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48 th scale Bell 407

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Awesome!! Can't wait to see the rest of this build. The metal legs are beautiful indeed, how did you manage that? I tried the same trick to get a skid gear for a 1:48 Bell 222 but I never achieved acceptable results.

In what livery will you paint it?

It's actually unbelievable there's still no Bell 407- kit. Since kits of civil subjects are not popular among modelkit manufacturers I had hopes when the Bell 407 was to be chosen by the US- Army as the successor of the Kiowa. That idea was eventually cancelled though.

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Scratch built rotor head and rotor blades for my 407


I'm not sure how I will paint the helicopter yet!

I made a jig for bending brass typing for the skids, very simple, works great. I have attached some photos on an OH-58A I used the same jig to build.





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Awesome conversion work on both aircraft! I am attempting similar conversions in 1/32 and 1/35 scale using the old IMC/Testors/Revell kit. I am doing a LongRanger used by the Delaware State Police, which was the first helicopter that I flew in. I would also like to do a 407 in 1/35 using one of the Academy/MRC OH-58D Kiowa Warrior kit. I know that both will require extensive modification, but look forward to the challenge! I also look forward to seeing your updates!


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Interior, door, and rotor head update...

Fuselage halves have been joined and look great, I have some additional work to do with them, I'll post photos shortly....

Seats (styrene prototype, and casted)& interior detail (overhead cabin detail)


Rotor grip, rotor head detail


Reshaped doors, rounded corners & rounded and enlarged windows


Doors interior


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