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New Shinden coming

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News from Japanese magazine <Hobby Japan> September issue.

Zoukei-Mura,a subsidiary of Volks,will take part into the injection plastic scale model business world.

The maker is very famous for master making especially in Japanese SF items such as Five Star Stories.

And their first item will be as below:


The formal annoucement will be made in Volks show room in Akihabara,Tokyo on August 2nd.The CAD data and settlement drawings will be shown.

Still don't know about the scale...but as gun bay and engine may be included,I think it will be at least 1/48,or 1/32!?

Updated on 09/8/2:

Information according to the Zoukei-Mura homepage



Parts quantity:251

Price:JPY7800+5% Tax

Release date:2010/1/15

お知らせ | 株式会社 造形村 | Zoukei-mura Inc.

The maker has begun the pre-sale of the kit and also the Shinden customized paints on their home page:

製品カタログ | 株式会社 造形村 | Zoukei-mura Inc.


1.Except the 0.8mm metal hydratic pod on nose gear,all parts are injection ones.

2.Including gunbay parts and inner frames so that you can enjoy the feeling if you are building a real aircraft.

Panels are independent parts and some movable ones on real planes can also be set to open/close position on models.

3.Flaps are independent parts but regarding of the details,they will not be movable like Tamiya 1/32 Zero ones.

4.Aftermarket goods such as resin cockpit,engine,pilot,crew,etc. are also under development.

5.Molds are made outside of Japan(China?South Korea?),the test shot has been proceding.

6.The 2nd item of this series has been decided but will not be annouced until the Shinden is formally released.

And this is the pre-sale ads:



Just FYI.


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I have built the Hasegawa Shinden, but an updated kit with the gun bay and engine would be most welcome!

However, I'm assuming that it will be at least a year before we start seeing it on shelves...

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I just knew it if I started to scratch-build one of these they would most likely make an injection moulded kit!!!




Hi Jon -

Thank you for doing that! Your model looks great and I hope you do finish it.

There will still be bragging rights about the scratch build!

- Patrick

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Amazing! A first kit by a new company into the 1/32 scale aircraft market and it is NOT another P-51 or German fighter.

Unlike certain other companies who just make kits of airplanes that have been on the market for years (Dragon & Kinetic, for example) This company had the guts to make a kit that has never been available before in 1/32 scale.

I salute them! :doh:


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No,that's not the kit.

I have pre-ordered the kit on Volks home page by Visa/Master credit card.

But they confused to send the item outside of Japan so I have to select my sister's address in Tokyo.

If you have friends/relationship in Japan,you can do as I did.

Or drop an e-mail to Scott of Hobby Link Japan?

Maybe he has some methods.

BTW,the date when the kit releasement is announced is dedicated to the respect of the fisrt flying day of Shinden on August 3,1945.

Just my 2 cents,


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