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  1. This is a big IF, but if you match Hasegawa F-2A with Hasegawa F-16 something comes short, ok those two are different machines but if they kept basic F-16 fuselage and added the extra stuff required for the enlarged wing and equipment you will notice that the bottom fuselage section comes short, yet if you match Revell and Tamiya parts with Hasegawa F-2A the lower section is nearly a spot on. Hasegawa only released the F-16A/B versions I messed it up cause of course they are just F-16A/B Block 15 dressed up as whatever Hasegawa decides them to be. Italeri revised their kit different times, Scalemates explains it as new parts but I just like to go deeper Box 130 labeled as Italaerei and also Italeri with green/orange/no band contained FSD-ish parts with longer drop tanks, GBU and Aim-7 First revision of box 130 killed off the FSD sprue and replaced it with a standard Block 15 sprue Second revision added box 188 parts due Italeri releasing the F-16C/D Then on 2007 they revised 188 box by adding ADF related parts which sometimes seems to be standard even for no ADF boxes as I have seen Italeri kits reboxed by Tamiya wth ADF parts. Luigi
  2. See JackMan post I will have to buy some Academy kits anyway just to clone or steal the countermeasures installed on wing Aim-120 launchers as Modern Hobbies seems to be gone and no one tackled that subject. Problems with that kit are not only in the nose area, intake lip points upward and the rear fuselage section funnels way too much, those problems can be fixed with some work, but the nose section requires replacement or a big boobie job and for me it's not worth the hassle Fujimi also has some other gold mines in form of model kit cars, it's too bad that Rosso molds were lost during the fire but again they are neglecting some subjects that are being taken over by Aoshima and Aoshima it is not releasing Initial D or Wangan Midnight kits with resin figures and other goodies while Fujimi had the entire line of Initial D cars minus Honda S2000 Spoon (lost opportunity by Tamiya), the NSX NA1 with GT1ish body kit (Fujimi only made NA1 with 2003 facelift and Tamiya did 3 different NA1 Acura included but none with street legal body kits), I'm not sure about Evos used by the thugs and a couple of others Luigi
  3. they are masters of bait and switch tactics, their recent 1/72 BF-109G6 and all the War Bird kits they made in the past are a prime example of why chances of having something as simple as a change of parts will not happen, which is pretty stupid cause on 72 scale there is no competition for the F-16, and that's my why: Hasegawa only makes one offs as limited edition kits, their F-16I being in the catalogue it's the only exception for very obvious and same-ish reasons you will find on magazines, galleries and competitions Hasegawa kit is also kinda underscale and it is just an Block 10/15 A/B dressed up to whatever they decide to be as long they put all the goodies in a limited edition box While Revell kit it's good (again for an A and B then with some fixes and rescribing for C/D) their recent policy on less stencils, one option which is mostly keen to be for a freaking hyper sonic parakeet and increased price are forcing people to chase AM decals which there is a big lack of if cause "they don't sell" (.cit) Italeri lastly updated their molds on 2007 by adding ADF parts and nothing else...they should really start an aftermarket decals business Fujimi and Esci were pretty similar but at least on the Esci kit payload was ok, just stay away from ERTL/AMT reboxes cause there are high chances for the plastic being way too soft and filled with flash Academy is a joke and only good to steal its weapons, pylons and whatever and slap them on Revell kit or Tamiya's weaponless one Luigi
  4. Thanks Raymond, thought the tooling part and the related research were more expensive than everything, which kinda explains why now Revell blanks off certain parts from their 1/72 F-16 kits instead of having an all inclusive F-16A and for that it forces people to hunt down earlier boxes or purchase AM sets Luigi
  5. I don't want to start any kind of argument, no insult your or other's people work, but I'm just curious about this cause as we know some aircraft and its variants are a minefield, so let's keep it neutral and pick a subject like the F-15 or why not the Mig-21, so my question is: It is possible to make multiple gender neutral Mig-21 fuselages (MF, Bis, PF, F, U and whatever) and have no more than 10 key parts apart to avoid remolding a completely newer fuselage for a version that might not sell well? Yes I'm talking about some sorta of multipurpose Swiss cheese fuselage and maybe wings as long its variants are based on that Luigi
