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  1. Thanks, gotta scavenge Facebook for it, have joined so many groups that lost track of what I'm following and what I'm not, should make a secondary account just for scale modelling and military related things, but some groups are a tight with newer accounts with not content and I also hate taking pictures of myself and when people doesn't find a picture with my face they just go "oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh request denied" I remember those, not sure if I can find instruction scans of them, one option in the Aeromaster decal was also very interesting πŸ˜• I did that, lots of times, because it all started with a picture of an F-104J sporting four LAU-7 ? rails on which two of them were installed on the BL75 pylon and because I couldn't see the rail adapter I searched for them left and right with no avail. I partially solved Google problem by tampering with the search options panel but from time to time they reset back to default, Yandex is also good but their captcha lately is pure nuts, it takes one "search similar image" search some fast scrolling and captcha pops, as for your suggested books and magazine I'm going to fetch them asap been there, downloaded everything from that ^_^ Thanks guys ! Luigi
  2. From time to time I end up finding some interesting F-104J or F-4EJ sporting some unusual scheme but every single time I try to dig out more pictures nothing comes up...so IT is there a reason of why it's so hard to find pictures and let alone decals in any kind of scale of these two aircrafts? Luigi
  3. Mizar

    F-4E IAF Phantom question

    Thanks Jonathan, by RF-4EJ I always mean the normal F-4EJ equipped with reconnaissance pods, as for slatted RF-4E I noticed that Hellenic RF-4s have more ECM gigs than normal RF-4E and also have a different serial number, I can still have to find pictures of Turkish RF-4E with slats and I don't remember seeing any of them sporting slats when from time to time come to Decimomannu for exercise, must be rare sights Luigi
  4. Mizar

    F-4E IAF Phantom question

    Chances are that Hasegawa or Fujimi messed up instruction callings or added the wrong stabs on it, could be wrong but older Hasegawa RF-4EJ comes with normal stabs and I swear that the Thunderbirds boxing I bought years ago also had them together with a mix of grey and white parts in sealed bags. Because I hate myself I'll go through old Koku Fan scans and see if there are any b&w pics showing unslotted stabs on earlier EJs, even though I was planning to complete (big word) RF-4E with slatted wing research and ended up in a den of Hellenic Phantom pictures, yet I was looking for Luftwaffe slatted RF-4E pics but I can't find anyπŸ˜• Luigi
  5. Mizar

    1/72nd Isra Decals Kfir sheet

    No problems ^^ Happy modelling! Luigi
  6. Mizar

    1/72nd Isra Decals Kfir sheet

    I have Atzec 72-054 with those options, if they will do the trick I will scan them Luigi
  7. Mizar

    F-4 Phantom Parking Only...

    sorry if I resurrect this but I'm looking for RAF F-4J pictures concerning the belly and upper wings area especially for catapult cable attachment points and whatever the other cradle pins are called above the wings Luigi
  8. Mizar

    Dreaming for.....1/72 resin wants!

    Aren't AH-1 EMC bumps and chumps contained inside Hasegawa OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP 02130 boxing? Or those are for the whatever version is not an F or P or Q or an S but all of them combined in a correct order that makes the pre Tow Cobra? As for Italeri UH-1 we probably need someone capable of making a real UH-1N first then a a 212 and then a 412 and not a mix of all, I'm aware that Italeri nose is wrong, a fix with pictures was posted there years ago but links went down, Scalemates reports that Astrokit are Italeri reboxed kits which is wrong cause those were Fujimi UH-1N reboxes with added resin parts which probably fixed the cargo doors issue and the need of a good ASW radar but those are also OOP and kinda hard to find for my wishes DAP Blackhawk conversion A freaking MH-6J/D/whatever since everyone forgot about their existence A proper CH-47J conversion since Trumpeter reboxes with JASDF decals are kinda meh If Kamov and Mil engineers are done with their puzzles then an up to date conversion for Ka-50/52 and Mi-28 kits Later Comanche prototype mods Of course a decent Mh-53J kit but also a C and E A final solution to the eff yeah Sea King dilemma Something something for HB Hips but also Zvezda revising their moulds and fixing theirs first Kiowa needs some attention as everything is good up to Desert Storm standards but past that there is nothing A newer and modular AH-1W kit I don't like it, it's more fugly than the Super Hind...but whatever...An AH-1Z with earlier and later mods The ones in between aka the AH-1J and AH-1T so I don't have to mate Fujimi and Italeri kits Are those UH-1F kits good enough outside their main rotor and also tail rotor? More Hueys anyway Zvezda doing the Super Hind Mk.IV cause I'm not sure if the resin conversion for the Hobby Boss kit will fit on it Puma Pirate conversion Modern toolings for those lovely Alouette and Gazelle helicopters etc etc and etc πŸ˜„ Luigi
  9. Mizar

