worth crashing into a wall with than wasting money on a modern hover 😛 Luigi
  12. Most of pictures I saw always showed either earlier or later variants with P&W engine, barely saw any GE engined picture, I suppose those squadrons are kinda shy? 😛 Luigi
  13. those are F-16C Block 52, to convert the Tamiya kit you need either to sacrifice a Revell or Kinetic kit to steal the small intake and the P&W engine bits, be aware that some also have extra ECM equipment installed on the extension which can be found only on the Kinetic kit and in the overlypriced Hasegawa boxes which sadly contain only one antenna per kit Luigi
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