  6. Have four of them, three kits only have two Model Graphix magazines each (issue 07 & 08) other one does not come with any kind of magazine, boxes were open to inspect their contents, bags and everything else contained are still sealed Asking 45€ each for the magazine less boxes and 55ish € each for the ones with magazines. Cheapest shipment option up to 2kg with no tracking Postamail Internazionale, delivery times do vary from 10 to 25 workings days, maybe more depending on local custom offices 13,50€ for Europe 23 for the US & co 27,50€ for Asia, Australia & co They increased prices way too much but with tracking we have Raccomandata Internazionale up to 2kg delivery times will be around to 5 up to 15 working days 28,45€ for Europe Outside Europe prices are ludicrous 40,30€ for the US and 50,90€ for Australia Then Pacco Ordinario Internazionale once again with tracking and a whole lot of twists Price goes up to 3kg as sadly the weight of those three boxes with 2 magazines is around 1,1kg plus ~0.5kg of package 29€ for Europe minus Bulgaria (32€), United Kingdom (27€), Norway (34€) 34€ for United States, Canada and Russia 47€ for Australia Lastly Poste Delivery Europe on which price starts from 35,15€ for Switzerland and Norway 36,60€ for Germany, Poland and Protugal, 37,21€ for France, Croatia and Spain, Lithuania,Estonia and UK 37,21 Tariffs are also visible on Poste Italiane website via pdf document Items are located in Italy and I do ship worldwide, payment through Paypal only Luigi
  7. Is the camouflage scheme of 94-8424 machine present on the painting instructions or they just show you the starboard side? Luigi
  8. I called it the T1000nator Luigi
  9. I have no problems with chrome parts, it's the gold ones that are pissing me off, same thing for Toyota GT One I sprayed with Red Tamiya Acrylic can nearly 20 years ago and the paint doesn't want to go off Luigi
  10. I have turned my terrace on a open top chemical lab as I unsuccessfully tried to strip Tamiya Acrylic spray paint, some other HW Store acrylic paint both with isopropyl alcohol, then with a bath of caustic soda then I also used the strongest de-greaser made before the EU laws started to care about this planet and its people health yet that dang paint is still winning...now I have another problem as Fujimi and Aoshima from time to time decide to plate parts with a gold tint aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand caustic soda isn't doing the job, it barely scratched Fujimi gold paint and didn't do a single dent on Aoshima one. What's the trick to get rid of it considering the fact that the mixture I made is so strong that melts silver plating in a matter of seconds? Luigi
  11. I remember seeing pics of parked Migs and probably other aircrafts maybe a Tornado with drums and tires stacked a little behind their center of gravity, who knows maybe Airfix accidentally scanned a fuel drum thinking it was part of the plane and included it, would be fun it that thing turns to be more accurate than their entire model 😄 Luigi
  12. If you are looking for one off schemes F-16 FSD one was painted in a compass-ghost~camouflage while a two seater and another single seater were painted in a better Hill scheme that was never applied F-4D Coonass Militia one had an F-15ish inspired scheme other two or three were randomly painted F-4C/D ROKAF I don't know how many of them served with that camouflage, Cutting Edge had one decal set with that F-4EJ Kai I think it was applied after they parted ways with the grey/white scheme F-104G/S AMI Reparto Sperimentale 37-23 camouflage was similar to JDASF F-104J 635 655 706 etc scheme A-7D possibly? A-10 maybe ab FSD with experimental scheme? Luigi
  13. You can't slap Su-33 pieces onto Su-30SM kit, the nose section of the T-10M was fatter and longer so getting an Su-35 or a Su-37 is a no go Trumpeter Mig-31 boxes do not contain one of the three MLG doors Hasegawa fuselage is a bit skinny and it's also missing the double S profile present on Zvezda kit, also vertical stab needs to be rescribed as they got a couple of panels off Luigi
  14. and that's why I'll never buy any Porsche past 993 GT2 😛 Luigi
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