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Monogram F-100D Super Sabre 1/48 Scale

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I think I fixed all the scribing goof-ups...I blame them all on lack of decent light! Fortunately I have a much nicer, lighter studio to work in now I’ve moved back to my old home town. Still way too much of a stash, though, I'll never get to 'em all! L



After the tidy-up, I decided that I wasn’t really happy with the nicely done moulded detail in the main gear bay. Not for this job, anyway. Bits were duly chiselled out and replaced with styrene card, rod and tube.









After (well, almost there!):



Weird how the brass door actuator rods look bent in the pic –I can assure you they aren’t, because they roll off the desk perfectly!  Anyways, I think the expression is ‘representative rather than accurate’, but I’m slightly more comfortable with it now.  I was going to fix the rear nose gear door closed, as most of my photos show it that way. But once you get going...!

Also I drilled the gun barrels and scratched a replacement antenna plus a ‘bump’ that was missing from the kit next to it:



After this I had a shot at the light under the IFR boom. Not sure whether to try to plunge-form the clear cover or resort to Glue ‘n’ Glaze after painting...



Hopefully I'll be trying to fit all this nonsense together (again!) over the weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!


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VERY belated thanks for the comment, crackerjazz -I thought I'd pop in a few shots of the cockpit; been working on it the last couple of days (just the panel to finish now) and it doesn't look too bad:


...right, seems I can no longer insert images from Flickr, so here are some links:






And one more of the seat; maybe a little better quality(!)


Thanks for looking -more to follow!


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Cheers Mr H! Actually, Flickr seems to have lost me some definition; the pics were taken with a Galaxy Note 5 and magnified much smoother when I transferred them to the laptop...but you get the general idea. It wasn't painted with a bucket of tar and a mop -well, not all of it!


There were some long 'holidays' taken during this project (including the Starfish GB fiasco), but I'm gonna try and dig in for the rest of it now!


Also, I upgraded some of my scratch-work on the gear bays, which wasn't up to, erm, scratch! But I'll do some photos of that later.

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AIRES Instrument Panel almost done...yes, it even says 'DRAG CHUTE' on the uhm, drag chute toggle!




There seems to be an issue here with Flickr 'share' links, so back to the soul-crushing slowness and sea of pop-ups that is Photobucket...UNTIL I TURNED ON GOOGLE AD-BLOCKER PLUS -DUUUHHH! The experience is...enlightening?





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I managed to get the Sierra Hotel -102 burner  so I'm all set to start back on my Trumpeter Hun,aside from picking up the Royale Resin F-100 wheels. I haven't picked a model up and worked on it in ages so I may do a quicker build first before going full throttle on the Hun.

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Well, 'Rumours of my death...' etc.

Really HUGE apologies for letting this lapse for a mere five years, but when it came to installing the Aires 'pit I realised something was going wrong.

Not with the fit (the Aires bits are allegedly for the Trumpeter Hun, but grafting them onto the Monogram plastic is eminently do-able), but the brief I had set myself.

Whilst mulling this, I joined a Monogram Group on FaceBook, and that helped me nail the problem.

Monogram kits are special; as a tribute to this fine community I wanted a special build -but the way it was going, we'd end up with a generic re-scribe, aftermarket binge, paint, decals, photos and out build.

In short, I was losing the 'Monogramness' of the project: check out the work by Wayne Hui or Roger Jackson on this kit (or Brad Bronov's sublime Voodoo in the ARChives), and you'll see how it should be done: a TON of work, but still essentially Monogram, and superbly executed -much more so than I can manage!

In this spirit, I started from the line of what Monogram parts I REALLY couldn't live with: this came down to the seat, exhaust and pitot (which was too breakable in styrene).

Otherwise, the Eduard etched brass set would enhance the interior without un-Monogramming it, resin AFT extensions required for accuracy, and the Caracal ANG decals were a must-have.

The Aires rear cockpit deck was already fixed, so I wasn't gonna chisel it out again.

Sooo, after getting sucked into (and actually finishing!) several other projects and totally losing track of time, I got to here with as much Monogram as possible: thanks for checking in -and bearing with me! 👍







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Always nice to see a Hun build.  The Monogram kit is still the best in scale...after all these years.  Just needs a good rescribe but otherwise detail is crisp.

I believe a company called Up North used to produce a full rescribe templates for the Monogram kit....Very hard to find now ....


I built both Trumpter & Monogram and prefer the Monogram But I do like the tooling on the Trumpy but some parts are wonky  like the Intake and tail.



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Looking forward to you finishing this build. I like that you’re gonna retain the Monogramness of the kit. I’ve had this kit in my “To-Build” list for awhile, and your build has moved the kit up on the list. Keep up the great work!

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