    F-4F ICE vs F-4E radome differences

    on BM forums a user said that radome was more bulbous than standard F-4E while retaining the same fuselage diameter base and overall length. By checking pictures it seems that maybe he's right but I don't have access to Decimomannu F-4F Phantom which was an ICE upgraded bird nor to any other Phantom in the immediate vicinity such as Greek ones as they were there a year ago or so and I doubt they will ever come back 😞 Going to check Airdoc books to see if something is mentioned there or not Luigi
  10. Couple of question as I'm sure somewhere I have seen a picture of both dome dismantled and put side by side but I can't find it anymore, also does Revell 1/72 F-4F come with the modified dome or is still the standard one? Were Hellenic AUP Phantoms upgraded with the newer radome or retained the standard one? Thanks for looking ^_^ Luigi
  11. So I will not have to fetch or bid for a duplicated kit πŸ˜„ Luigi
  12. Mizar

    1/72 Dual Bomb Racks for Jaguar

    Was sure that when I was searching for those side by side rocket pods and bomb adapters I ended up with some RAF Jaguar with one of those installed... Anyway Jabba is right, Airfix comes with them, probably they can also be found in one of those white metal and resin detail sets, which are OOP and if found they tend to be overpriced as ef https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Sepecat-Jaguar-GR3A.html Adapters are in the vanilla Jaguar sprue so no need to hunt down the GR3 Luigi
  13. Mizar

    1/72 Dual Bomb Racks for Jaguar

    Hasegawa GRMK1 boxing has it, two seat variants do not. Hobbyboss comes with a triple launcher which can be adapted into a double one Problems is: Do RAF Jaguar made any use of the french dual carrier aka AUF-1 adapter or they used the one that was once tested and used on both Tornado IDS and F-104G CF-104 and whoever dared to add bombs on it? Cause if they used the AUF-1 still none made it in 1/72 scale but Heller NATO weapon set and Olimp Resin and Special Hobby Mirage F-1s do freaking need it yet they lose the opportunity to include it inside their boxings Luigi
  14. Mizar

    Note for all you 1/72 Phantom Phans....

    F-15 IFCS: Not sure about decal color accuracy for what I know they misspelled GE, the tailplanes chord is off, I'm not sure which manufacturer nailed it, I don't have any Hasegawa Hornet in my stash but I do have Italeri, Fujimi and Academy, leading edge is more thinner than Italeri and Fujimi but also more longer than Academy, they were indeed modified to be installed on the F-15 but I highly doubt they messed up with LE and what not due costs of rebuilding a canard from scratch, more issues can be found on BM forums -> topic/235022591 Advanced Super Hornet: CFT and Enclosed Weapons Pod symmetry is out the window, I was planning to purchase more than one cause the idea of wiffing a Silent Eagle with two of those pods but upon checking the EWP contained in Hasegawa boxing I gave up on the idea Luigi
  15. Mizar

    Note for all you 1/72 Phantom Phans....

    Cause 10 years since they last did a repop of their stinking F-4C/D Less for theirs F-4G Freaking ages for their F-111A -D/F - FB and EF Less than two years to resell you that Hind shaped thing with resin bits for an MKIII No freaking F-15 S/MTD instead they released just an IFCS with incorrect markings and underscale Hornet tailplanes That Advanced Superbug once again with messed up resin bits All of their F-16 with aggressor schemes were always released in the wrong scale, ditto for a couple of others such as the upgraded Vipers They didn't finish their Ace Combat line by releasing overpriced reboxes with Grun, Schnee, Rot, Sorcerer, Wizard, Indigo, Schwarze and Gault markings, ditto for Area88 as they completely jumped/ignored 2004 anime, OAV, Ace Combat Infinity and some manga markings Limited Edition Tornado GR4 kits having something that belongs to NATO/UK weapon set aka launcher/rail adapter for Brimstone missiles Let's make new moldings for the recce pods of our RF-4EJ and slap them in a 2in1 box that we'll be releasing once and never re-release it Sometimes it does, sorry for the rant... Luigi