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  1. Mizar

    Airfix new tool MiG-17F

    What if the tail shape it's a spot on and can be mated to AZ Mig-17 fuselage ? Luigi
  2. Mizar

    Mig23 MLD flotter K un afghanistan

    I think rocket pods with Aphids can be a certain option, not sure about giving up on them for a R23 and rocket pods on the belly, I scavenged the web for Russian book and magazine scans and the reference material I found it's kinda dull. Military Photos had a great archive from that era but sadly everything it's gone, I think there is no Floggerman to be found anywhere nor I have Linden Hill decal sheet 😕 Luigi
  3. Mizar

    Mig23 MLD flotter K un afghanistan

    I think is a yes https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/73767-hph-conversion-set-132-mig-23bn-is-officially-out/page/4/ I didn't check the discussion, I don't know how good Trumpeter 1/32 Mig is nor what you get inside, be warned that Mig-23 and 27 (and many others) are kinda particular as rail and pylon adapters do not follow standard rules so you can have for example X missile or bomb Fuselage adapter and rack for X missile or bomb X2 missile or bomb Fuselage adapter for X missile or bomb but Y rack for X2 missile or bomb but also Y and Y for X2 missile or bomb cause I don't know really what reasons are behind it, was going to build a Mig-23 and found out that RV didn't include rails and adapters for it, it appears that I need to steal the fuselage adapters from Art Model Mig-23UB and use the rails from RV aftermarket R3M or whatever those SAHR Atolls were called, pretty much the same for Mig-27 and I guess will apply for Su-17M3 with Kh-25 missiles Luigi
  4. Mizar

    Russian mig29 Camo schemes

    You mean this whole bunch? http://mig.mariwoj.pl/ Luigi
  5. Mizar

    Best early Eagle kit for the new 1/48 Caracal sheet?

    I'm still wondering if the F-15 receive the F-4 treatment in terms of small panel changes or not, I'll try to raid flickr one of those days cause google search algorithm hit a newer low as in the past writing a bu/no with aircraft's name was enough to score a couple of pictures but right now thanks to those stupid marketeers in charge everything got screwed up. Luigi
  6. Mizar

    Best early Eagle kit for the new 1/48 Caracal sheet?

    I meant the instruction sheet shows you the differences between the wingtips ala "here's the thing you have to modify bro, good luck with that". The kit itself was reboxed by Matchbox or is the Matchbox reboxed, later Revell/Monogram parted ways with that thing and made their own version or two of it as I have spare parts from Monogram boxes which are not identical despite being the same Luigi
  7. Mizar

    Best early Eagle kit for the new 1/48 Caracal sheet?

    I was searching for Revell H-264 boxing camouflage and found wing tips layout in a instruction sheet taken from ebay, sadly I was in sandbox mode and I can't track it down. So far mixing everything up and possibly making errors my findings of "find the difference challenge between production F-15A vs pre MSIP F-15C" are: Cockpit area: Red or orange sealing Instruments panel Ejection seat No ECM so different trunk layout Metallic blue/green/whatever bay Airbrake area: Different shaped plates where the fuselage mets the airbrake Engine area (upper): Feather covers Engine area (bottom): Saber drains a good maybe is the ECS exhaust (?) as sometimes appears to be rounded and other times it does not Hook: found something about U and T shaped fairing MLG area: Metallic blue/green/whatever well Different rims Rims sometimes were painted in black Nose area: Antenna layout with both missing, added and moved antennas or probes Upper intake area: Rectangular panel missing on C models Bottom fuselage: this is another maybe something around the panel used to load gun ammunition Vertical stabs: Same counterweight pods Airbrake: External rib in the middle of it not present on every model Fuselage right side where the canopy ends: Another personal doubt due pictures scattered around the web is the absence of the rounded shaped vent If earlier or TF model is in the mix then Wing tips Dorsal spine shape due different airbrake Ejection seat Some help from a real F-15 guru is really needed 😄 Luigi
  8. Mizar

    F-14 Expanded Chaff Adapter - Photos?

    Was talking about them ^_^ I remember a discussion about those pylons/adapters on the pic here on these forums, unfortunately I can't track it down and I was recently searching for their indicative names so I could scrounge better picks from the net as I no longer have any Tomcat book left on my stash cept for a 2015 international magazine. Anyway many thanks again for your help Luigi
  9. Mizar

    F-14 Expanded Chaff Adapter - Photos?

    BRU-10 adapter is the name of the earlier bomb rack used by the VF-24 Tomcats during the Red Flag exercise and before that by those Tomcats with 300 gal drop tanks installed on Phoenix pallets which were converted as luggage pods? Luigi
  10. Mizar

    Observations of Vietnam era A-7E features and loadouts

    I'm late for the party and I'm sorry, but many thanks again guys! 😄 Also thanks Habu, can't edit to get your quote through 😕 Luigi
  11. Mizar

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    1/72 Hasegawa 1/72 Dropping 1/72 Macros_crap_for_ever 1/72 and_replace_them_with 1/72 Ace_Combat_Special_Aircraft_Kits Luigi
  12. Mizar

    Observations of Vietnam era A-7E features and loadouts

    I should have posted a picture of it, sorry 😕 Anyway I was asking if it could fly with just the spacer mounted without the Sidewinder rail on it. For the A-7C my idea was a low visibility bird from the 80's, there are some pictures on wikimedia but the problem is that they are not clear and I'm always excluding museum birds from my researches due them being mix-matched shapes of the former selves Luigi
  13. Mizar

    Observations of Vietnam era A-7E features and loadouts

    Since we are here a couple of question: Could the A-7 fly with fuselage Aim-9 rail adapters without them? The bottom of the A-7C fuselage had same lump and bumps of the A-7E or it was something amiss? Luigi
  14. Thanks, gotta scavenge Facebook for it, have joined so many groups that lost track of what I'm following and what I'm not, should make a secondary account just for scale modelling and military related things, but some groups are a tight with newer accounts with not content and I also hate taking pictures of myself and when people doesn't find a picture with my face they just go "oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh request denied" I remember those, not sure if I can find instruction scans of them, one option in the Aeromaster decal was also very interesting 😕 I did that, lots of times, because it all started with a picture of an F-104J sporting four LAU-7 ? rails on which two of them were installed on the BL75 pylon and because I couldn't see the rail adapter I searched for them left and right with no avail. I partially solved Google problem by tampering with the search options panel but from time to time they reset back to default, Yandex is also good but their captcha lately is pure nuts, it takes one "search similar image" search some fast scrolling and captcha pops, as for your suggested books and magazine I'm going to fetch them asap been there, downloaded everything from that ^_^ Thanks guys ! Luigi
  15. From time to time I end up finding some interesting F-104J or F-4EJ sporting some unusual scheme but every single time I try to dig out more pictures nothing comes up...so IT is there a reason of why it's so hard to find pictures and let alone decals in any kind of scale of these two aircrafts? Luigi