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  1. John thanks for the review, mind if I ask where I have to look for the liquid spring thing? Luigi
  2. I'm somehow having big problems locating those juicy zip lock bags of yours, even Amazon and Ebay are a whole jungle of ifs, the company whom once made them seems to be out of business or decided to drop the 15cm x 24cm ~line. I don't need an industrial amount of them, around 100/150 (good quality not chinese clones) will probably be enough for me so I'm searching for a shop whom stocks and ships them to Italy. Luigi
  3. the same thing that happened to Hasegawa and Fujimi 1/72 Phantoms: In the hands of Limited Edition gods or forgotten due domestic market attention to the EJ/Kai and not a C/D or G or E/F and so on Luigi
  4. Italeri has one Esci kit bundled with their Tomcat, I think it's the basic version with no drop tanks and weapons as the past Aggressor boxing From time to time a Ebay seller from UK was dumping its A-4G collection at lower prices and the A-4G comes with weapon and drop tank sprues Trade groups I'm not sure, on Facebook I'm kinda in all italian trading groups but I barely spot Esci kits being sold, foreign groups for me seems to be a get out of here stalker Luigi
  5. It has the later block 15? stabs, be aware while fumbling with that x shaped piece of crap inside engine nozzles as AMT plastic is so soft that cutting it down without harmful intentions will possibly damage the feathers. Esci kits #9026 #9028 #9041 had earlier stabs, there is a chance that some boxes made during ERTL merge receive late stabs, otherwise by using Scalemates timeline https://www.scalemates.com/kits/esci-9026-f-16a-fighting-falcon--130386 Middle line and bottom line all come with late stabs,GBU extra Sidewinder pylons and so on 😄 Luigi
  6. Sarcasm on They will finally announce that they are working to release the complete F-16 family on both scales? They will announce their very special 1/72 F-14D Tomcat and completely skip A early, A late and B variants just to make 1/72 people sad like they did for the F-16 and the 1/48 crowd? Another BF-109? A freaking 1/32/5/whatever Tiger to resurrect Aeris? Tamiya is the Baghdad Bob of the scale modelling industry Luigi
  7. Thanks Chris, drop me a PM then ^^ Luigi
  8. Humanly priced either box 04352 or 04264 as long decals are fine as I'm more after its decals than the kit itself Luigi
  9. 3 years of research, can't find any better shots than this, by any chance do you guys have found anything to shut my curiosity down? and yes, I'm talking about wing pylons with Sidewinder rails as I can't understand if in the middle there is a spacer/adapter or not https://i.imgur.com/8uFI5p1.png Luigi
  10. that's why I was asking, domain was renewed (sorta) and it seems to be expiring soon, Facebook page it's not updated and their Twitter seems dead too Luigi
  11. hope they will not pull a Tamiya and completely ignore the other 2(+2+1) variants Luigi
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